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Why Taggbox Is The Most Accurate FlowBox Alternative?

Collect UGC

Collect UGC

Taggbox offers several ways to collect user-generated content (UGC):

  • By using a QR scan, link, or CTA button, you can make it simple for users to share their experiences with just a single tap.
  • The SnapUp tool enables you to collect UGC from different sources, including your website and SMS marketing.
  • We provide a user-friendly interface to make it easy for users to leave reviews effortlessly.
Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Taggbox's Asset Manager provides a streamlined dashboard to manage the collected users' visual content:

  • The UGC can be stored as it is or sorted into tag-based collections for easy organization.
  • You can create rules or use tags to categorize the UGC into multiple collections with unique titles.
  • Using Taggbox, you can effectively manage your library of visual content and access all your work from a centralized dashboard.


Taggbox is an excellent FlowBox alternative as it offers direct integrations with various platforms.

  • Taggbox's integration with MailChimp allows for personalized bulk email campaigns.
  • By leveraging the Zapier integration, workflows can be automated seamlessly.
  • Scheduling social media posts is made easy through Taggbox's integration with Hootsuite.
UGC Rights

UGC Rights

Taggbox facilitates ethical repurposing of UGC to support your marketing goals while ensuring compliance. The platform displays all approved posts conveniently in your dashboard.

  • You can send bulk right requests for UGC on various platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Taggbox enables you to customize the requests and monitor approved rights.
  • Obtain users' consent before publishing their content through Taggbox to prevent legal issues.
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Why Leading Brands Choose Taggbox as Pixlee Alternative?

Feature Taggbox FlowBox
Intuitive Interface YES NO
Multi-industry Expertise YES YES
Personalised Onboarding YES NO
Collect UGC SnapUp NO
Unlimited Embed & Display Options YES NO
Collaborator Access YES NO
In-built Asset Management YES NO
AI Tagging YES NO
Launch Marketing Campaign YES YES
Influencer & Creator Discovery YES NO
ROI Calculator YES NO
Personal UGC Expert YES YES
Social Scheduling In-Built NO
AI Recommendation & Recognition YES YES
Insightful Analytics YES NO

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Our Client Success Story

  • ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks- a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, an online music listening event, to drive audience engagement

    They aggregated and embedded real-time UGC on their website to gain support. When they featured content generated by #Sunday7Social on their website, it boosted their engagement by 46% and evoked the audience’s emotions.

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  • Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For WebsiteWarner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website

    Warner Bros's Website Featured #MMKOLLECTIVE Live Hashtag Feed

    Mortal Kombat launched Mortal Kombat 11, the latest version of the award-winning fighter series, providing a more personalized and deeper experience with all new 'Custom Character Variation' system.

    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced the relaunch of MK Kollective, a digital hub for it’s fans, creators and community members to showcase real and innovative content related to Mortal Kombat franchise.

    View Full Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to migrate from FlowBox to Taggbox?

Not at all. We will provide you a designated account manager who will help you with everything. All you need to do is book a demo, leave the rest to our experts!

Do you offer the same features as FlowBox?

Yes, apart from some additional advanced features we include all of the same features as well making Taggbox the best FlowBox Alternative.

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