Ways to Use Taggbox Display For Your Educational Institute

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Traditional notice boards and speaker announcements have made a significant identity as monopolistic modes for interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in educational institutes.

It won’t be a matter of exaggeration to state the wariness and restrictiveness of these modes of conveying information in the present era.

Educational institutes are meant to be the epitomic center of experiments and initiators of technological advancements. Thus, it is only time that they begin to capitalize on tools of digital activation for the purpose of communication and interaction.

For the magnification of communication, connectivity, interaction, and overall community building & institutional success, you can resort to digital tools like social walls by social media aggregators.

Social Wall For Educational Institutions

A social wall means a feed of content relevant to a particular theme, topic, or brand that has been collected and curated from social media platforms using hashtags, handles, profiles, mentions, pages, channels, etc. 

You can display this feed of social media content as a social wall on different channels like digital screens, mobile devices, signages, public displays, websites, emails, etc.

Social walls are highly dynamic, customizable, and engaging with diverse functionalities for branding, sharing information, delivering entertainment, building trust, and much more.

In the past few years, some exemplary deployments of digital signage and social media aggregators in schools and colleges were recorded for a variety of purposes.

Marking a significant change in the stature of these educational organizations, these projections became ambassadors of the way in which digital technologies such as social media aggregators/ social walls can be employed for various purposes in an educational institute.

There are many ways through which the social walls for educational institutions can benefit the institution’s communication, information, and entertainment sharing. 

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6 Ways To Use Social Walls For Educational Institutions

Here we have enlisted the top 6 ways to the successful and purposeful use of social walls in schools and colleges

1. Build Social Proof & Brand Image With UGC

UGC is user-generated content which here means the content that is shared mainly by the students, staff, and other members of the institution about the institution and its services. 

User-generated content is the best way to promote your brand and build trust and credibility for your institution among the prospective students and stakeholders.

Besides, such UGC is also helpful in attracting more students to the institution by building a sense of belonging, relatability, and social proof leading to better institutional growth. 

It will also help in maintaining transparency, social media promotion, and building community among the students and also with the institution.

2. Create an Interactive and Engaging Institution Environment 

During the time of homecoming or to display the cherishing glimpses of a student’s life and time in the institute, social media walls are the tool to use.

Social Wall During The Graduation Period

An educational institution is a place where many of us make memories for a lifetime and share it hugely on social media platforms. Taggbox Dispaly lets you showcase these student experiences creatively and engagingly. 

From the ecstasy of a previously won competition or the excitement of upcoming test results to sharing moments of life at the institution; everything can be showcased in an interactive environment

The social media wall is the most appropriate way to aggregate all such information and display it in the most enticing and interactive manner.

3. Embed your Social Hub on the Institute’s Website

The website is the most accessible source of information for the stakeholders of an educational institute. Therefore, embedding social media feed to the website is sure to increase your website performance and institutional benefits. 

Through experience, our team at Taggbox entailed the benefits derived from it. For instance, the social wall on the website helps you get more user engagement and better average time spent on the website.

As the social media content is highly engaging and creative so it will give more valuable and relevant information to the website visitors that will be favorable to your institution.

Besides, you can also show the social side of your educational institute to connect better with the prospective students and entice them to join your institutions by highlighting your social content. 

Also, the engaging social hub on the website will ensure to attract more users to website and better rankings in the search engine leading to better traffic & more impressions

4. Live Updates at Digital Convocation Ceremonies & Events

Events such as convocation ceremonies are occasions of extravagant celebrations and excitement for the graduates.

Recently, many universities & educational institutes took help of Taggbox Display to establish a fully flagged online environment of social media interaction in the form of event social media walls

Social walls will help in making such digital ceremonies and other digital institutional events more memorable and simultaneously grow your social media presence, reach, brand awareness, and following. 

In today’s era, social media is one platform where every attendee of the ceremony is talking about it. So, why would your educational institute like to capitalize on the content generated by your stakeholders on a massive scale?

The installation is quite easy and simple with just a digital screen and a Taggbox account. You can leverage this to promote your institution’s social media profiles & encourage users to share their digital event experiences.

You can also leverage the power of social wall for your live video streaming and virtual events using the Taggbox Display’s virtual event tool.

5. Knowledge & Entertainment Hub At Common Spaces

Cafe, restaurants, food courts, and other common spaces, if we may say, are the representations of old age social networking platforms.

In an educational institute, such common spaces are the most sacred place of passing information, leisure time communications, and conducting discussions. Moreover, so are social media hubs.

Creating a link between these two iconic networking platforms can help you gather a wider stakeholding and more connected overall institutional environment.

Social media aggregators can be effectively used to gather all the meaningful stories of learning, knowledge, information, and entertainment at these common spaces by displaying social walls using digital signages. 

6. Make Your Institutional Performances Go Viral

Imagine conducting a sports tournament or dance competition in your institute which can be accessible to a plethora of audiences that resides on social media platforms.

You can make your social interactions to embark greater heights as the game does by displaying the plentiful of social media updates being generated during the tournament, live over a social wall.

This allows you to provide an interactive experience to the in-house audience and gather a greater audience on social media channels through the consistent generation of live user-generated content.

Along with that, showcasing these institutional performances on different media channels like social media or digital signages at the institution will build a strong and competitive brand image in macro and microenvironments. 

A win-win situation, isn’t it?


An educational institution is the best place for a person’s growth and learning through knowledge-sharing, interaction, entertaining experiences, interactive communications, community-building, and much more. 

The dispersion of social walls for educational institutions is a massive and influential step in enhancing, improving, and magnifying these possibilities to a greater extent and wider channels. 

These social walls open the door to growth and success for both the students and the institution itself. 

So, you can start leveraging the social wall for your educational institution to see how you can avail of these benefits and much more. 

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