How to Embed Social Wall in Swapcard Virtual Event

Entertaining virtual event visitors is a must for event organizers because people are interacting in virtual mediums. To Add social interactions among attendees, event organizers always try new ideas. The most popular social interaction tools during a virtual event are live chat and social media wall with live streaming.

Learn How To Embed Social Wall In swapcard virtual Event

To create a Social wall and embed it in Swapcard Virtual Event, follow the below-given steps.

How to Create Taggbox Social Wall

Step 1: Create a Taggbox Display account

Step 2: Create Social Wall

Step 3: Add social feed into social wall

Step 4: Moderate your social wall content

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Step 5: customize your social wall

Please read our article on customization to learn more about the taggbox personalize feature.

Embed Your Social Wall on Swapcard Virtual event Platform

To Embed your Taggbox social Wall into swapcard Follow these steps

Step 1: Click on the Display option at the bottom of the sidebar

Select Virtual Event From Options and copy the wall url to embed in Swapcard virtual event.

Follow the given instructions to embed social Wall in swapcard virtual events.

Step1: Login to your Swapcard Account

Step 2: No go to your exisitng event or create new event in Snapcard editor.

Step 3: In Editor go to Event content section and click on Add Content.

Step4: After clicking on Add content a popup will apear with diffrent content options choose Webview content

Step 5: After clicking on Webview you will see next screen to add Social wall.

Step 6: Name your Webview For Example; Your wall name or Hashtag

Step7: Insert the Wall Url which you have already get in previous steps of display social wall

Step 7: Choose Embed Iframe For Better display of social wall.

Step 8: Click on create button.

You’re done here. Your Wall will visibale to your audicne in Swapcard platform.

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