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Best Instagram Feed On Website Examples You Should Try in 2024!

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Struggling to make your Instagram feed pop in a crowded digital landscape? You’re not alone. The challenge of creating a captivating feed is real.

Look at “Instagram Feeds on Website Examples” – the way to stand out from crowd. We curate real-world examples, offering practical insights for your businesses. 

Let’s elevate your feed, engage your audience, and make an impact with every post.

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Types of Instagram Feeds You Can Show On Your Website

In this section, discover the distinct Instagram feed examples for websites that shape your experience, from hashtags to handles.

example of Instagram Feeds

Hashtag Feed

A Hashtag Feed “(#)” revolves around specific hashtags used on Instagram. When you search or click on a hashtag, you’ll be directed to a feed that compiles all the posts containing that particular hashtag. 

This feed is a fantastic way to curate and explore content related to a specific topic, event, or theme. 

Whether it’s a trending hashtag, a niche interest, or a marketing campaign, the hashtag feed allows users to discover and engage with a wide range of posts from different users, helping to create a sense of community around shared interests.

Handle Feed

The Handle Feed is all about following and staying updated with the posts of a specific Instagram user or handle. 

When you follow someone on Instagram, their posts appear in your feed, allowing you to see their latest updates, stories, and content. 

This feed is ideal for keeping track of your favorite influencers marketing, celebrities, friends, or brands. It helps users connect directly with the content and updates of the accounts they care about most.

Mentions Feed

The Mentions Feed compiles all the posts where your Instagram handle has been mentioned using the “@” symbol. It’s a powerful tool for tracking and engaging with content that involves you or your brand. 

Whether someone is tagging you in a post, giving you a shoutout, or discussing your content, the mentions feed ensures you never miss a relevant conversation. 

It’s particularly valuable for businesses and individuals who want to stay responsive and engaged with their audience.

Videos Feed (Reels | Stories)

The Videos Feed is a specialized feed that exclusively features video content on Instagram. With the growing popularity of video as a medium for storytelling, this feed is essential for users who want to focus on or emphasize video-based content. 

It’s an ideal choice for content creators, marketers, and brands looking to leverage the engaging nature of videos to connect with their audience.

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Tagged Feed

The Tagged Feed displays all the posts other users have tagged you or your content. It’s a valuable tool for user-generated content campaigns and brand advocacy. 

When users tag your brand or products in their posts, those posts appear in your tagged feed. 

This allows you to showcase and celebrate content created by your audience, strengthening your brand-community relationship and encouraging user-generated content.

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Real Life Instagram Feed On Website Examples

We understand that finding the right Instagram feed templates is important for your brand, so we have accumulated a list of top-notch Instagram feed examples for you in this section.

  1. Instagram Hashtag Feed
  2. Instagram Grid Widget
  3. Instagram Sidebar Feed
  4. Instagram Footer Feed 
  5. Instagram Photo Grid Widget
  6. Instagram Gallery Feed 
  7. Highlight Instagram Feed
  8. Instagram Story Feed Widget

#1 Instagram Hashtag Feed  (Modern Card)

The hashtag feed is an indispensable brand resource, facilitating the curation of Instagram content linked to specific hashtags. 

This strategic approach empowers companies to accumulate a wealth of user-generated content related to their products or marketing campaigns. 

The contemporary card layout takes center stage in this process, offering a visually appealing format for featuring a standout post from the hashtag pool. 

This card typically includes the user’s profile picture, username, caption, and engagement statistics, such as likes and comments. 

Its aesthetically pleasing design grabs attention and enhances its prominence on websites, actively driving user engagement and participation and solidifying brand-consumer relationships.

Example 1: For the campaign “Run your World,” Saucony chose the Enjoy Instagram feed to display the user-generated content on their website.

instagram feed on website example

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#2 Instagram Grid Widget

The Instagram grid widget is a valuable tool designed to mimic the grid view of your Instagram feed examples for websites. 

It serves the dual purpose of maintaining a consistent visual theme and presenting your latest Instagram posts in an organized and visually appealing manner.

This widget arranges your Instagram posts in rows and columns, replicating the familiar grid layout of the Instagram app. 

Visitors to your website can conveniently view multiple posts simultaneously, facilitating easy content exploration. 

It’s an effective way to seamlessly integrate your Instagram presence with your website, enhancing user engagement and maintaining a cohesive brand image.

Example 2: Popsigns made fun and handheld welcome signs to “make people smile and turn a bland atmosphere into a vibrant celebration.”

Instagram feed on website examples

Elevate your website with Instagram Grid Widget

The sidebar feed, often positioned within a website’s sidebar, offers a sophisticated method for website visitors to read your Instagram posts without navigating away from your site. This integration effectively sustains user engagement with your content.

This particular feed typically showcases condensed previews of your recent Instagram posts and includes convenient left and right navigation arrows. These arrows allow users to scroll through your posts horizontally and smoothly. 

Incorporating this element creates a user-friendly and continuous browsing experience, enticing visitors to linger on your website. 

This, in turn, strengthens the connection between your audience and your Instagram updates, ultimately enhancing overall engagement and interaction.

Example 3: The Frux website uses the Instagram Grid widget in the right sidebar on their website.

instagram feed example

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The footer feed, strategically located at the bottom of your webpage, employs horizontal columns to elegantly showcase your Instagram posts. 

This seamless integration ensures your Instagram content harmonizes seamlessly with your website’s overall design, providing a consistent visual experience for your audience.

This unobtrusive but highly effective addition typically presents your Instagram posts side by side in a linear format. 

It’s a user-friendly feature allows visitors to effortlessly stay up-to-date with your latest Instagram updates without interrupting their browsing experience.

By showcasing your Instagram content in the footer feed, you enhance your website’s layout and content strategy, fostering a cohesive online presence that resonates with your audience. 

This elegant and subtle integration effectively combines the power of Instagram with your website’s design, creating a seamless and engaging user experience.

Example 4: Feldmar, a renowned watch company, uses a horizontal column theme to showcase their customers’ flashing their classy watches.

best instagram feed examples on website

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#5. Instagram Photo Grid Widget

Like the grid widget, the photo grid widget is tailored specifically for your Instagram photos, excluding other post types such as videos or carousels. 

This photos gallery widget is an excellent choice if you want to emphasize the visual aspect of your content. 

Its primary function is to neatly organize your Instagram photos in a grid format, ensuring your website visitors can effortlessly browse through your visually captivating Instagram content without distractions. 

It provides a clean and immersive experience that spotlights your image-centric posts, making it an ideal tool for those looking to showcase their visual storytelling prowess.

Example 5: Take a look at how United Colors of Benetton has used the Instagram Photo Grid Widget to showcase its stylish customers.

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A gallery feed is a captivating and interactive method for displaying your Instagram widget on your website

This feature elevates user engagement by allowing visitors to click on individual posts, delving deeper into the content, and forging a more profound connection with your brand or message.

Typically, it presents a grid layout of your Instagram posts. When a user clicks on a post, it expands into a larger view, preserving your Instagram aesthetic appeal and engagement level. 

This immersive experience transforms your website into a dynamic platform for showcasing your visual storytelling, enabling your audience to explore your content more comprehensively and engagingly.

Example 6: On www.alorica.com, you’ll find an Instagram carousel feed on the homepage. It’s sleek, with auto-play, picture spacing, no navigation dots, and direct links to their Instagram account.

Encourage your audience to follow you on Instagram by displaying Instagram Gallery Theme on website.

#7. Highlight Instagram Feed

Instagram highlights serve as meticulously curated compilations of your Stories, carefully chosen to feature prominently on your profile. 

Using a highlight feed widget, you can seamlessly extend this functionality to your website, creating an organized and accessible platform for sharing vital content.

The highlight feed widget typically presents icons or covers that represent each of your highlights. 

Users can dive into the specific stories or content within that collection by clicking these icons. 

This integration offers a structured and engaging way to present meaningful information to your website visitors, enhancing their overall experience and allowing them to connect more deeply with your content and brand story.

Example 7: MAC Cosmetics, a renowned skincare brand, used the Instagram Highlight feed to give a glimpse of their most in-demand products.

#8. Instagram Story Feed Widget

The Instagram Stories widget is a vital link between your Instagram Stories and your website. 

With its capabilities, you can effortlessly embed both live and archived Stories, enabling visitors to explore your Stories without the need to navigate away from your web page.

This versatile widget offers multiple display options, presenting your Stories either in a horizontal slider or grid format. 

These user-friendly interfaces allow seamless interaction with your Stories directly on your website, enhancing the browsing experience and keeping your audience engaged while staying on your site. 

It’s a powerful tool for integrating your social media presence into your web content and fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Example 8: Laube.hn uses an Instagram story feed widget to show their user-generated content on their website.

best Instagram feed example

Example 9: Pumpkin Spice uses an story feed widget to show Instagram content on website.

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Inspire with these Instagram Feeds Examples!

  • Handle
  • Stories
  • Tagged
  • Hashtag
  • Reels

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