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Hey newbie! Leverage this guide to learn everything about using Taggbox Display.

How To Create Live X (Twitter) Wall

X (Twitter) is a super social solid platform packed with millions of active users. Brands and businesses love it for spreading news and announcements. X (Twitter) now acts as a brand endorsement; well-known brands or public figures tweet or make authentic announcements on this platform. Adding an X (Twitter) feed related to your brand on […]

How To Create a TikTok Wall for Events

With TikTok being one of the prominent social media platforms today, it’s no surprise that businesses and individuals want to showcase their TikTok content on digital screens.  That’s where Taggbox comes in – a robust social media aggregator that allows you to curate and display user-generated content from various social media platforms, including TikTok. So, […]

Learn How To Integrate Polls In Your Social Wall

Engaging events create an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and memorable, which can lead to many benefits such as positive word-of-mouth and increased attendance at future events. Statistically speaking,  68% of event organizers have agreed that event engagement is the biggest challenge they face. Additionally, engaging events can also help to achieve specific goals such […]

How to Display Live Leaderboard with Social Wall

How about we tell you that Taggbox has come up with another Gamification element: A leaderboard that displays ranks of your top-performing contributors or influencers to deliver maximum engagement and gives your audience something new to interact with. After creating your social wall follow these steps to set up your Leaderboard. Step 1. Click on […]

How to Use Taggbox Display Studio

Are you enjoying the benefits of the Taggbox Social Wall? How about we tell you there is something else that can maximize these benefits to a different level? Taggbox Display has introduced the all-new Taggbox Display Studio, an in-app feature to extract more from your social wall by mixing other content seamlessly. Follow the given […]

How to Display Slack Wall On Office Screens

Introduction The old traditional methods of spreading information and announcements in organizations involved the office staff sending a messenger to the employees to do the needful.  In today’s digital ecosystem, organizations too have adopted the digital route to spread the word and necessary information in one go.  Slack is a common workplace communication tool that […]

How to Display Yammer Wall For Office Screen

Note: The integration of Yammer Feed with Tagbox has been discontinued as a result of recent changes to the Yammer API. You can Try Tagbox adding other sources Slack Wall Instagram Wall Twitter Wall Create a Yammer Wall Now Introduction Every office space and organization looks for ways to increase engagement and interaction between the […]

How to Display Live Youtube Videos With Real-Time Social Media feed?

Add a Social Media Feed To create a Social Media feed, you need to follow the given steps- Step 1 Log in to your Taggbox Display Account You will be redirected to the dashboard Step 2 Choose My Walls among the left sidebar options You will reach your social walls Step 3 Choose the wall […]

Why My Wall Is Showing “Instagram User” Instead Of Username

While running a Social Wall, when you add Instagram feeds using hashtags, you must have noticed that Instagram show name instead of username. Well, the reason is the updated API Policy of Instagram. “On 11 December 2018, Instagram updated it’s API Policy in which it deprecated some of it’s important endpoints. So, now it’s not […]

What is Update time and how it works?

Update Time Update time refers to the time taken by your feeds to get refreshed on the wall. It is the time interval after which your new social media posts will be displayed on the wall. You can see the update time on the top right side after logging in to your account. How does […]