Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Case Study: UAE University Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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CASE STUDY: UAE University Integrates Taggbox Display With Its Virtual Graduation Ceremony & Social Feed On Website

Explore how the world-renowned United Arab Emirates University integrated the Taggbox Display ticker into their virtual 40th annual graduation ceremony streaming & embedded social media feed widget on the website to boost audience reach & engagement. 

With the world facing the impact of Covid-19, it has led to people & organizations finding new ways to socialize, communicate, and conduct their events.

One of the biggest impacts has been on the education industry where schools/colleges/universities have been shut until the situation improves. That has led to universities finding new ways to deliver their sessions, lectures, ceremonies, etc. 

Here we have discussed how UAE university went about their annual graduation ceremony along with help from Taggbox Display’s social media feed & social wall

United Arab Emirates University’s Virtual Graduation Ceremony

United Arab Emirates University, the oldest & popular university in UAE recently conducted its 40th annual graduation ceremony and the highlight of this ceremony was that it was conducted VIRTUALLY. 

We might wonder how can you organize such a ceremony virtually or how did the people participate or the students participated in it?

Well! they created a live stream where a host, performers, speakers, etc. were connected through live stream video. Here’s a list of events that took place in the virtual graduation ceremony. 

The Challenge and It’s Solution

Challenge is how do you reach a wider audience and more importantly, allow them to interact, engage, & experience it during the virtual event.

This is where the Taggbox Social Wall Ticker came into action.

UAEU embedded its live stream on its website and used Taggbox social wall ticker to display the live posts shared by the audience, students, and other users on Instagram & Twitter.

Firstly, they created 2 social media feeds where one was being displayed as ticker along with live streaming display, and the 2nd was embedded in the website as a social media widget on the ceremony landing page. 

They created their unique hashtags for the graduation ceremony – #UAEU_VIRTUAL_GRADUATION_CEREMONY_40 

Now, Taggbox helped them to collect & curate all the posts shared in real-time on Instagram & Twitter around these hashtags into a social media feed. 

The Benefits of Taggbox Display For UAEU’s Virtual Graduation Ceremony

The Taggbox Display was then integrated into their live video stream & website so that the audience can watch the ceremony, see what people are saying on social media, and even share their own posts using hashtags. 

Displaying the social media trends & posts around the UAEU graduation ceremony on live stream & website helped them expand the reach & awareness of their ceremony to vast audiences. 

Besides, it also helped in engaging the viewers and participants by allowing them to share their opinions, experiences, views, etc. and to explore what others are saying on social media. 

Also, the social media wall allowed the university to add a pinch of fun & excitement to their virtual ceremony. 

Overall the university saw great engagement from the viewers and social media users as hundreds of posts were shared & displayed. Along with that, it helped them generate user-generated content-driven social promotion. 

This all led to making UAEU virtual graduation ceremony a successful event with positive engagement & outcomes. 

Possibilities With Taggbox Display & Widgets

Taggbox as a UGC platform has a lot to offer for delivering digital content & social media solutions to the audiences. 

Now that the world of digital technologies & virtual solutions is expanding and it will continue to boom. So, Taggbox gives you the opportunity to make your audiences’ digital experience engaging, interactive, scalable, and integrated. 

Taggbox recently delivered quite a few social media feeds & walls for virtual graduation ceremonies globally along with other virtual events as the world has moved to digital solutions amidst pandemic. 

You can integrate Taggbox UGC & social media feeds into your virtual events & live stream easily. Here we have listed some of the possibilities:

  • Digital conferences
  • Online seminars & webinars
  • Online classes & sessions
  • Virtual events & ceremonies
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There are many more possibilities available and you can reach out to us where we will help you integrate our live social media wall ticker & feeds to your digital events.