How to Embed Social Wall in Virtual Events

In this article, we going to learn how to embed social wall in virtual events. But if you haven’t created a social wall yet you should know how to create a social wall first.

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How to Create A Social Media Wall

To create a social wall with Taggbox

Step 1

Create an account on Taggbox events. we provide 14 days free trial to learn more how taggbox work for virtual events

Step 2

Once you login to your account the Taggbox Dashboard appears. Click on “+Create Wall” and Enter the wall name.


Pick a source from various social media platforms- for example  select Twitter


A pop-up appears. Choose one of the following from hashtag, handle, mentions, List, Favourites, advanced.

To add multiple photos and exclude the Retweets select “Add Multiple Photos and Exclude Retweets

To turn on the Moderation feature check “ manually approving posts before making them public”.

Once the feed is created you can use personalization features to change the look and feel of the social wall according to your virtual event.

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How to add Themes to your Virtual Event

You can add a real time social media wall with live streaming and virtual events.

Click on Personalize, a popup appears. Click on Themes and select from the six different Virtual event friendly themes-

  • 1- Modern Waterfall 
  • 2- Classic Waterfall 
  • 3- Polaroid 
  • 4 – Round Edge 
  • 5- Falling Columns 
  • 6- Ticker Theme

Once you have selected the theme a pop-up appears. Click on the “Apply Theme” button.

To Embed Social Wall in Virtual Events follow the steps below

Click on the Display button at the bottom left corner of the wall editor.

A popup appears. Click on “Embed in virtual Events” and adjust the height and width accordingly.

embed social wall in virtual events

Follow the given instructions to embed soical wall in virtual events and You’re Done!