How To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website

You might wonder why Instagram is so important for marketing? How does it benefit your brand & website? Or Why should you Embed Instagram feed on a wordpress website?

Instagram has addicted not only the millennials but also the present-day marketers.

For millennials, it’s all about Instagram as an incredible social media platform that has a tremendous visual appeal and one of the best platforms to share images and videos to gain a fan following.

For marketers, it is more like a matter of need than a matter of interest. Instagram has successfully established itself as an incredible marketing platform for brands growing their social authority and reach, thereby inflating their customer base.

In that direction, It is a great move to add Instagram widget to WordPress website as it not only increases the visual appeal of your website but also helps you maximize your touchpoints with your customers, thus enhancing your brand authority and social trust.

This article guides you on how Taggbox Widget can help you to embed Instagram feed on WordPress.

But before heading towards the steps let us have a look through the benefits of embedding Instagram widget and how it helps the marketers to charge their business.

So, let’s start.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed  

It is no surprise to know that Instagram has emerged as the favorite social media site for marketers to expand their business reach globally. 

Here are some of the benefits that marketers get by embedding Instagram on their WordPress website.

1. Outspread the marketing sphere globally

According to the figures, over 500 million people use Instagram daily. With this fastest-growing Instagram addicted world, there is no better option than using Instagram as your online building platform.

Statistics says

  • 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.
  • 62% of people have become more interested in a brand after seeing it in stories.
  • 1/3rd of the most viewed stories are from business profiles.

Therefore, by incorporating Instagram feeds on websites, brands can reach a large volume of customers and boost their engagement to drive conversions.

2. Creates an attractive visual hub

Instagram is a hub of captivating and eye-catching content that attracts more customers to it. By embedding this amazing feed on the website, brands can make the website look more appealing.

This increases the time the user spends on the website and helps in improving interaction with the user by engaging him with the enticing content.

Also, this helps increase product visibility and makes it easier for website visitors to discover the content.

3. Adds to the authenticity & reliability of the brand.

An excellent and truthful relationship with the customer is everything that a brand aspires for. By displaying User-Generated content via Instagram on websites, brands can showcase their true market image and can make their genuine customers experiences available.

This helps the brands to build customer loyalty and can enhance the authenticity of the brand. 

By displaying the content generated by the customers using the branded products, brands can show the reliability of the products, which helps the brands build a strong brand image and better customer relations.

4. Improves website’s performance

Embedding Instagram widget to your website increases the website’s vibrancy and can make the website look more fascinating. 

UGC acts as social proof for the brand, because of which people tend to perform actions on websites and respond to Call-to-actions that are present on the website.

Displaying Instagram feed helps in increasing the dwell time of the users by engaging them with attractive content. Hence, by increasing website’s presentation, brands can increase their conversion rates and drive sales.

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website Using Taggbox Widget Plugin

Using Taggbox Widget plugin, you can easily embed Instagram feed on your WordPress website. It helps you customize your feed with beautiful themes, designs, colors, etc.

It is a fast and responsive plugin that provides east integration without any complex structure.

Steps to embed using Taggbox Widget plugin.

  •  Add Taggbox Widget plugin to your WordPress website from the plugin directory.
  • Login to your Taggbox widget plugin or register if you are a new user.
  • If you have already created a feed, you will see your existing feeds here, or else you can create your new feed by clicking on the +Create Widget button.
  • Click on the “Copy” button under the created feed to copy the embed code.
  • Paste the code on the page where you want to display it.

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website

Add Instagram Feed Using Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is an Instagram aggregator and display tool. It allows you to aggregate Instagram feeds via Hashtags(#), Handle(@), Mentions, and Tagged to an Instagram Widget.

First of all, you need to create an account with Taggbox Widget. Once you have done that, log in to your account where our smart wizard will guide you on how to add and embed Instagram feed on the WordPress website, or you may follow the below steps-

1. After login, you will land on the dashboard.

add instagram feed to wordpress

2. Here, click on Create Widget to add Instagram feed. Give your Widget a name and click on create widget again.

wordpress instagram embed

3. It will land you on the Widget Editor. From the popup that appears, select Instagram as your Feed Source.

instagram feed wordpress

4. Select the Instagram connection type (hashtag(#), profile post(@), mentions and tagged). Give the other required details asked for.

how to add instagram feed to wordpress

5. Provide the login credentials for your Instagram account and sign in.

wordpress embed instagram

You have successfully created an Instagram Feed for WordPress website that will be visible in your widget editor.

Taggbox provides you with a wide range of features that can help you make your feed look more attractive.

Customize your feed by changing its font style, backgrounds, display themes, layouts, colors, etc.

Moderation panel with profanity filter helps you filter out the irrelevant content that enables you to maintain the content quality.

Also, using the analytics feature, you can count the number of users, impressions, and the click-through rates on your feed.

And lastly, it provides you with real-time updates to display the fresh and 

Now that you have successfully created an Instagram feed for wordpress with Taggbox Widget, the next step is to generate embed code from Taggbox Widget that could be later pasted on the webpage of your WordPress website where you want to display the Instagram feeds.

Generate Instagram Feed Embed Code

1. Click on the Embed Widget button on the bottom left side of the screen to add your Instagram feed on WordPress website.

embed instagram in wordpress

2. Select WordPress as your website building platform for embedding Instagram feed on your WordPress website.

how to add an instagram widget to wordpress

3. Here, set width and height, and click on Get Code.

embed instagram wordpress

4. Once you have generated the Embed code from Taggbox Widget, copy it to your clipboard.

add instagram feed to wordpress

Great, now you have successfully generated Instagram Feed Embed Code for your wordpress website. So, let’s go to your WordPress website where you want to embed the Instagram feeds.

Now Embed Instagram Feeds On WordPress Website

WordPress is an online, open-source website creating a platform. It is simple, user-friendly, and probably the easiest way to create blogging and other kinds of websites. It is an amazing Content Management System.

Once you have successfully generated embed code from Taggbox Widget, now it’s time to paste it on your WordPress website so as to display Instagram feeds over there.

WordPress recently updated itself to a newer version, WordPress 5.0. But still, a majority of users operate WordPress Classic. So, we have mentioned steps for both versions of WordPress.

Here’s how you embed Instagram feeds on WordPress 5.0 website

1. Open the page/post in your WordPress backend where you want to embed Instagram hashtag feeds.

2. Select “(+) Add Block” in the top left corner of the WordPress Editor.

3. Here, click on Formatting and then choose Custom HTML.

4. Paste the copied embed code in the editor.

5. Click on Publish/Update post, and You’re done.

Here’s how you embed Instagram feeds on WordPress Classic Editor

1. Open the page/post in your WordPress backend where you want to embed the Instagram hashtag feeds.

2. On the right-hand side, you will find a Visual and a Text option. Choose Text Mode.

3. Paste the generated embed code where you want to show your wall.

4. After embedding the code, click on Update/Publish to save the changes.

Great! You have successfully embedded Instagram feeds on your WordPress website.

Over To You

We guided you on embedding Instagram posts on WordPress website and displaying user-generated Instagram content to your website visitors and showcase your social acceptability among your current users.

You can use the Taggbox widget plugin and Taggbox Instagram Widget to display your embedded Instagram feed to website visitors.

If you are a brand or a business that owns an official WordPress website, then embedding Instagram feeds might be the smartest move to make a significant digital presence.

Build social trust and grow your customer base by showcasing user-generated content.

So, what are you still waiting for?

Embed Live Instagram Feed on Websites

Build User Trust By Displaying Embedded Instagram Feeds On Your Website

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