5 Top Most Ways to Use Social Wall in your Educational Institute

Traditional notice boards and speaker announcements have made a significant identity as monopolistic modes for interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in educational institutes.

It won’t be a matter of exaggeration to state the wariness and restrictiveness of these modes of conveying information in the present era.

Educational institutes are meant to be the epitomic center of experiments and, initiators of technological advancements. Thus, it is only time that they begin to capitalize on tools of digital activation for the purpose of communication and interaction.


In the past few years, some exemplary deployments of digital signage and social media aggregators in schools and colleges were recorded for a variety of purposes.

Marking a significant change in the stature of these educational organizations, these projections became ambassadors of the way in which digital technologies such as social media aggregators/ social walls can be employed to various purposes in an educational institute.

Here we have enlisted the top 5 ways to successful and purposeful use of social walls in schools and colleges. Read through to understand how employing this technology can benefit your institutes’ communication and information management.

1. Create an Interactive and Informative Environment at the Reception

During the time of homecoming or to display the cherishing glimpses of a student’s life and time in the institute, social media walls are the tool to use.

Social wall for Educational Institute

Through various phases, students and the faculty share a spectrum of emotions over social media channels.

From ecstasy of a previously won competition or the excitement of an upcoming test result to important information; everything needs communication across all the sections of the institute.

Social media wall is the most appropriate way to aggregate all such information and display it in the most enticing and interactive manner.

2. Embed your Social Hub on the Institute’s Website

The website is the most accessible source of information for the stakeholders of an educational institute. Therefore, must you not embed all the social content published across various geographic locations and time zones on your website?

Embed social wall on website

Through experience, our team at Taggbox entailed the benefits derived from it. For an instance, embedding social media feed to the website is sure to increase your web traffic and the average duration of the session.

It occurs as people get to view increased and more interactive content. Thence, it also gives them a reason to visit the site again.

web embed wall

Moreover, the digital solution is sure to significantly reduce your website’s bounce rate. It is so because people would stick to the engaging content and access the site for a longer duration as compared to previous times.

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3. Live Updates at Convocation Ceremonies and Events

Events such as convocation ceremonies are occasions of extravagant celebrations and excitement for the graduates.

Recently, the team at Conestoga College took help of Taggbox to establish a fully flagged environment of social interaction in the form of social media aggregators.

social wall for College

In today’s era, social media is one platform where every attendee of the ceremony is talking about it. Thus, why your educational institute wouldn’t like to capitalize on the content generated by your stakeholders on a massive scale?

4. Make your Institute’s Cafeteria a Hub for Digital Signage

digital signage for cafeteria

Cafeterias, if we may say, are the representations of old age social networking platforms.

In an educational institute, cafeterias are the most sacred place of passing information and conducting discussions. Moreover, so are social media hubs.

Creating a link between these two iconic networking platforms can help you gather a wider stakeholding.

Social media aggregators can be effectively used to gather all the meaningful stories of learning, knowledge, and living which are created within the four walls of those cafeterias on an endless scaffold of the social wall.

5. Make those Tournaments Go Viral

Imagine conducting a sports tournament in your institute which can be accessible to a plethora of audience that resides on social media platforms.

Social Wall at sports event

You can make your social interactions to embark greater heights as the game does by displaying the plentiful of social media updates being generated during the tournament, live over a social wall.

This allows you to provide an interactive experience to the in-house audience and gather a greater audience on social media channels through the consistent generation of live user-generated content.

A win-win situation, isn’t it?

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