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Top 7 Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas With User-generated Content

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Time passes by quickly. Christmas is just around the corner. The festive spirit of Christmas is all about the fancy decorations, exciting festive discounts being run by brands, product promotions, Christmas special products and services, Christmas campaigns on social media, Twitter and Facebook contests for customers and a whole lot more.

We are already grooving to the Christmas jingles!

As a brand, you must be prepping for Christmas to get your customers in the mood for the upcoming festive season. Seems like, you want to tap the Christmas energy of your audience and leverage your festive sales, don’t you?
Common consumers gear up for the exciting festive discounts and limited period offers. Also, the new products launched by brands during Christmas.

There are numerous Christmas campaigns and promotions we see every day on social media.These cleverly designed social media marketing ideas for Christmas attract us to celebrate the festival more lavishly.

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And we all save up for the festive season shopping, right?

If you have not already designed your social media marketing plans for Christmas and are on a hunt for some easy to acquire ideas for your brand, follow our guide for festive social media strategies.

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Christmas

1. Make Your Social Media Profile Attractive

The physical appearance of your product or website entices the customers. To show the festive spirit, you should enhance your social media profile too.

Update your brand’s profile and cover photos with festive-inspired text and visuals. It will gain the attention of customers, and you can also highlight special Christmas offers on your cover photo.

Christmas Social Profile updates

Create a customized image for your brand as it will be more effective than the usual images. For example, if you are a pastry chef then your cover page should be customized muffins and cakes for Christmas. The cover page will highlight the festive spirit and will attract customers to your brand.

You can also share posts in red and green color as it represents the spirit of Christmas and posts personalize images of a winter wonderland with attractive content.

2. Be A Santa – Make a Wish Come True!

Christmas is all about secret Santa gifting. Isn’t it? This year choose to be a Santa Claus to your customers and make their wishes come true. The idea is simple, brands should indulge in organizing exciting giveaways and prizes for their customers by encouraging them to participate in competitions.

Be a santa

The idea of a giveaway and freebies coming from a brand delights every individual. And what’s better than a free prize for Christmas? Freebie announcements generate high brand-user engagement, likes, and shares and boost the customer base and follower count of the brand on social media channels.

If a brand aimsIf a brand aims to increase its follower base on Instagram particularly, then it can aim to conduct the giveaway on Instagram as a social platform.

Engaging posts can be shared as a social media strategy that contains detailed information about the contest/campaign and how to participate and enter. Bring some festive sparkle and design giveaways as your social media strategy.

3. Post Engaging Stories on Social Media

Posting stories on Instagram and Facebook is an ultimate marketing strategy to promote your brand among customers. You can post behind the scenes to engage your customers virtually. Encourage your team to post Christmas preparation posts on social media with your unique hashtag.

Instagram Story

Try to post a variety of content or stories on social media platforms as it boosts audience engagement and keeps their interest level high. Make sure your content is ready before the festive season begins.

You can also start running a poll on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by asking a variety of questions to your followers and reveal the answer for the poll in a different post.

4. Design A Merry Christmas Offer

Design a Merry Christmas offer

Festivals are a season of greater purchasing spirit by people in general. People save up and also get into the mood of gifting during the festive time. Tap this energy, and as your next social media marketing plan create discounts and offers that can go like this-

Buy one get one free

Flat 25% across the website

Flat 25% off on Christmas items

Limited period discount

25% off on hotel booking during Christmas week

Festive holiday discounts work as great offers and attract people to buy more. Design visually attractive and creative graphics, GIFs, etc. to communicate with your customers both online and offline. Choose a Christmas color theme and coordinate your font styling using those colors to create a festive effect on the customer’s mind.

5. Design Creative Blogs & Articles

If you’re a brand that has a successful online presence, then this one’s your catch. It’s guaranteed that people love reading blogs on festive ideas, festive décor, festive shopping ideas, gifts for friends and family during Christmas, and other such related subjects. However clichéd these subjects may be, there are always avid readers for these and also there are those people who need expert help from successful brands with ideas and easy tricks during Christmas time. Here, a brand must help, right?

DIY Christmas Decorations Idea

Design posts that explain house decor during Christmas, gift wrapping techniques like how to select gifts for family members, and posts that talk about Christmas cake ideas, etc. Design a printable guide and create Infographics to let your posts stand out on the web and gain views.

Such informative posts must be shared on social media platforms where the brand has an active presence.

6. Create a Hashtag Campaign and Use Content Aggregators

Create a Social Media hashtag campaign for your business and promote your hashtag campaign on all social media platforms. Also, share your hashtag with your customers and inspire them to use your brand hashtag with their posts, when they will share anything related to your brand and the product like pictures with your product or writing reviews, etc.

The task is not completed here.!!!

social media aggregator tool

Search a good social media aggregator tool to collect and aggregate all those hashtag integrated user-generated content or posts of Social Media. Aggregate and embedded those feeds on your Website and show them to your online users. It will help you to increase user engagement on your website.

Christmas hashtag feeds

You can also set up a Social Wall for your store during Christmas. On that social media wall, you can display your all user-generated social media live feeds, reviews, offers, discount, and lucky draws to your customers. To create a social wall you can try Taggbox. Taggbox is a Social Media Aggregator tool, which collects live social media feeds and display on any place.

Boost your Christmas campaign

Create your own Christmas social Wall

7. Specific Area-Based Targeting

The most effective and unique social media marketing is to target specific area-based offers. You can send an alert text or special offers within a specific geographic location. But remember; don’t choose a broad location for your business. Since you’ll target location-based offers, make sure the offers provided are current and don’t use these offers to brand your upcoming events. This is the best digital marketing tip for the ones who have their app.

How To Leverage User-Generated Content For Festive Season/Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is a great but challenging time for marketers where they have to push their creative thresholds to attract and engage users as much as possible to help them increase their conversions & sales. 

User-generated content gets shared immensely during the festive season as users are excited about holidays and share their shopping activities, travel images & videos, experiences, and much more. 

To brands’ advantage, so much of the UGC on social media revolves or concerns the brands. So, leveraging it for marketing is an excellent alternative to drive successful Christmas social media campaigns with users’ help.

Why Use User-generated Content?

During this festive and holiday season, brands are looking to make a tremendous amount of revenue. To achieve this objective, they overwhelm the users with tons of promotional content that is of no value and can’t be trusted fully. 

People need other people to guide them about their shopping activities as peer recommendations are trustworthy, authentic, and reliable. Even 9 out of 10 people tend to trust peer recommendations while making a purchase. 

User-generated content plays an important role here as it delivers that much-needed social proof to the marketing efforts of the brands. Having UGC as a part of a marketing campaign makes it more trustful & authentic for users that helps in driving conversions & increased revenue. 

How To Drive A Successful Hashtag Campaign With UGC

1. Build Trust & Authenticity

The first key advantage is that user-generated content is an experience-driven form of content that makes it trustworthy and reliable for the users. 

So, your promotional hashtag campaign gets the validation of the users making it more real and reliable. It enhances the effectiveness and influence of the campaign over the users. 

2. Tap Into Consumer Sentiments

Emotional campaigns fall like rain during this festive season as everyone is quite sentimental around this time of the year with the happiness to meet their families, friends, relatives, etc. 

So, having an emotional campaign taps into consumer sentiments. It is a psychologically proven fact that sentiments drive a person’s lifestyle behavior like shopping, communications, etc. 

User-generated content is the best form of content that can tap into consumer sentiments due to the humanized element it contains. It generates a feeling of empathy among the viewers. 

3. Increase Engagement & Conversions

Finally, engagement and conversions are two objectives that are primary for any marketing campaign during this festive season. Engagement drives conversions, and to gain user engagement the campaign needs to have elements like entertainment, social proof, and value for the users. 

You can deliver exceptional value by encouraging users to share more content through participation in contests, giveaways, offers, and other gamification strategies. 

It will drive both engagement and conversions, respectively, once the consumers get involved in such brand campaigns. It will increase your revenue leading to maximum returns with minimum investments. 

A Valuable UGC Hashtag Campaign for this Festive Season with Taggbox

Taggbox delivers an all-in-one solution to create attractive, engaging, and creative hashtag campaigns powered by the all-powerful social media user-generated content. Taggbox, as a social media aggregator, discovers, collects, customizes, and displays content from different social platforms into a single social UGC feed. 

For your hashtag campaign, you can create your custom hashtag to encourage users to share using that hashtag. Taggbox can then curate the content relating to that hashtag from different social media platforms. This hashtag feed can then be customized with amazing themes and display options. 
The best part is that with all the fantastic user-generated content, you also have the option to add your own branded custom content to your campaign. Besides, you get instant updates that keep your campaign’s content fresh and unique.

Leverage Your Christmas Hashtag Campaign


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