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Leverage User Reviews on Digital Signage to Attain Customers’ Trust

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The current trend of offline marketing i.e. User Reviews on Digital Signage is creating a buzz in the marketing world. And why wouldn’t it, as all the major industries including healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and retail aren’t left untouched by the essence of this display technology. 

Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, hotel or hospital, User-Reviews can be displayed at any venue on digital signages. This is why businesses are increasingly adopting this display technology to promote and allocate information. 

Well, according to the latest report by Grand View Research, Inc., this marketing hack is going to last for a longer time. The report cites that by 2027, the U.S. Digital Signage market size is expected to reach USD 7.8 billion by 2027. While in the coming years it’s demand will increase even more.

In this blog, we will enlighten you about how you can leverage your Digital Signage with user reviews to gain the trust of your customers. 

But before we start, let’s get into the basics first!

DIGITAL SIGNAGE- Outcome of Digital Transformation

Google reviews on Digital screen in hospital waiting area

The marketing techniques are evolving with the passing time and nobody can deny the fact that businesses have to speed up in this competitive world. 

One of the results of digitalization is ‘Digital Signages’ which is typically used to convey the message of a brand or business to the audience. Any industry can leverage this marketing medium to convey the message in the form of information or advertisement. 

But why Digital Signage? 

Unlike other mediums of marketing, digital signage is referred to as one of the cheaper ways of reaching your target audience which also gives the brand total control over how they want to be displayed. Besides, it boosts sales, increases social media presence, and emphasizes more on dynamic & contextual content updates.

‘User Reviews’ and How Can They Help Business on Digital Signage?

Facebook Reviews on Digital Screen in Clothing Store

“User Reviews” are the past experience of customers related to a product or service. Incorporating user reviews into your already stellar looking marketing strategy, you can get what you need to succeed.

Customers look for a product or service that offers value for money and what they are looking for. User-reviews help them decide if your product or service is worthy or not.

Speaking of displaying user-reviews on digital signage, it can do wonders to your business sales. How?

User-reviews affect the buying decision of customers and shorten the entire process of making a purchase. And if displayed on digital signage, reviews can really impact offline sales of your business.

It’s not just the positive reviews that boosts sales, but sometimes negative reviews also impact the sales of businesses offline. 

For instance, the loyal customer base of brands try to prove the negative reviews wrong by buying the specific product for which another customer has written negatively. 

But it’s better to avoid situations like getting negative reviews for your product. 

Therefore, you need to keep the one thing in mind i.e. “ User- reviews can make or break business”! 

If you look at the stats and trends, 69% of people agree that public venues displaying digital signage reach efficiently and directly to the customers. 

Why? Because they are more influential than videos on the internet and therefore affect the buying decision of customers during a critical moment. 

Take your business to heights by leveraging this offline marketing hack!

Some of the significant benefits of user- reviews on Digital Signage

  • Reviews Strengthen Your Relationship with Customers

Maintaining healthy relationships with your customers is what every business must focus on. Reviews act as a great opportunity to know about the liking-disliking, interests, responses, feedbacks, etc. of your customers. 

Once you get a deep understanding of their needs and wants, you can then create a sense of personal connection with them. Displaying positive reviews on digital signage can help you strengthen your relationships with customers.

  • Reviews Give Your Business Credibility

Not too many customers are willing to take a risk on a new business or the one with less review. But reviews are proof of your business credibility.

Unless you don’t have a great number of positive reviews about your business on digital signage, nobody will treat you worth their money and time. In short, great reviews on any digital signage make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision in just a few seconds.

Airbnb Reviews on Digital Screen at Hotel Reception
  • Reviews Help You Build Customer Trust

Customers trust other customers!

Displaying reviews on digital signage is one of the great ways to gain the trust of your customers.

FYI, reviews are the most authentic and trustworthy content which is produced by customers only. So, it’s easy to generate your customer’s trust in your business through reviews.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

Reviews showcasing “What your business is all about” and “What are the past experiences of your customers” etc. will surely help you in boosting brand awareness among your customers. And one of the best ways to amplify your brand awareness is by displaying them on digital signage.

Top 4 Reviews Providers to Help You Boost Your Business Sales Offline

Whether it’s about researching for a product, service, or the entire business, Reviews Providers help your customers to monitor the performance of your business via reviews.

There are so many credible review providers that are considered to be the best platforms to not just significantly boost your new and existing customers but also your business sales. 

Here’s a list of the top 4 review providers that can impact your sales offline along with affecting the conversion rate of your business. 

1. Google Reviews

Google Reviews act as a great way to boost your business credit without letting you spend a single penny. This review provider allows people to write down their thoughts about anything and everything without any hesitation.

That is why user reviews in the form of User-generated content, are referred to as the most authentic, trustworthy, and credible content. 

Having a direct impact on the buying decision of a customer, Google Reviews is also somewhere correlated to the increase in your business sales. 

How? This review platform offers benefits like boost brand awareness, increase local SEO & online exposure, improve click-through-rates, etc.  

Displaying Google reviews on digital signage can be one of the best ways to gain the trust of your target audience.

And once your business grabs the attention of your customers, you will surely experience an increase in your business sales.

2. Airbnb Reviews

airbnb reviews

Undoubtedly user-reviews are also a major part of your traveling experience. Travelers like to see pictures and read reviews before making a booking for either transportation, lodging, travel experiences, or restaurants. 

A platform like Airbnb offers user reviews for arrangements like lodging, homestays, or tourism experiences. The Airbnb reviews not only engage more and more audiences but also help in gaining their trust. And honestly, the highly engaging property is more likely to have more bookings by travelers. 

3. Yelp Reviews

yelp review

Publishing crowd-sourced reviews about businesses, Yelp Reviews has become a pivotal name in the online review platform industry. 

Be it choosing to dine, drink, or doing anything under the sun; Yelp is the place where customers look for something new or already experienced. 

The more favorable reviews the merrier. Each star rating added on Yelp directly increases the revenue percentage of your business to some extent. 

Engage your new as well as existing customers by monitoring what they post about your business and how you respond to these user-reviews. 

4. Facebook Reviews

embed facebook reviews on website

With 1.28 billion daily active users on average and 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides access to the world’s largest growing audience. And if you are not leveraging this platform then you are missing out on so many great things. 

As per the stats, around 80% of customers’ purchase decisions from local businesses if affected by positive reviews on their Facebook page. Just in case if you don’t have a business page on Facebook then it’s time to set up one.

Here is the list to choose which review platform is best for your business-

Top Industries Review Platforms
Employment Services 
Food & Restaurant 
Real Estate

Steps to Integrate Reviews On Digital Signage

Step-1. Begin with deciding any of the aforementioned review platforms from which you want to aggregate reviews. 

Step-2. Now choose the best suitable review aggregator platform like Taggbox for your business.

Step-3. For complete steps, follow the steps given in the video below. 

Taggbox- Review Aggregator Tool to Integrate Reviews on Digital Signage

There’s no rocket science behind the integration of reviews on digital signage. With the introduction of numerous review aggregator tools like Taggbox, the task has become even easier and effective. 

This tool lets you collect and curate reviews in real-time as user-generated content mainly from review platforms like Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Airbnb, and Google Reviews

And with the help of Taggbox Display, you can showcase the curated review feeds across digital screens, devices & displays at venues. 

Compatible with various digital signage platforms like ScreenCloud, Enplug, Scala, Mvix, SignageLive, etc., Taggbox offers a pool of features to showcase more interactive, engaging, attractive, and interesting content of utmost quality on digital signage. 

  • UGC Content Curation- Curate the most valuable user-generated customer reviews to your review wall.
  • Customization- Let you customize your review wall with features like beautiful themes, background, banner, fonts, layouts, design elements, colors, styles, etc
  • Moderation Panel- You can filter out the unwanted or inappropriate review from your review wall, making the feeds clean.
  • Real-time Updates- Eliminate the hassle of manual management by enabling automatic updates to your wall.
  • Insightful in-built analytics- Measure the performance of your review wall.
  • 24*7 Customer Support- Seamless customer experience by providing active customer support.
  • Easy setup & Integration- Reviews can be displayed on digital screens, activation tools, and devices. 
  • More- Display sponsored posts using the banners, ticker, or full-screen announcements.

Display Reviews on Digital screen

The Best Review Aggregator Tool

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Let people talk about you! 

In our belief, reviews if integrated on digital signage can enhance audience engagement while improving your marketing efforts at the same time. 

The way you market your brand is important, so make sure you choose the marketing platform wisely. 

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