Social Media Aggregator Tools and Everything You Must Know About

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Can you remember a day when you did not use any social media platform by choice? 

You can’t !! Nor can we. 

Social media platforms are a necessity for billions of users to access, explore, & share content along with shopping activities. Similarly, for brands, it is a global marketplace where they have limitless marketing, growth, and success opportunities. 

Now, the social media footprint is expanding continuously with increasing usage and evolving features. 

So, there is an enlarging need for a holistic solution that perfectly leverages all the social media elements to gratify the users and fulfill the needs of marketers & brands simultaneously.

Here comes the role of Social Media Aggregator Tool.

What is Social Media Aggregator Tool?

A Social media aggregator is a tool that helps in discovering & curating content from social media platforms into a single feed and gives the option to display this feed across all marketing channels.

Most importantly, the Social media aggregator tool helps in curating user-generated content for your brand that you can leverage in your marketing & promotion along with building trust, increasing user engagement, uplifting brand image, and growing conversion & sales with minimum investments.

social media aggregator tool

It can curate content relating to any hashtag, profile, channel, keywords, timeline, stories, etc. from social media. 

Besides, the tool also provides options of creative customizations to the feed, moderate the content quality, add branding & promotional content, and many more. 

Social media aggregator makes it easy for marketers or event organizers to provide an immersive & exciting experience to the users through content that generates beneficial returns. 

Ways To Use A Social Media Aggregator Tool

Now that you understand the massive problem it solves, here are the key ways to leverage a social media aggregator tool for your brand or promotional activities.

Centralize all of the brand’s social content and present it together in one place in a crisp manner. As said before, this tool untangles the difficulties that you and your followers face when you visit each of the social profiles separately.

1. Embed Social Media Feeds On Website

The primary use case of social media aggregators tool is to create and embed social media feed on website to delight your visitors.

Website content & aesthetics define a visitor’s dwell time, engagement, social proof, user experience, and most importantly, conversions & sales so social media feed can deliver all these aspects through a feed. 

social aggregator tool
Social Media Feeds On Website

You can use it to create social proof and boost conversions by displaying user-generated content feeds for your brand or its products. Also, you can beautifully display new product launches, offers & promotions, etc.

2. Social Walls For Events

Social media wall for events are the same as social media feed but created especially to be displayed on digital screens of any size at any event, seminar, conference, exhibition, wedding, tradeshow, concert, parties, etc. with instant real-time updates, so boost engagements and audience participation in events.  

Social walls greatly help the marketers and event organizers to engage the audience with the event and provide a memorable experience to the audience. 

These social walls go beyond the basic notion of displaying content as they can be used to organize real-time Q&A sessions, product launch, interactive discussions, sponsorship & promotions, etc. 

Besides, you can exhibit audiences’ event experiences, their ideas, opinions, feedback, deliver entertainment through encouraging the sharing of photos & videos, or gamifying the experience by organizing in-event contests, leaderboards, rewards, giveaways, etc. 

3. Display at Venues

Social Media Digital signage is a version of displaying social walls in an offline environment through signages (digital displays) on venues and locations such as shopping centers, airports, bus & train stations, in retail stores, hotels, and many more. 

Social feed aggregator helps you create and display amazing marketing campaigns on digital signages easily with hassle-free management with real-time changes & centralized control of a massive campaign. 

It helps you engage with the audience in an offline environment, build brand awareness, display interactive & immersive campaigns, encourage audience engagement, boost brand growth, dynamic & creative content display, leverage idle time, promote offers, and boost conversions & sales. 

You have the power to display the latest news, brand campaign details, related industry news, informative details about new products launched, affiliated services, customer help desk services, etc. on Social Wall with the social media feed aggregator tool.

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4. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a huge component of the digital marketing ecosystem, and social feed aggregators will help you create & curate incredible content that you can use in your email campaigns

social network aggregator

You can send personalized social media feed to your customers through emails or send user-generated content feeds to build brand awareness, increase click-through rate, enhance engagement, and boost sales. 

Even the facts prove that email campaigns powered by trustful user-generated content increase the click-through rate by 5 times. 

5. Selling With Ecommerce

This functionality is similar to embedding on the website, but here some features are changed to benefit eCommerce brands in their revenue generation.

A social media aggregator can help you aggregate content from social media into a feed and make the aggregated posts shoppable by adding product tags to the posts and adding product details, price, and checkout link. 

social network aggregation

This way, when you embed this Shoppable feed on your eCommerce website, it will allow the users to buy the products from the feed with minimum clicks directly. 

You can even turn social media user-generated content into shoppable content, and this will boost your conversions & sales as UGC provides social proof and motivates users in their purchase. 

These shoppable UGC feeds can be added on product pages, landing pages, category pages, etc. and not just to increase sales but can also be used to display the existing customers’ reviews & experiences of the products. 

Types of Social Media Aggregators

#1 Social Media Feed Aggregation

Social media feed aggregation relates to aggregating content from any social media platform relevant to a hashtag, profile, keyword, channel, etc.

Hashtag Aggregator or Hashtag Aggregation

The social media aggregator or sometimes also known as a hashtag aggregator helps you aggregate content from any social platform relating to a particular hashtag. 

It could be your custom hashtag or a popular hashtag. The best way to use this when you have your brand or event’s unique hashtag as this helps in curating the most relevant & valuable content from one or many social media platforms. 

It focuses mainly on curating incredible user-generated content around the hashtag. 

Profile or Channel Content Aggregation

Similarly, you can specifically aggregate content from social media for a specific profile or channel. It is useful when you have an internal event or have to link social media to the website and display your social media activity.

Here you display content uploaded by your brand on social media, it doesn’t necessarily need to be user-generated content, but mainly it is branded content. You can even aggregate the hashtag & profile content to make it more interesting, exciting, and promotional. 

#2 Social Network Aggregation

Social network aggregation is where you aggregate content from a specific social network. It could be a feed relating to hashtags, channels, timelines, keywords, or all of these from that social platform. 

It is done by brands when their audience is mainly present on a specific platform or have a platform-specific campaign. 

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How To Choose The Best Social Media Aggregator Tool

Now that you have explored why you need a Social media aggregator and how you can use it to your advantage, here comes the ultimate details on features to look for while choosing the best social media aggregator for you. 

1. Available Social Networks 

Firstly, you should check all the available social media platforms from which a social media aggregator can discover and curate content. It should support the maximum possible social media platforms.

As there are billions of social media users, and they are scattered over different social platforms. Similarly, your target audience is also scattered, so support for maximum networks ensures the chances of maximum possible content curation. 

2. Customizability 

It refers to the depth of customizations and modifications that you can make to the aggregated feed to make it more visually appealing and engaging for the users. 

Customizations could include layout & font designs, themes options, color scheme, CTA buttons, feed designs, background, banners, etc. The more customizations you can make will give you a better chance to create interactive & creative campaigns. 

3. Content Moderation

It is a crucial feature as social media is a hub of content, and it has both positive and negative content. So, when you curate content, that does not mean the content will be ready to go as it is. 

You will need a powerful moderation feature that can restrict the curation of irrelevant, abusive, or competitor’s content in your social media feed. So, moderation will ensure filtered quality content best for the users. 

The availability of automated moderation is also essential as you can’t just individually filter every post from thousands of posts.

4. Rights Management

It is the age where content privacy & security are significant concerns for social media users. That is why social media platforms have also become strict with their API’s and data accessing policies. 

So, when you are aggregating users’ content from social media and using it for your brand’s benefits, it becomes vital to gain legal rights to do so. 

Therefore, a social media aggregator should provide rights management feature where the brand can get rights directly from the users to repurpose the users’ content. 

It will ensure the rightful & secure repurposing of content along with meaningful relationship-building among users and brands. 

5. Compatibility

If you choose to embed social media feed on the website or to display it on digital signages or Digital out of home advertising, then it is important to understand the compatibility. 

The social media aggregator should be compatible with major website building platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. Also, digital signages tools like Novisign, Mvix, ScreenCloud, SignageLive, Enplug, Scala, etc. 

Compatibility here also includes responsiveness of the feed to different screen sizes & devices as well. 

6. Insightful Analytics

Performance measurement is pivotal for any campaign as it helps you understand the strong points as well as the weaknesses & gaps in your campaign, and analytics are the best way to understand that. 

Having insightful analytics will ensure that you get detailed insights into how your content performed, user engagement levels, most active users, impressions, clicks, and much more. 

UGC Tools like Taggbox even provide sentiment analysis to help you better understand the sentiments and emotions of the users towards your campaign. 

Taggbox – Best Social Media Aggregator & UGC Platform

After getting the guide about social media aggregators, here we present the best social media aggregator & UGC platform that can help you build trust, increase user engagement, and grow sales with solutions to discover curate, and amazingly display user-generated content across all marketing channels. 

ugc platform

The reason why Taggbox is the best is as it provides all the necessary features with utmost quality, and it comes with a dashboard designed to provide a superlative & hassle-free user experience. 

All these features, along with a vast range of plans and different pricing range to allow the users to choose the best & most suitable plans for themselves and remove the hassle of paying an extra cost for unwanted features. 


This was the holistic guide to help you understand social media aggregators, how they can help you gain benefits, ways to leverage them, how to choose the best one, and how Taggbox as a social media aggregator, provides the best solutions. 

So, choose the best social media aggregator to unlock the power of your earned media, i.e., UGC and owned media, i.e., branded content to uplift brand growth & explore revenue generation opportunities. 

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