7+ Best Google Reviews WordPress Plugin (Listed with Pros and Cons)

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Are you also considering different ways to connect with your customers? Or finding means to build trust with the visitors of your website? What if you can display authentic and genuine content, such as Google reviews

Fetch and flaunt your honest feedback using a Google review WordPress plugin

In this blog, we will be discussing features that you should look for in a WordPress plugin and how they can be beneficial for your business. 

Also, read and find the top plugins for Google reviews below and the reviews of their users. So, without further ado, start reading!

Increase Trust, Local SEO and Social Proof on Website with Google reviews Widget

How do we analyze and select the best Google Reviews WordPress Plugin?

In our research, we dived deep into the proficiency, visualization, and analytics of top google reviews WordPress plugins. After carefully going through the basics to focus on aspects like user experience, WordPress reviews and ratings, and more, we have curated this list to help you get closer to your goal. 

With these tools, collect reviews, moderate, and customize your WordPress widget for Google reviews. Let’s get you started and pick the right WordPress plugin for Google reviews

Note- All pros and cons are based on reviews listed on WordPress, Google, G2 etc


tagbpx Google Reviews WordPress Plugin

Tagbox is a leading  UGC platform that does it all, from collecting from 20+ channels and moderating to customizing and publishing your UGC and social media content

Moreover, it also allows its users to create and embed google reviews on website using a third-party app. Get top features like real-time updates, UGC uploader, detailed analytics, and tag-based widgets. 


  • As per the users of Tagbox, it offers a simple interface and 24/7 customer support. Not only that, but it allows them to create and manage review widgets all in one place with great automated and manual moderation features. 


  • Drawbacks cited by people on Tagbox are that it can get a little pricey for firms handling multiple clients. 


tagembed Google Reviews WordPress Plugin

Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that gathers content from social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Google Reviews, and more. You can flaunt this content on your website using customizable widgets and create a unique and trustworthy display. 


  • With active customer support from the team, it empowers its clients to flaunt any social media content they want to display. 


  • The Tagembed interface takes a lot of time to figure out the mechanism. Another critical appreciation of this tool is that it lacks shadow options in customization. 

This user-friendly widget makes it quick and easy to feature your Google reviews on the website. This plugin offers pre-designed and eye-catching widgets that can be customized per your brand. 

Filter and select the reviews that will showcase your business’s positive side, boosting customer trust and improving your SEO. 


  • With a straightforward interface, this plugin gives timely, smooth integration and arranges the review widgets in an attractive layout. 


  • The significant shortcomings of this plugin can be stated as it can be expensive and problematic to set up with Google. As noted by users, Trustindex does not provide a responsive tech service. 


RichPlugins google review wordpress plugin

RichPlugins makes it easy to display Google My Profile Reviews on your WordPress website using a Google-approved API. You can display ratings and reviews from multiple platforms simultaneously in one place. 

Additionally, it also gives features to enhance your website’s performance by showing all reviews, syncing them, and supporting other platforms like Facebook and Yelp.


  • One of the top plugins to automatically display your content, RichPlugins is an excellent tool for start-up businesses and gives its users full managing access. 


  • The tool’s disadvantage is that it fetches in real-time and has no support in GDPR. 

WP Social Ninja 

google review wordpress plugin wp ninja

WP Social Ninja is a software that helps you add social media feeds, reviews, and chats to your WordPress site. Working with over 30 social platforms, this software makes it easy to collect and display social proof and recommendations from multiple sources. It helps you organize the reviews in a way that’s easy to understand and visually appealing.


  • Provides interactive and quick support and display options. Get the best social and testimonials on this plugin. 


  • Free versions offer limited features, and more advanced functionalities might be available only in premium versions.

ReviewsEmbedder google review wordpress plugin

Simplify your process of displaying customer feedback, that is, your Google reviews, with ReviewEmbedder, helping you get a step closer to improving the website user experience and increasing your chances of higher conversions. 


  • Simple to operate plugin with hands-on customer service to its users. It enables clients to install and add reviews quickly. 


  • Find the plugin lacking in extensive customization features or design flexibility, leading to constraints in aligning the review display with the overall website aesthetics.


cusrev google review wordpress plugin

The CusRev plugin is another and the last one on our list. Elevate your standard reviews with additional features, including a dedicated Q&A section on your product pages. 

This tool offers an optional integration, an external service that verifies customer reviews. This way, you can be confident that all reviews are genuine and trustworthy.


  • Smooth sailing at affordable prices for fetching reviews from multiple sites. 


  • Services do not include technical support and have a confusing and complicated interface.

How to Embed Google Reviews with Tagbox WordPress Plugin?

Step 1: Login to WordPress

The first and foremost step towards embedding your Google review with the Tagbox WordPress plugin is logging into WordPress. 

login  wordpress

Step 2: Go to the plugin section, search for Tagbox, and activate the plugin.

Next, head towards the plugin section, go to the “Add New”, and type “Tagbox”. You can then “Install Now” your plugin from there. 

Step 4: Click on “settings” and log or sign up in to your Tagbox account.

Go to the settings and sign in to your Tagbox account, enabling your Dashboard to appear on the WordPress panel. 

login to google review wordpress plugin

Step 5: Choose sources “Google” and create a best Google reviews widget.

Then, you can choose the sources from where you want to fetch and create a Google review widget. 

Step 6: Shortcode will appear on the WordPress panel

After you have created a review widget for your website, your shortcode will appear on your WordPress panel. 

plugin for  google reviews

Step 7: Copy and paste the code where you want to appear.

Finally, open the post where you want add the code. Click on “+” >> “Custom HTML” and paste the embed code.

Note: If you need help with some part of the setup, feel free to reach out to our support team, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Features for Google Review WordPress Plugin

Google Review WordPress Plugin offers a user-friendly solution for integrating and managing reviews on WordPress websites. By integrating Google reviews into your WordPress website, you can enhance its functionality. Here is a detailed explanation of its main features. 

  • Easy to Use

A user looks for tools, products, and services that are simple and easy to use and do not require to have deep knowledge of the technicalities of how to set up and operate. 

  • Moderation

Showcase only the positive and impactful reviews on your website that can help you motivate your customers and new visitors to purchase. Curate and manage which feedback to be displayed on your website. 

  • Customization Options

Customization ensures the plugin integrates seamlessly with your website’s design and branding. It also lets you choose from over 10 markup layouts and templates to match the widget’s appearance to your WordPress theme easily. 

  • Auto Update

Updating your reviews is essential as it helps you inform your customers and make the right decision. The auto-update feature ensures that your Google reviews are constantly synchronized with your website, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

  • Review Request

Build up a solid and influential online presence on your brand by collecting reviews of your satisfied users and later displaying them on multiple digital touchpoints. The review request feature enables you to send review requests through emails and SMS to your customers, encouraging them to provide feedback and helping you prove that their opinions and feedback matter. 

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  • Unlimited Widgets

You can fetch and combine reviews from multiple platforms in one place and leave a notable impact. With the unlimited widgets feature, you can combine reviews from Google, Facebook, and other platforms, allowing you to showcase your online reputation in one place on your WordPress site.

Benefits of Google business reviews for WordPress websites

Google reviews offer brands many benefits for WordPress websites, from helping them catch the attention of your visitors to successfully converting them into customers. Below are some benefits that you can unlock. Go ahead and read more. 

It helps in building trust and boosts convert

When you display genuine reviews dropped by your customers on your webpage, it can effectively show your credibility to your visitors and build trust. 

As people see your existing customer’s visuals and positive opinions, they are likelier to take a step toward a purchase. 

Displaying Google Business reviews on your WordPress site acts as social proof that can lead to expanding your customer base and successfully increasing your conversion rate. 

Not only that, but this can bring you boosted leads, sales, and ultimately higher profits. 

Higher user Engagement

User-generated content, such as reviews, can encourage user engagement on your website. 

People may spend more time reading and interacting with reviews, which can improve the overall user experience and increase the dwell time of your visitors on your site.

But when it comes to Google reviews, you can also highlight your negative reviews and showcase your response and improved results to leave an impact on your new and potential consumers. 

Negative reviews can provide valuable feedback for your business and help you identify the areas of improvement and how to improve. 

Brand Reputation Management

By showcasing Google Business reviews on your WordPress site, you can manage your brand reputation. Respond to your reviews and comments left by your buyers to showcase your commitment to providing only top-quality products and services. 

This creates a solid and credible brand image among your website visitors. 

Google reviews also provide user-generated content that can continuously refresh your website with new, relevant, and authentic information. 

This can benefit your SEO, keep your website up to date, and help the buyer make an informed purchase decision. 

Competitive Advantage

Google reviews are effective in taking the lead and leaving your competitors far behind in the game. By incorporating this feature, you can gain a competitive advantage and stand out in your industry. 

When people see authentic and genuine reviews of your brand, UGC, in the form of visuals and testimonials, they trust your brand over others and are more likely to purchase your product than your rival’s. 

Apart from that, this also shows and proves that you take into consideration the insights and experiences of your users. 

In the last section, you can read more about the most frequently asked questions of searchers on the same topic.

People Also Ask about Embedding Google Reviews

What is the Google Reviews WordPress plugin?

A Google review WordPress plugin is a software or tool that enables you to showcase your user’s review on your WordPress page or website, which can build your online brand image and establish trust among the viewers. 

What is the best Google review plugin for WordPress?

Some free plugins for embedding Google reviews that can help you build a credible brand image and connect better with visitors are Tagbox, Tagembed, and ReviewsEmbederr. 

Are WordPress Google Reviews plugins free?

In the list provided above, you can find some free and subscription-based plugins. Based on which one aligns with your brand goals, you can choose one that provides its features free or on premium. 

How do I add Google reviews to WordPress without plugins?

To add Google reviews to your WordPress without a plugin, follow the steps below- 

  • Sign up and create your Google reviews widget.
  • Personalize your reviews widget.
  • Next, copy the embed code of your Google reviews widget.
  • Enter the credentials to your website admin panel and create or add your widget to your page.
  • Embed the code on the chosen place where you want the Google reviews widget to show. 
  • Lastly, save and check out your page.