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6 Awesome Digital Signage Content Ideas for Christmas

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This winter season is coming with Christmas vibes, and marketers across the globe are all set with their Christmas marketing techniques.

One of the main highlights of this festive & holiday season will be ‘Digital Signages’ that many brands will leverage to attract new and existing social audiences.

This blog is all about some amazingly created digital signage content ideas for Christmas that will boost engagement &, therefore, the brand’s sales.

So, let’s delve in!

What is Digital Signage & Why Choose It for Christmas Marketing Strategies?

Digital signage is software that enables brands to bring more to their digital screens with apps like notice boards, calendars, weather forecasts, news updates, etc.

Digital signage also allows brands to do offline marketing during Christmas. 

You get to enhance interactivity, increase user engagement & boost campaign results. This ultimate platform has taken brands’ advertising efforts to the next level.

How this holiday marketing strategy helps in pushing sales?

Giving marketers total control over how they want their content to be displayed- ‘Digital Signages’ has become a crucial marketing tactic not just on regular days but also during the holiday season like Christmas. 

For instance, you can create an entire month’s content and schedule it on digital signage like tempting offers & discounts on various digital signage screens.

Several brands have already started loving this tactic as it helps them increase revenue and provide their customers with a unique shopping experience.

Unlike other marketing mediums, brands consider it one of the cheaper ways to reach their target audience.

As per the statistics, 71% of people agree that public venues displaying digital signage effectively reach directly to the customers. 

Digital Signage Content Ideas to Jazz up Your Christmas Marketing Strategy

Below are some unique Digital Signage content ideas you can incorporate into your Christmas marketing.

1. Creative Social Walls on Digital Signage to Engage Audiences

Displaying social media content from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., is one of the best digital signage content ideas for Christmas marketing.

To fetch the content, you might need a social media aggregator tool such as Taggbox. These tools help in aggregating user-generated content from social media networks (via hashtags, handles, etc.) & curate these feeds into a single feed called ‘Social Media Wall’.

For example, You can create a social wall for your campaign in real-time and modify it by adding themes, backgrounds, font colors, & more, keeping in mind the festivity of Christmas. 

Christmas hashtag feeds

Not only will this social wall be able to engage a broad audience, but it will also convert your loyal customers to aspiring in-store customers of your products. 

Don’t forget to maintain the charm of Christmas with your digital signage campaigns.

Display Social Walls on Digital Signages

2. Restaurant Menu Cards on Digital Signage to Gain Customer’s Attention

Customers love creative and innovative services!

Christmas is all about fun, food & festivity, so the hospitality industries like hotels, restaurants, etc., will experience a hype in the number of customers. 

It is the best time to gain your customers’ attention by presenting the Menu Card differently.

Yes, you guessed it right & the solution is to display the menu card in the most customizable, innovative & creative manner via Digital Signage.

Restaurant Menu Cards on Digital Signage to Gain Customer's Attention

For instance, it will be a delightful experience for your customers to see the menu on the big screen showcasing all their favorite dishes & beverages. In addition, you can add an animated picture of the dish served by your cafe on the extensive menu card.

But again, don’t forget to add vibrant themes, beautiful backgrounds, images & other designing elements related to Christmas.

3. User- Reviews on Digital Signage to Build Trust

How about building social trust with the help of user reviews?

Yes, you read it right!

We all know that- ‘User- reviews can make or break a business!

They are the experience of customers related to a product or service. 

The user-reviews play a significant role in affecting customers’ purchase decisions, so displaying them on digital signage this Christmas shortens customers’ entire buying decision. It can do wonders for your offline business sales. 

User- Reviews on Digital Signage to Build Trust

There are so many review providers like Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and more that allow brands to aggregate authentic reviews, again with social media aggregator tools.

In short, use these honest customer reviews to highlight how your ex & existing customers have connected with your business the whole year. You can also display what you can offer them for the year ahead. 

4. Informative News Boards on Digital Signage

Taking advantage of Christmas, industries like hospitals can leverage digital signage to showcase their audience’s information. 

For instance, clinics, veterinary hospitals, etc., can make relevant & essential information like emergency contact numbers, opening times, personal care guidelines, and much more visible on a Big Screen.

On the other hand, marketers can also display news on digital signages on the office premises to keep the employees focused & motivated on Christmas and New Year. 

5. Highlight Christmas Offers & Discounts

Digital Signage is a perfect tool to catch your visitors’ eyes and highlight exactly what you want. That’s because digital signage has the potential to grab any passersby’s attention. How about using this as an opportunity to highlight your ongoing Christmas deals and offers?

Christmas Discount Offers & Discounts

By doing so, you will be able to encourage more visitors to make purchases with you. You can also showcase these discounts on your DOOH advertisements to attract more visitors.

6. Use Different Themes To Improve The Ambience

Add the Christmas touch to your ambience by using different themes on your digital signage. 

You can use themes like snowfall, fireplace, Christmas carols, and more to create a slideshow. It will improve the look and feel of your ambience and keep the visitors engaged with a unique experience.

Taggbox- A Perfect Tool To Display Creative Social Media Content on Digital Signage

If you want to display how famous your brand is on various social media networking sites, Taggbox is just so right.

This easy-to-use & effective tool helps collect and curate user-generated content from various social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or review platforms (like Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, etc.) into a single feed.

Be it images, videos, testimonials, or any other form of UGC; brands can display them in real-time on digital signages, devices & displays at the venue with the help of a social wall by Taggbox Display. This way, brands & businesses can make it more convenient for audiences to stay updated with the latest content.

Now take a look at all the robust features offered by Taggbox Display to display interactive, engaging & high-quality digital signage content! 

  • Ultimate Content Curation: Taggbox is a great tool that allows you to curate the most valuable user-generated content into a beautiful Social Media Wall.
  • Classic Customization: You can change the feel & look of your raw aggregated social media feeds or other forms of UGC by applying features like diverse themes, backgrounds, banners, fonts, layouts, design elements, etc.
  • Taggbox Display Studio: Attract the audience’s attention by displaying a variety of content on your social wall. Integrate apps, visuals, files, and other kinds of content together in a customized format to generate an unparalleled impact.
  • SnapUp: Now let your audience directly upload UGC from their devices without connecting to any social media platform.
  • Advanced Moderation Panel: How about filtering out all the irrelevant content from your social wall? Yes, Taggbox’s moderation panel allows you to eliminate all the unwanted or inappropriate content making the feeds look clean.
  • Real-time Updates: You can also enjoy hassle-free automatic updates that come along with the Social Walls.
  • Multiple Screens Compatibility: This tool allows brands to display unique content on various digital signage platforms like ScreenCloud, Enplug, Scala, Mvix, SignageLive, & more.
  • Insightful In-built Analytics: If you want to see how your social wall is performing, you can always monitor & evaluate its performance using the analytics feature offered by Taggbox. It displays total impressions, total click-through rates, and more.
  • Robust Customer Support: This tool also helps brands provide a seamless customer experience with their active customer support.
  • More: The list of features offered by Taggbox can go on & on with sponsored posts using the banners, ticker, full-screen announcements, etc.

Display Creative Social Media Content on Digital Signage


It’s high time when you start looking for new engaging ways to display the content on your digital signage & enjoy the increased conversions & revenues for your business.

This Christmas, spice up your campaigns with this ideal candidate for marketing, i.e., digital signage & let everyone see what you have to offer.

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