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How To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website?

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The inception of various social media platforms introduced the users to a world of endless possibilities. Over the years, social media has become an integral part of social media users who like to spend more than 2 hours a day on average!

Out of all the platforms, Instagram has become one of the most highly leveraged and popular platforms since it is dominated by visuals and is a photo-sharing platform that attracts an audience due to its vibrant presence.

A famous marketing strategy that is being adopted by brands and businesses on a large scale is to add Instagram feeds to their website.

While we shall be telling you about the benefits as you keep reading, we would start the blog by telling you about how you can easily embed Instagram feed on WordPress using Taggbox Widget.

Add Instagram Feed on WordPress Website for Free

Let’s get started!

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website – Try 2 Different Methods

Here we have mentioned two different methods of embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website.

1. Embed Using Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

2. Add Instagram Feed To WordPress Without Plugin

Method 1 – Embed Using Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

The first method that we are going to tell you about is the simplest and quickest way to embed Instagram feed on WordPress using the Taggbox Widget Instagram Feed WordPress plugin.

The Taggbox Instagram feed WordPress plugin is extremely useful and responsive and allows the users to collect, curate, and embed the feed on your website. The Instagram feed WordPress plugin offers many additional features to the users.

The users have the option to customize the Instagram widget by selecting from various options, including templates, layouts, colors, fonts, etc.

Additionally, the users can utilize the advanced moderation panel to remove any inappropriate or objectionable content from the widget and maintain premium content. 

The Instagram feed plugin offers an analytics feature to the users to get insightful details about the widget like the total number of impressions, the number of clicks, and other crucial insights.

Lastly, Taggbox offers a helpful back support team to assist the users every time they experience a technical error or encounter any other issue.

Now that you know all about the Taggbox Instagram feed WordPress Plugin keep reading to follow the step-by-step guide to embed Instagram posts on your WordPress website.

Instagram WordPress Plugin

Step 1 – Install The Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

  • Before starting the embedding process, you need to download the Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin either from the WordPress directory or the widget editor. 
  • Once you are done downloading the plugin, you need to activate it by uploading the plugin on your WordPress website or the plugin section and by clicking on the Activate option. 

Step 2 – Integrate The Instagram Feed

  • Redirect to the Taggbox widget plugin to log into your account, or you can create a new account as well. 
  • Click on Create Widget to add the Instagram content. 
  • Click on the Add Social feeds option. 
  • A pop-up will appear. You need to select the Instagram business or Instagram as your content source. 
  • Next, you need to select your connection type from where you wish to integrate the feed. You can select from a Hashtag, Handle, Stories, Mentions, Tagged, Reels, Videos, or Personal Account.
  • You will start collecting your Instagram post once you type in your Instagram credentials. 
  • Voila! You will be able to see your collected feed on the editor in a few seconds. 

Step 3 – Embed Instagram Feed On Your WordPress Site

Once you’re done collecting and customizing your Instagram post widget, you need to embed the content on your WordPress website.

We shall be telling you about the two best methods for embedding your Instagram feed widget. 

Method 1 –

  • After collecting the feeds on your plugin, you need to click on the new widget option 
  • Next, you need to click on the Copy button present under the content to copy the shortcode 
  • Paste the copied shortcode on the editor section of the website where you want to embed the Instagram posts.

Method 2 –

  • Visit the webpage or the section of the website where you wish to embed the Instagram feed. 
  • Click on the (+) button and choose the Taggbox website widget option. 
  • You can either type or paste the shortcode and adjust the widget’s height and width as per your preference. You can click on the preview option to have a final look at the widget before publishing it on your website. 
  • Complete the process by clicking on the Publish button, and you will have successfully embedded your Instagram posts on the website!
embed instagram feed wordpress without plugin

Method 2 – Add Instagram Feed To WordPress Without Plugin

The second best method that is equally easy and effective to add Instagram widget is using the Taggbox Instagram Widget.

Follow the steps mentioned below to add Instagram feeds to your WordPress website in a few minutes! 

Step 1 – Add The Instagram Feed 

1. Start by logging into your Taggbox widget account, or you can create a new account if you do not already have one.

how to embed instagram feed on wordpress

2. Once you are redirected to the dashboard, you need to click on the “Add Social Feeds” option to create a widget.

add instagram feed to wordpress without plugin

3. Choose Instagram as the option from the pop-up menu to aggregate the content.

Instagram feed on wordpress

4. You will have the option to collect your connection type from multiple options. You can select from a hashtag(#), handle(@), stories, mentions, tagged, reels, videos, personal account, etc.

Instagram feed to wordpress

Hashtag (#): Collects live Instagram hashtag feed.

Handles (@): Collects posts from the Instagram profile.

Stories: Leverage the engaging Instagram stories.

Mentions (@): Aggregates Instagram posts where your brand has been mentioned.

Tagged: Curates Instagram posts on which your brand has been tagged.

Reels: Collect and curate highly engaging Instagram reels by entering URL.

Instagram Videos: Collects all-format Instagram videos.

Personal Account: Aggregate Instagram uploaded posts from your personal account.

Lastly, you need to provide your Instagram credentials, and you will be able to see the Instagram feed in the widget editor in a few seconds. 

Step 2 – Generate The Instagram Feed Embed Code 

1. After you are done personalizing and customizing the Instagram post, click on the Publish button on the bottom left corner of the widget editor.

add instagram feed to wordpress

2. Next, you need to select WordPress as the website building platform. Adjust the width and height of the widget as per the overall look of your website and copy the generated code to the clipboard.

Instagram feed wordpress plugin

3. Paste the embed code on the editor section of any webpage where you wish to display Instagram feeds on website.

Save or apply the changes, and you are done!

Step 3- Add Instagram Feed To WordPress Website 

Embed Instagram Feed On The WordPress 5.0 Version

  • Log into your WordPress account and redirect to the editor section of any webpage where you wish to embed the Instagram feeds.
  • Select the (+) Add Block option present on the top left corner 
  • Click on the Formatting option and select custom HTML 
  • Paste the generated embed code 
  • Click on the Publish or Update button to make the changes, and you will have successfully displayed Instagram feeds on WordPress 5.0 version!

Add Instagram Feed To The Classic WordPress Version 

  • Start by logging into your WordPress account and redirect to the editor section of any webpage where you wish to embed Instagram feeds on WordPress site.
  • Click on the Text mode in the right section of the page. 
  • Paste the generated embed code into the editor section where you want to display Instagram feeds on website.
  • Click on the Publish button, and it’s done! You have successfully displayed Instagram feed widget on WordPress classic version!
how to add instagram feed in wordpress

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feeds On The Website 

It is no surprise to know that Instagram has emerged as the favorite social media site for marketers to expand their business reach globally.

Here are some of the benefits that marketers get by embedding Instagram on their WordPress websites.

1. Outspread the marketing sphere globally

According to the figures, over 500 million people use Instagram daily. With this fastest-growing Instagram-addicted world, there is no better option than using Instagram as your online building platform.

Statistics says,

  • 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.
  • 62% of people have become more interested in a brand after seeing it in stories.
  • 2 in 3 people accepted that Instagram helped them foster interactions with the brand.
  • 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services.

Therefore, by incorporating Instagram feeds on websites, brands can reach a large volume of customers and boost their engagement to drive conversions.

2. Give your visitors access to more creative content.

Imagine the growth rate of your website when it will display “Out Of The Box” content. That’s what the Instagram post does.

By displaying Instagram hashtag feed on your WordPress website, you can provide your website visitors access to more interesting content. 

Now scrolling down your website content won’t be the limit. Your website visitors can now explore your Instagram posts without even leaving your webpage. 

It will increase the engagement of your visitors with your brand and will encourage them to interact with your brand.

3. Improves the ranking of your WordPress website

Embedding an Instagram widget to your website increases the website’s vibrancy and can make the website look more fascinating. 

Along with the Instagram visuals, captions are also added to your website, which provides a clear view of what your website/blog is about. 

This makes it easy for the users to understand the motives and objectives of your brand and thus increases the click-through rates of your website. The result is better website performance and improved SEO ranking.

4. Creates a trustworthy brand image

 In the present scenario, where more than 90% of users believe in user-generated content, there is nothing better than displaying what your visitors are looking for. 

An excellent and truthful relationship with the customer is everything that a brand aspires for. By displaying user-generated content via Instagram on websites, brands can showcase their true market image and can make their genuine customer experiences available.

As a result, brands increase the reliability and authenticity of their products, building better customer relations.

Over To You

If you are a brand or a business that owns an official WordPress website, then embedding Instagram posts might be the smartest move to make a significant digital presence.

We guided you on embedding Instagram feed on the WordPress website and displaying user-generated Instagram content to showcase your social acceptability among your current users.

You can use the Taggbox widget plugin and Taggbox Instagram Widget to display your embedded Instagram post to website visitors.

So, what are you still waiting for? Start the embedding process right away, and you will be amazed to see the difference it makes in your marketing game! Moreover, if you’re looking to further customize your WordPress site with unique designs, converting PSD to WordPress themes can offer a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic and functionality requirements.

Create an Engaging Instagram Widget For WordPress

Build Social Proof and Boost Conversions Now!


Besides plugins, another way of adding Instagram feed to WordPress website is by using the social media aggregator tool i.e. “Taggbox Widget”. This tool provides you with a simple embed process with a wide range of advanced features.

The best way to embed Instagram feeds on your website has to be through a code-free process that can be done with a social media aggregator like Taggbox Widget. As it enables you to fetch your preferred Instagram content and curate it in the form of a unified feed. Further, you can easily generate an embedding code and copy & paste it on the editor section of your WordPress website, where you want your website visitors to view it.

You get easy Instagram feed integration options with the Taggbox Widget for popular CMS platforms, including WordPress. Once you have curated your Instagram widget, you can generate an embed code and paste it on the editor section of your WordPress website wherever you want to show your Instagram feed on website.

You can capitalize the Instagram feeds for your website. Taggbox Widget has specially curated features to enhance web pages. Once you fetch your preferred Instagram feed, you can embed the Instagram feed on different web pages like home page, blogs, footer, etc., using different themes. Taggbox Widget has specially curated features to enhance web pages like custom CSS options to design and modify the layout, color, style, & more to align with the requirements of your website.

Yes, you can easily measure the performance of the Instagram widget on your website using Taggbox. As it offers actionable data insights with the Instagram widget that helps you to get detailed audience behavior insights. You can track clicks, views, user sentiments, content metrics, and more.

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