How to Use Live Social Media Wall for Music Festivals and Concerts

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Music festivals and concerts are getting bigger and better by the passing years. 10 decades ago, music festivals weren’t the talk of the town. Today, the energy and excitement among people for them is huge. Give the best experience to event attendees by creating a live social media wall.

What is a Social Media Wall?

A social media wall is an aggregated feed of social media posts from social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that are showcased on a digital signage display or screen. Posts with specific hashtags or handles are channeled to the display, which rotates in new content automatically.

live social media wall music

A live social media wall is an engaging tool for social engagement at the event among attendees. Organizers can encourage content sharing on social media and achieve multiple conversations with a live social wall. They can also achieve the sharing of guest experience with a live social media wall at the venue.

Social Wall for Brands

Social media is for sharing pictures and videos, sharing experiences and feedback and for bringing people together. Let’s use it to bring people together at an event now. Brands can design social media marketing strategies for installing a social feed wall and a social display at music concerts.

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Social wall for brands

Brands can use social walls for fests to create buzz and leverage engagement and traffic before, during and after the event. An amazing fan and star experience can be created by displaying Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed on a live social media wall. Keep the audience entertained and get them to talk and share more about the music fest.


The audience becomes fascinated to see other event attendees enjoying and talking about the event. Like-minded music fans can connect at the event venue with the help of a live social media wall. Give the event attendees a chance to discover what they’re missing at the venue by viewing posts on the social media wall that other attendees are doing.

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Useful for Music Festivals and Concerts

It’s quite an exciting moment when a music fest attendee sees his social post on the social media display at the music concert. Let your festivalgoers connect with the music artist and the concert. Discover the 3 ways to do so with Taggbox!

Sunburn Socialwall

1. Capture the USP of the Music Concert

This sounds cliche but concert organizers must focus on what is the USP of the music event. The music star, a celebrity appearance or exciting contests at the event venue itself perhaps!

Organizers can share such USP details on the social media display and draw attention from the attendees. Generate awareness about such USPs across all the social displays at the venue. This keeps the audience waiting for the celebrity appearance or a special request of a song taken up by the music star or about winning a contest. Keep the event attendees glued to the event by the social media walls such as surprises or perks.

Contests that encourage social sharing about the music concert itself can also be organized and the details can be shared on the social media signage. Attendees can be asked to tweet, re-tweet or tag people from their own network to increase the reach of the music concert.

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2. An Experience People Want to Share Willingly

Social walls must be used by event organizers to create engaging content that event attendees want to share it willingly. It must be magnetizing enough to allow event attendees to talk about it to others and invite others. Music, pictures, teasers, videos, contests, giveaways, and other such exciting news must be displayed on the social media wall which serves as a conversation starter for people. It must be information that is highly shareable.

twitter wall content

Install photo booths, props and other exciting things where people can have fun, enjoy, click pictures and SHARE. Unique ideas such as a series of pictures or videos can be released by event organizers to create excitement in the audience for ‘what’s coming’. Videos and snaps from the previous year of a music concert can be shared to let people watch memorable scenes or let people visiting a music concert for the first time be familiarized with the fest.

It must be known that visual content is attractive. People will only glue their eyes on your social wall if it displays engaging and informative data.

3. The Social Conversation Must Go On

The social feed wall will be full of pictures, check-ins, videos, feedback and shout-outs during the live music concert. This becomes interactive for fest attendees. But, also keep the social wall filled with engaging posts after the event winds up. Campaigns, polls, giveaways can be organized after the event winds up to let the audience still connect with the music concert. They can also be geared up for the music event next year.

Social media walls for events are a powerful tool that can drive traffic and engagement greatly. Anyone planning to organize a music concert must make use of a social aggregator for it. Taggbox is a dynamic social media wall provider for music concerts and fests. Taggbox powers hundreds of events on a global scale. Get your Free Trial.

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