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Top Google Review Trends in 2024

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Google Reviews has caught the online audience’s eye since its beginning in 2007. One of the significant advantages it had was the humongous user base of Google.

Today, Google has over 3 billion searches every day. Integrating Google Reviews into the search results exponentially increased the number of reviews over there.

It is important for brands to understand future trends in Google Reviews to ensure they can make their marketing strategies accordingly.

These trends might include how the review experience might change or how much increase Google Reviews will see in 2024. Leveraging these trends for your brand can give you a competitive advantage.

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Google is Gaining More and More Reviews

There are several reasons why Google Reviews are so much preferred by brands. Following are some of the major reasons:

1. Visibility:

Google is one of the largest search engines and Google Reviews are integrated with the search results. This increases the visibility of the reviews as well as the brand for which the reviews are left.

2. Easy to Use:

The majority of internet users create their accounts on Google long before they discover Google Reviews. Hence by the time they wish to leave a review, they don’t have to follow an extra step of setting up and account verification. This makes the process easy and convenient for the users.

3. Influence on Local Ranking:

Even the brands prefer that their customer leave a review on Google as it directly impacts their SEO ranking and visibility. They encourage their customers to review them on Google so that they can be visible on Local Pack and Google Maps.

The majority of Reviews are on Google

Google Reviews has largely captured the marketplace of review websites, being the platform with the most number of reviews posted every year.

Following is the yearly data that shows the percentage of Google Reviews out of the total number of reviews posted.

YearGoogle Reviews (Percentage %)
increase in google reviews

As it is very clear from the data given above the reviews on Google are increasing rapidly every year.  With the majority of reviews posted on Google in 2024, new brands are also realizing the importance of it. This has made them encourage their customers to leave a review, eventually resulting in more Google Reviews.

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Various Industries Star Ratings on Google

Average star ratings on Google Reviews can vary by industry, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Typically, industries like healthcare, hospitality, and retail tend to have higher average reviews and ratings, often around 4 stars or higher, reflecting positive customer experiences.

On the other hand, industries like automotive repair or tech support may have lower averages, closer to 3 stars, as these services can be more prone to occasional negative experiences.

Hence, combining both these categories, the average rating on Google Reviews overall lies between 3.5-4 star ratings. Hence, a customer must ensure that while opting for a product, the star rating of the product should be above this range.

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Steps to Follow for Authentic Google Reviews

Getting authentic Google Reviews is essential for building trust and credibility for your business. Here are steps to follow to encourage genuine reviews:

1. Provide Outstanding Service:

The foundation of positive reviews is exceptional customer service. Ensure that your products or services meet or exceed customer expectations.

2. Ask Satisfied Customers:

Politely ask for reviews from happy customers, either in person, via email, or on your website. Make the request clear and easy, but avoid being pushy.

3. Create a Google My Business Account:

Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing, including accurate business name, information, photos, and a well-crafted description.

4. Send Direct Review Links:

Use Google’s “short name” feature to create a direct review link. Share this link with customers to simplify the review process.

5. Timing Matters:

Request reviews at the right moment, such as immediately after a successful transaction or service completion when customers’ experiences are fresh in their minds.

6. Be Ethical:

Never buy or post fake reviews. Authenticity is crucial for trust.

7. Respond to Reviews:

Engage with reviewers by thanking them for positive feedback and addressing concerns in a professional and helpful manner.

8. Monitor Reviews:

Keep an eye on your reviews to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Encourage Reviews on Your Website: Feature Google Review badges or widgets on your website, making it easy for visitors to review your business.

How does Tagbox help you get more Reviews?

Tagbox, with its innovative SnapUp feature, enhances your ability to gather more reviews for your business apart from Google My Business.

This feature is used to streamline the review platform process by providing a user-friendly experience. With a direct link, customers can easily leave their feedback, minimizing any difficulties and increasing the likelihood of participation.

This proactive strategy, coupled with SnapUp’s convenience, not only encourages authentic reviews but also fosters a positive engagement loop, contributing to a robust online reputation for your business.

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Future of Google Reviews

In November 2024, Google unveiled a significant upgrade to its Reviews system, marking a pivotal moment for the future of Google Reviews. This overhaul emphasizes ongoing improvements, promising a more reliable and trustworthy platform. Key updates include a shift to regular releases, enhanced detection of fake reviews, and more detailed insights for businesses. 

The number of people leaving reviews on Google has increased significantly. In fact, in 2024 till now, 79% of total reviews posted on the internet are posted on Google. The number is also expected to increase in 2024, with more brands encouraging their users to review them on Google. 

This commitment to quality over quantity suggests a focus on genuine customer feedback. The update empowers businesses to identify and respond to negative reviews effectively, fostering improved customer service and reputation management. 

Google’s dedication to continuous enhancement positions Google Reviews as an evolving, dynamic resource for both consumers and businesses.


In the evolving landscape of Google Reviews for 2024, cultivating authentic feedback remains paramount. By prioritizing exceptional service, strategic timing in review requests, and ethical practices, businesses can navigate the review landscape successfully.

Embracing transparency and genuine engagement not only boosts ratings but also contributes to lasting customer relationships and a positive online reputation.