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    How Taggbox helped L’Oreal to Increase Audience Engagement

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    Garnier L’Oreal organized a product launch event to introduce their new collection of Ultra Blends shampoo & Conditioners which are “blended with Love” for every type of hair.


    For the event, Garnier L’Oreal required a digital tool to reach the larger audience and also engage the attendees at the event. And they need a good conversation about the brand through the online and offline audience. That’s why they wanted Taggbox for getting a custom solution for their event.

    Social Wall at Product Launch audience engagement

    We at Taggbox are pleased to be part of such a wonderful event. We deployed a Social wall at their event to increase audience engagement and audience can feel connected to the brand and people get aware of the product.


    boost searches and hashtag

    Garnier L’Oreal aim was to get the spotlight on the new product and it was well achieved by the presence of our Social Wall. This event was a huge success as the search of their product was increased by 2X and their hashtag trended for more than 4Hr on Twitter.

    People appreciated the brand’s interactivity with its customers and raising interest in potential buyers. People were engaged with the showcase of the posts on a big display fetched from feeds using our social hub.


    increase sales

    In results, Garnier L’Oreal got the great response; it not only increased the brand awareness and reaches on the internet but also built trust among the audience through consumer-generated content. The number of likes, comments and re-tweets started rising. It gave positive energy to the screen with User-Generated Content. With user posting about event continuously, it kept the content refresh and user engaged with motivation to get their content display on the screen.


    Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool which curate content from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and display them on a big digital screen known as Social Wall. Any business and brand can use it at their website, events, conference, and stores to display live social media updates to users and audience.

    So what are you waiting for? Use Taggbox to create a social wall for your event and make it successful.