7 Ways How a Social Wall Can Take Your Event to Next Level

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When it comes to any event, each and every detail has its own significance. If you truly want to engage more people and get your audience hooked to your event, then you must come up with new and exciting ways to keep them anticipated. Gone are the days when any run of the mill service will make you stand out in the crowd of event management.

One needs to walk an extra mile in order to create that much-needed buzz about their event. If you really like to get your event noticed and be a hit, then it is high time you take the help of social media and social wall.

Taking the scope of marketing beyond those age-old printed advertisements, there are several social media aggregator tools that can collect user-generated content from a plethora of channels. Let people be the ambassador for your event and boost its online presence by talking about it on their social media platforms. If you are still thinking of how a social wall tool is a must-have for your event, then read on.

1. Imparting a “new-age” feel to your event

social wall

Get real-time engagement from people and various attendees of your event with social media wall. Digital media is a revolution in itself and will only take leaps in the coming years. With this high-end social interface, you can establish your brand not only as tech-savvy but also as the cool kid on the block that everyone else likes to follow.

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2. Better engagement = Better ROI

twitter wall content

It is as simple as that! When more people will be engaged in your event, the better your return on investment would be. With an increase in the reach of your event, the social media aggregator tool will be the talk of the town for sure, getting all the essential information from various social media platforms.

3. Display of user-generated content

social wall at event

Know what people are talking about your event with relevant #hashtags or mentions, and extract the content you like the most to be displayed on your social wall. Creating a positive impression of the event, it will also encourage people to talk about their experience on their social media platforms, increasing the reach of your event substantially.

One of the best ways to display user-generated content is by using a live Twitter Feed for virtual events and live streaming sessions. To create your own customized Twitter wall, you can curate the content using Hashtags from different Twitter accounts and display it as real-time Twitter feed on large digital screens.

This hashtag feed is highly compatible and can be used with various events like seminars, conferences, product launch, etc. This “little blue bird” can do wonders when displayed modestly to large virtual audiences. It generates your strong social media presence and will increase your virtual event’s engagement and exposure on a larger scale.

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4. Giving your sponsors more space

Sponsors love social walls for events! It will get them that wide space out there, letting them stay in front of various attendees all the time. They will love their brand logo or promotional video running alongside the social feeds, which would be a win-win situation for both the event managers as well as the sponsors.

5. The new kind of Q&A sessions

Elevate the reach of your event beyond its physical boundaries by letting the whole world experience it. Your speakers would love to answer queries of people from all over the world, which can be done seamlessly using a social media aggregator tool. Expand the duration of your event, even beyond its dispersal with the ongoing Q&A session.

6. Pre and Post-event buzz

Social Wall at music fest

Social walls have proven time after time to increase the buzz related to an event, even days before its commencement. Draw people’s attention on your event and don’t let the spark that you have created during the event die so easily with a follow-up activity. Let people know that you appreciate their engagement and make others know what they have missed out on.

7. Social Wall For events of all kinds

Sunburn Socialwall

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are hosting, social walls can completely turn around the atmosphere by imparting a fun and more engaging feel to it.

From corporate events to product launches, and fundraisers to conferences, a social media aggregator tool can help you extract essential info about your event from different channels on the basis of relevant #hashtags.

Do you have a wedding coming along or are you planning to organize a creative fest of some kind? A social well is exactly what you need to bring a revolution to your event!

People love to see their photos, texts, and videos on the big screen, which can be done without any trouble by a social wall. No longer a utility, it has become essential for every event out there.

If you really want your next event to be successful, then get started with a premium social wall like Taggbox.


Social media walls can truly take your event to the next level in ways you may not have even considered. By incorporating user-generated content and engaging with your audience in real-time, you can create a unique and unforgettable experience that will keep your attendees talking long after the event is over. 

Not only does a social wall provide a unique and exciting way to promote your event, but it also helps to boost audience participation and encourage attendees to connect with each other but also helps to create a sense of community and a shared experience that brings everyone together.

From promoting your brand to boosting audience participation, a social media wall is a powerful tool that can help you elevate your event to new heights. So why not give it a try at your next event and see the magic unfold before your very eyes!

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