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How to Search Google Reviews by Keyword: 2024 Guide

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Searching Google Reviews by keywords and topics is a powerful feature that streamlines the user experience of reviewing. This feature allows the user to quickly access specific information within a vast array of reviews. 

Brands enhance their efficiency by filtering reviews, enabling users to find insights, make comparative analyses, and identify Google Review trends. These insights provide contextual and relevant information about the brand that might be important for the user.

The search function used for finding the reviews by keywords saves time, supports decision-making, and provides a personalized exploration of reviews. Users can effortlessly navigate through reviews, making the platform a valuable resource for seeking informed perspectives on brands and products.

In this blog, you will find how you can search for Google Reviews by keywords. You will get to know the benefits of doing so and what are the different processes involved.

So let’s explore the deeper insights of searching Google Reviews by keywords to get the most out of it.

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What is the Google Reviews Search Option?

It has become almost obvious that people will search for the reviews of the brand while researching about it. The number of reviews posted on Google is exponentially increasing every year, making it the largest review platform by a huge margin.

With that being said, having a large number of reviews on a brand’s page also has its fair share of issues. Finding a review about a specific feature among thousands of reviews can be a tedious task. Even if the review about that specific feature is present, the effort to find it manually can be too much.

One must know how to navigate through all the reviews posted and find the perfect one that matches your queries. This will help you make a better decision while choosing the perfect product and brand for you. 

google reviews

Why Would You Search Google Reviews by Keyword?

Just every other search tool, using keywords related to a service or a business can make the process very convenient for others. The SERP analytics tools can help you analyze review keywords and understand how your competitors are performing in the SERPs.

Following are the reasons why it is important for brands and customers to be able to do a Google Review Search.

  1. Better Understanding of Brand:
    Be it positive reviews or negative ones, finding them using keywords gives a better understanding of the brand. With the use of the right keywords, it would be very easy for brands and users to find out the reviews they intend to see.
  2. Engagement in Older Reviews:
    Searching Reviews by keywords also helps brands to find old reviews. They might want to respond to reviews with the latest update or analyze old feedback again. Search Google Reviews by keywords can also help filter out the reviews about specific details.
    For example, if you want to know about the restaurant’s cleanliness, you can search for keywords like hygiene, cleanliness, etc.
  3. Evaluate Brand:
    Reputed brands generally use keywords for searching Google Reviews to evaluate brand reputation. They can search for different keywords to understand the public opinion on different aspects of the services they provide. This allows the brands to understand the common issues and work accordingly. 

How to Search Google Reviews by Keywords and Topics?

Google Review search by keywords is very easy and you can learn it as quickly as lightning.

Note: Other than this, the Google Reviews section itself also provides some keywords that you can search for as they are frequently mentioned in the review posted.

Following are the step-by-step guide that you need to follow to learn how to do it.

Step 1: Search Business in Google Maps

The first step is to open Google Maps.

You can download the Google Map application from the Google Play Store if you are using your mobile phone.

google maps

If you are on your desktop or laptop or using a web browser, you can visit Reach to the home page where you can see the search box at the top.

Step 2: Select Business

After reaching the home page. Use the search box to search for the brand or service by typing its name. 

For instance, to search for a Mexican restaurant in London, just type in the phrase “Mexican Restaurant in London”, and leave the rest on Google. It will fetch the best restaurants for you.

google map search

Also, to get restaurants as per the star ratings, you can select the star ratings and choose the restaurant according to it. You can choose the highest-rating Mexican Restaurant for you.

google maps rating

Once you see the various options of the same name, choose the service you are looking for. On seeing the information of the option selected, navigate to the review section.

Step 3: Search Reviews by Keywords

After reaching the review section, you will see multiple keywords that are already placed there which are mentioned in multiple reviews.

google maps reviews

You can find if your preferred keyword is present there and search accordingly. If the keywords you want to search by are not visible there, you can enter them yourself by clicking/tapping on the search icon available on the screen.

search google reviews by keyword

Analyzing Google Reviews

It is important for a brand to understand what people are talking about to know potential issues that can hamper their reputation. Brands often search their reviews for different keywords to evaluate their performance.

Understanding how users search for and engage with Google Reviews based on keywords can provide valuable insights for businesses to optimize their online presence, including on-page SEO strategies.

Following are the different ways searching Google Reviews with appropriate keywords can help brands grow.

1. Identifying Common Themes in Your Reviews

The insights provided by genuine reviews are most authentic and working on them can directly impact user experience for your customers. Searching for reviews based on keywords helps the brand to filter the keywords as per customer reviews and the sentiment behind them. Also, other aspects of the brand can be analyzed.

Brands figure out if there is a common pattern, see the issues that the customers are facing, and resolve them ASAP. Getting praised for similar aspects also motivates you to do better in other domains as well.

2. Tracking Changes in Your Reviews Over Time

The evolving opinions of people about your brand can also be very easily identified if the Google Reviews are analyzed properly.

You can create a spreadsheet of your own where you list down reviews as per different sentiments, star ratings and reviews, domains, etc. This will help you to track if there is any sudden change in your reputation after the introduction of a product, marketing strategy, or a new service.

Benefits of Google Reviews Search Function

Following are some of the major benefits a brand as well as a customer can get if they know how to search Google Reviews by keywords.

  1. Targeted Insights: Users can get specific insights about a brand if they search for the right keywords. The keywords can be features, experiences, related to interests, etc. Users can understand whether the brand aligns with their interests or not.
  2. Comparative Analysis: Users would be able to compare reviews for different services in te marketing from specific criteria. For example, if a user is looking for a hotel and is very particular about hygiene, they can compare the reviews with particular keywords. This will help them understand which hotel is better specifically in terms of hygiene, by examining user-generated content such as reviews and ratings.
  3. Time-Saving: Searching for specific keywords can be time-saving for customers who looking for more detailed information in less time. Additionally, positive Google reviews can enhance the credibility of your business, helping users make decisions faster. For example, for restaurants using a Google integrated restaurant reservation system, a rating of 4.5 stars or above is much more likely to get engagement on their “Reserve a table” button.
  4. Contextual Information: The search function can be used to get reviews about specific scenarios and situations that might have been mentioned by users. This information can help the users understand how the brand or services works in certain situation. These situations can be different times of the day, different seasons, different days of the week, etc. Product discovery tools can help in providing additional filtering options by synthesizing insights from reviews and user behavior.
  5. Filtering Options: Searching with specific keywords can help the users filter out some specific types of reviews that provide them with the exact information they need.

    Filtering reviews via keywords can also give a quick sense of how good the service is in a particular aspect. This helps the user make a better decision while deciding whether to choose a brand or service or not.

    They can also filter the reviews based on the keywords already mentioned in the review section, such as ‘cleanliness,’ ‘sanitation,’ and ‘hygiene,’ which are commonly found in user-generated content examples.
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Key Takeaways

Searching reviews by keywords can help a user get the most information they need in less time. The process of searching the reviews is very easy and takes no time.

The search function in Google Reviews enhances the usability of the platform by enabling users to efficiently access and analyze relevant information, leading to more informed decision-making.

Now that you know how to filter reviews based on keywords, you must make the most out of it. By incorporating the search function with the Google Reviews Widget, you can embed the best reviews about your brand on your webpage, attracting more customers.


Step 1: Open Google Maps on your phone or browser. Step 2: Search for the business you want to check reviews for. Step 3: Navigate to the review section. Step 4: Tap/ Click on the search icon add the keyword you want to search for and get the review you want to see.

Yes, can filter Google reviews. You can sort them according to the relevance and time. You can filter the reviews based on the keywords. You can also filter the reviews according to the star ratings that the customer gave. There are also some frequently mentioned keywords that you can use to filter the reviews.

Step 1: Open Google Maps on your phone or browser. Step 2: Search for the name of the business you want to check reviews for. Step 3: Navigate to the review section. Step 4: The reviews you want to find will be displayed on your screen.

Step 1: Open Google Maps on your phone or browser and log in through your Google account. Step 2: Search for the business name you want to check reviews for. Step 3: Navigate to the review section. Step 4: Click/ Tap the “Add a review” option in the review section. Step 5: Write the review you want to write about the brand/ service. Step 6: Add images if you want by clicking on the image icon. Step 7: Click on Publish.

Yes, you can follow the below steps to search Google Reviews by user. Step 1: Open Google Maps on your phone or browser. Step 2: Search for the name of the business you want to check reviews for. Step 3: Scroll down to the review posted by the user you want to search other reviews off. Click/ On the review name and you will be able to see other reviews posted by that user.