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    How User-Generated Content Helped Boost Tourism at Sunshine Coast

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    “Visit for Sunshine Coast” is a member-based not-for-profit destination marketing organization. Its role is to lead the management and development of tourism on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Their aim is to make the Sunshine Coast tourism region get globally recognized as Premier revitalizing destination of Australia. This can be achieved through the efficient use of social media.


    Holidays are the time of year when tourism industry flourishes exponentially.
    This time spent with loved ones is also something which people love to showcase on social media networks.
    This user-generated content (UGC) is what “Visit for Sunshine Coast” wanted to use for their website because these are the posts which create a community among visitors with a sense of connection.
    People love taking photographs when traveling and those visiting the website would appreciate this showcase of the positive aspects through reviews and images of the place, especially the tourists considering choosing this destination.

    The user generated content (UGC) collected with Taggbox by creating a Social Media Hub on their website helped in getting the required amount of exposure for the brand.


    To help, UGC platforms like Taggbox provided API solutions that helped aggregate UGC content on the website of “Visit for Sunshine Coast”. The content posted on various social networks by people was fetched by Taggbox and was moderated and then displayed on the main homepage of the website, bringing a pleasant and informative look which is appealing to site visitors. UGC content helped in amplified the SEO reach, increased conversions, and of course better ROI for the brand.