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How To Add Instagram Shop On WooCommerce (WordPress)

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Setting up a WooCommerce Instagram shop is quite popular among brands these days. WooCommerce offers ecommerce possibilities to brands using WordPress as their CMS. 

Surveys state that 81% of Instagram users use the platform to look for products and services and around 50% of them redirect to a website after going through their preferred products! An eye-opener, isn’t it? 

WooCommerce Instagram shop, also popularly known as the Instagram shop wordpress plugin, allows brands to bring the shoppable Instagram on their WordPress (Woocommerce) site. 

Over the years, Instagram took a massive leap by introducing Shoppable posts. These posts look pretty much the same except for shopping icons on the posts. These posts enable users to click on them to look at the details of the product. 

Find out how you can leverage the WooCommerce Instagram shop feed on your wordpress website.

WooCommerce Instagram Shop – The Social Commerce Strategy

You are already well-acquainted with the influence of Instagram when it comes to brand promotions and engagement.

By integrating the shoppable instagram feed to your WordPress woocommerce store, you can enable the influence of social commerce on your website. The Instagram shoppable feed will help in engaging users, enabling product discovery, and driving purchase intent. 

In short, Shoppable Instagram posts can boost your sales effectively. Also, it offers the users an option to browse and make purchase decisions on the platform that is a cherry on the cake!

But how can you leverage the WooCommerce Instagram shop on your wordpress website? Well! The best way to do so is to get an Instagram shop wordpress plugin or an Instagram shop WooCommerce plugin. 

How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed on WordPress (WooCommerce)

The best WooCommerce Instagram shop plugin is Taggbox Commerce. This Instagram shop wordpress plugin helps in quickly adding an Instagram shop to your website. 

Taggbox Commerce is a popular social commerce platform that enables brands to easily display their Instagram store, product reviews, and shoppable galleries on the WordPress website.

Follow the steps below to use Taggbox Commerce for adding your shoppable Instagram feed on WooCommerce. 

1. Start by signing up for a free Taggbox Commerce account or Log in to your existing account

Taggbox Commerce Woocommerce Instagram shop

2. From the home screen, click on the Shoppable Galleries in the sidebar

3. You will see you existing shoppable galleries, click on EDIT button

Shoppable galleries

4. Now you will see social media networks in editor section, Select Instagram

Social platforms

5. Next, you need to select your connection type. You can choose from hashtags, mentions, handles, etc 

Social feeds

6. Once done, click on Create Feed or Connect To Instagram to aggregate content from the platform

7. Click on Product Catalog on the sidebar and select the Add products option

Now, you will see two options to upload the products- the import product list allows you to upload products using CSV & the add product option enables you to select one product at a time

8. After choosing the option, you can upload your product catalog successfully to your Taggbox account.

9. Now Select the Tag products option from the sidebar and, all your posts will be ready to be made shoppable

Tag Products on Instagram shop wordpress

10. Click on the Tag products option under the product and, a pop-up menu will appear 

Look for the product you wish to tag and click on the product to tag it to the post

Once done, you can customize the feed using a wide range of customization options to make it more attractive

11. When you are all set, click on the Publish button on the bottom left 

WooCommerce Instagram Shop

12. Choose the WordPress option from the given website CMS platforms

13. Copy the generated embed code and log into your WordPress (WooCommerce) admin account 

14. Navigate to the webpage where you wish to display the Instagram Shoppable feed. Paste the copied code on the backend of the website and, voila!

You will have successfully integrated your Shoppable Instagram feed on your WooCommerce store. 

The unique and brilliant features of the platform are what make it different from the rest. For example, it offers product hotspots, shoppable UGC galleries, shoppable lookbooks, and advanced analytics to check performance. 

WooCommerce Instagram shop wordpress plugin

Benefits Of Adding Shoppable Instagram Feed On WooCommerce 

Here are a few of the key reasons you should leverage WooCommerce Instagram shop wordpress plugin like Taggbox Commerce. 

Display Content Created For The Users By The Users

Statistics reveal that more than 90% of the users leverage reviews and the experiences of the existing users of a brand before purchasing products. 

Moreover, perfectly clicked and well-edited posts are not as engaging and relatable as the raw, unfiltered, and unedited pictures posted by the existing users of the brand. 

Displaying these posts helps potential customers to make better purchase decisions that lead to more product satisfaction. 

Visual Content = More Engagement

While we agree that having a responsive and user-friendly website is of utmost importance, having a website lacking eye-pleasing aesthetics and designs may disinterest website visitors quickly. 

Instagram, being a photo-sharing platform, is super vibrant and attractive. Instagram images and videos can help you boost your ecommerce visual marketing strategy.

Displaying Instagram feeds on the website would please the eyes of your website visitors leading to an increase in their engagement since they would get motivated to explore your website more. 

Furthermore, the dwell time of your visitors reveals how engaged and interested they are and, this integration would help you attain it.  

Boost Conversions & Sales

Let’s admit it! The ultimate success-defining factor of an E-Commerce brand is the sales and revenues it has fetched. Thanks to the shopping tags that come along with Shoppable Instagram feeds that let the users make a purchase decision quickly and instantly. 

Moreover, the Shoppable Instagram WordPress plugin offers a more social experience to its users to make purchase decisions. Users can easily tap on the product, look at its details & redirect to make the payment. An easy and quick shopping experience would ultimately lead to a better ecommerce conversion rate and more sales.

Closing Note 

We are sure that you must be all ready and convinced to add the WooCommerce Instagram shop plugin to your website. 

This Instagram shop wordpress plugin integration truly is a boon for all E-Commerce brands. If you have not already tried it, you are giving your competitors a chance to surpass you! 

Get going now, include this strategy in your marketing efforts with Taggbox Commerce, and you will be amazed at the results you receive!  


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