Top 3 Tools for Displaying Live Twitter Feed at Events and Conferences

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What Is A Tweet Wall And What Does It Do?

Let’s do a quick brush up. A Twitter wall is a social media wall that displays on a digital screen about what the event attendees are tweeting via the exclusive hashtag of the event. Live twitter feeds by Twitterati-s are the opinions and experiences of the guests about the event. Display of these tweets takes place in complete real-time on the live twitter feed on a Twitter wall.

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Make a note here, a Twitter wall is different from a Social wall. The former acquires content/feeds from the platform Twitter only whereas a Social Media Wall pulls content from varied social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube etc.

Recently Garnier L’Oreal organized a product launch event and placed a Twitter Wall to display live Twitter feed in their event to generate a good conversation about the brand through the online and offline audience. In results, they got great responses from the audience and it was a huge success for their Product Launch.

Display live twitter feed at event

Twitter feeds which are user generated content searched from the unique hashtag (#keyword) and then displayed on the Twitter live feed wall. Latest twitter feeds from Twitter are captured instantly to keep up the stability of the live tweets during the event and conference. Also, with Twitter walls, you have the right to moderate content before it goes live on the Twitter wall and displays only that content for community viewing that you approve and filter objectionable or offensive content out.

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Is A Twitter Wall Useful Only When The Event Is Live?

Hold that thought dear reader!

Tweet walls, also called Twitter walls tender you with a lot more than just being display walls at the time of the event. They have multiple uses prior to and subsequent to the event and your investment won’t be a waste, we guarantee.

  • Ahead of the event, Tweet walls are a stupendous tool to make use of for spreading the information about your event, its timings and campaigns, chief guests and much more. And also useful to engage and connect with the attendees.
  • For the duration of the event, Twitter walls are just ‘the’ thing to put up as vivid and interactive screens that develop a connection between the brand with both real audience and the virtual tweeple.
  • Twitter walls are proficient of collecting feedback, posting questions and responses, running polls and QnAs throughout the event etc.
  • Post all the activities of the event, tweet walls allow you to rewind positive and helpful content, you can also read and show attendees responses, appreciation, criticism, experiences and event highlights on a live tweet wall at the event. Content on the web is evermore for anyone to look up for the event at any given period of time.

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There are many tools for displaying live twitter feed in the market present-day, that ease the creation of twitter walls for events with multifarious features and controls that the brand can exercise to moderate and design its own brand wall.


Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to create a customized wall for your brand’s social wall. Highly responsive and its design perfectly fits on any screens sizes, from range as that of a smartphone to a jumbotron, this tool gives you to create your own brand image with its distinct themes, font styles, colors and more.

Simply enter a hashtag(#) or handle (@) and watch your wall be filled with live twitter feed pulled from Twitter. Take charge of regulating and moderating content that will be exhibited on the Twitter wall at the event and dismiss posts with disagreeable content. If you are planning to organize an event for your business and brand then Taggbox is a good choice for you. You can also use it in various event such as conference, convocations, tradeshows, product launch, music fests, concerts, sports events and government events etc. to generate buzz among the audience.

Twitter Wall at event

Search multiple hashtags and create multiple walls with this tool too. What more for you? The tool offers a 7-day free trial. It is available at affordable price and plans. Don’t just take our words, try it!



Exceedingly capable of being tailor-made, TwitterFall allows you to regulate the sizes of the tweet text, choose whether or not to take in re-tweets, set the speed for display, set content exclusions and search results with geo-location and a whole lot more. Also, have the power to search for multiple hashtags with this amazing tool.


Hootsuite’s live Twitter stream goes by the name HootFeed and can be displayed on screens in your event. Offering an easy-to-customize tool and the capability of animating the Twitter activity, it encourages your guests to interact with the event’s feed. By displaying visual tweets on screens around your event, you create a Tweet wall that your guests can get involved with.

Twitter Walls are the neoteric concept that businesses, brands and individuals are taking up and embracing the use of which in their events, product launches, parties, festivals, conferences, sports events, government events, musical concerts, discussion panels and more. Twitter live feed on the twitter walls supports organizers to stir emotion and commotion amid the masses.

Also what’s better than free marketing by the loyal audiences in an era where candid opinion voiced is considered factual and valuable by the global people and not the customary branding was done by marketers and salesmen.

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Let’s start telling your brand stories to your Event Attendees