How to Use a Tweet Wall for your Event to Display Live Twitter Feeds

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In events,  Tweet wall or Twitter wall creates quite a buzz and excitement. Brands embracing the use of tweet walls and the display of live tweets on the Twitter wall at their events by using the live hashtag feed on their social media channel have certainly come to the conclusion after a carefully calculated analysis. Brands plan to achieve the highest value, marketing and advertising by using live Twitter feeds at their events.

Utilizing user-generated content for marketing from their live hashtag feed,  moderating the content and exhibiting it on social media displays certainly speaks that the brand aims to be globally recognizable.

The global public must be talking about it indeed. A global clientele reflects on the company’s progress and presence across the globe.

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Visitors to a brand event usually check-in their location on the social media channels, also click pictures and record videos and post their experiences on their social media profiles.

You can grab those posts and experience of visitors by giving them a unique hashtag and can transfer all that energy to your live twitter stream and showcase them on your tweet wall display.

All you need is a nice, unique and relevant hashtag and you’re all set to roll. A Tweet wall helps your event to be more social and gives your attendees a way to share their thoughts and review/responses.

Also, People like to prefer honest and authorized review and opinions of the other users over complete and clean marketing and advertising about any product or service that they plan to use.

You need to pick the best tools to display live Twitter feeds and aggregate all the Twitter media content energy and display it on your live twitter stream and educate and inform your event attendees about conversations taking place around them by fellow brand followers.

Here are some simple steps you can use to get the most out of Twitter walls:

Hashtag Selection

Hashtag culling for Tweet Wall

It all goes to waste in setting up a Twitter wall without picking a hashtag before the event kick-starts. A hashtag is necessary and chooses it wisely. Try and include the year or say the location of the event. This helps in case your event is coordinated at various locations or takes place annually.

Also, do thorough searches that the hashtag has not been used previously anywhere. Keep the hashtag relevant to the event too. Do not stretch it and don’t make it difficult to understand.

Good Hashtag vs Bad Hashtag

Good Hashtag:

#EventUSA #EventNewYork #EventUSA2017 #EventNewYork2016

Bad Hashtag:

#DoNotMakeSuchHashtags #LengthyAndUnrelatedToEvent

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Hashtag Promotion

wedding tweet wall hashtags

Inform your audience about the hashtag launched. Promote your chosen hashtag everywhere, on your banners, website, social media posts, and Twitter handles, everywhere.

Let your followers and potential event attendees’ use the hashtag weeks before the event commences. This will increase your social media activity and marketing and render you with rich content before the event is about to commence.

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Moderating Content

modulating content at Twitter Wall

Moderate and validate all the rich content aggregated that’s supposed to be on the live tweet wall display. Moderating content and removing objectionable or irrelevant content is a great feature that the tweet walls provide.

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Express And Share It all on Twitter Walls

social media week dubai uae

Twitter walls are an element of entertainment if the event attendees have the slightest emotion of dullness or boredom on their faces. Posts by fellow event attendees, contest alerts, winners, Q&As, campaigns, event speakers, guests, expressing thankfulness etc. can all be displayed for keeping the audiences engrossed.

Twitter is the choicest of the pick when it comes to social media wall displays at your events because well Facebook has straight been reserved for content distribution and Instagram is flooded with beauty, food and lifestyle. Twitter succeeds to be the supreme real-time showcase for people.

Display Live Twitter Feeds During The Event