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Top 9 Social Media Christmas Marketing Ideas in 2024

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Time passes by quickly. Christmas is just around the corner. The festive spirit of Christmas is all about the fancy decorations, meaningful gifts, exciting festive discounts being run by brands, product promotions, unique products and services, Christmas campaigns on social media, Twitter and Facebook contests for customers, and a lot more.

As a brand, you must be prepping for Christmas to get your customers in the mood for the upcoming festive season. Top Christmas marketing ideas can help you achieve the primary objectives of your business. 

Increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and high conversion rates are prime targets of every brand, and achieving them becomes much more accessible by implementing top-notch marketing ideas. 

If you still need to design your social media marketing plans for Christmas and are on the hunt for some easy-to-acquire ideas for your brand, follow our festive social media strategies guide.

Top 9 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Businesses

1. Make Your Social Media Profile Attractive

Social media optimization hooks your customers like nothing else. Upgrading your social media profile will help you tap into the festive spirit of Christmas.

Update your brand’s profile and cover photos with festive-inspired text and Christmas visuals. To make this process easier, you can edit your photos conveniently online. This would hook the customers’ attention. To go further, you can highlight special Christmas offers on your cover photo.

christmas social media post ideas

Create a customized image for your brand, as it will be more effective than the usual images. For example, if you are a pastry chef, your cover page should be customized muffins and cakes for Christmas. This would boost your marketing efforts by pulling in customers.

You can also share posts in red and green color as it represents the spirit of Christmas and posts personalized images of a winter wonderland with engaging content.

2. Run a Hashtag Campaign & Incentivize Creators

Running a hashtag campaign will work wonders for your Christmas season marketing. Some steps in this process start with finding an appropriate hashtag representing your brand.

After that, you can promote your hashtag on multiple social media platforms by using it in your social media bios, stories, and posts. You can also collaborate with a social media influencer by incentivizing them to mention your hashtag in their content.

christmas campaign ideas for social media

However, one of the most important methods to promote your hashtag campaign remains to organize a contest. Organizing a contest with prizes for winners and incentives for creators engages the audience significantly. 

When people are aware of getting rewarded for their content creation, they will create quality content, and that too in large volume. Another way to boost engagement would be to tap into Threads to get Threads followers who will not only post content but also help you share it

3. Repurpose User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the backbone of every marketing campaign as it oozes authentic content. It is created by people on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc., around a particular brand or business. User-generated content can be photos, texts, or videos in the form of social media posts, testimonials, blogs, and articles.

christmas content ideas

This user-generated content can be repurposed across multiple marketing channels such as websites, digital screens, social ads, reposting, e-commerce stores, email campaigns, etc.

User-generated content plays an important role here as it delivers that much-needed social proof to the marketing efforts of the brands. Having UGC as a part of a marketing campaign makes it more trustful & authentic for users which helps in driving conversions & increased revenue.

Repurpose user-generated content easily & effectively in your marketing strategy.

4. Post Engaging Stories & Reels on Social Media

Posting stories on Facebook and stories & reels on Instagram is the ultimate marketing strategy to promote your brand among customers. 

You can post behind the scenes to engage your customers virtually. Encourage your team to post Christmas preparation posts on social media with your unique hashtag. This will give a boost to your social media presence if you are looking to build your brand on social media.

christmas reel ideas

Try to post various content through stories and reels on social media platforms, as it boosts audience engagement and keeps their interest level high.

Instagram reels in recent times have turned out to be great crowd-puller, given how aesthetically engaging it is.

You can also start running a poll on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by asking your followers a variety of questions and revealing the survey’s answer in a different post. Make sure your content is ready before the festive season begins.

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5. Create A Merry Christmas Sale Offer

christmas social media campaign ideas

Festivals are a season of more excellent purchasing spirit by people in general. People save up and get into the mood of gifting during the festive season. Tap this energy, and as your next social media marketing plan, create discounts and offers that can go like this –

Buy one get one free

Flat 25% across the website

Flat 25% off on Christmas items

Limited period discount

25% off on hotel booking during Christmas week

Festive holiday discounts work as great offers and attract people to buy more. Design visually attractive and creative graphics, GIFs, etc., to communicate with your customers online and offline. Choose a Christmas color theme and coordinate your font styling using those colors to create a positive effect on the customer’s mind.

6. Publish Engaging Blogs & Articles

If you’re a brand that has a successful online presence, then this one’s your catch. It’s guaranteed that people love reading blogs on festive ideas, festive décor, festive shopping ideas, gifts for friends and family during Christmas, and other such related subjects.

christmas ideas social media

However clichéd these subjects may be, there are always avid readers for these and those who need expert help from successful brands with ideas and easy tricks during Christmas time. So here, a brand must help.

Design posts that explain house decor during Christmas, gift-wrapping techniques like how to select gifts for family members, and centers that talk about Christmas cake ideas, etc. 

Design a printable guide and create Infographics to let your posts stand out on the web and gain views.

Such informative posts must be shared on social media platforms where the brand has an active presence.

7. Set Up Your Ad Campaigns

Setting up social media Ad campaigns can give a serious lift to your marketing efforts if executed wisely. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular online marketing strategy. Marketers use PPC to compete for placement in social media sponsored links for some particular keywords.

social media christmas campaigns

One of the advantages of using PPC as an online marketing strategy is that your ads can send relevant, qualified traffic to your website as soon as they are clicked to go live.

8. Target Audience with Location-Based Marketing

Targeting specific area-based offers is the most effective and unique social media marketing strategy. For example, you can send an alert text or special offers within one particular geographic location. But remember that you should choose a variety of locations for your business. 

Because you’ll be targeting location-based offers, make sure the offers are current and don’t use them for branding your upcoming events.

Location-based marketing is effective throughout the customer lifecycle, from discovery and purchase to engagement and retention. When used correctly, location-based marketing enables marketers to target specific customer segments with targeted offers while improving the customer experience for a population that increasingly values instant gratification.

Location-based marketing, for example, may notify a prospect that a product they have been considering is in stock at a nearby store, allowing them to pick it up immediately.

9. Be A Santa – Make a Wish Come True!

Christmas is all about secret Santa gifting. Isn’t it? This year choose to be a Santa Claus to your customers and make their wishes come true. The idea is simple; brands should organize exciting giveaways and prizes for their customers by encouraging them to participate in competitions.

christmas themed social media posts

The idea of a giveaway and freebies from a brand delights everyone. And what’s better than a free prize for Christmas? Freebie announcements generate high brand-user engagement, likes, and shares and boost the brand’s customer base and follower count on social media channels.

If a brand mainly aims to increase its follower base on Instagram, it can seek to conduct the giveaway on Instagram as a social platform.

christmas social media contest

Engaging posts can be shared as a social media strategy that contains detailed information about the contest/campaign and how to participate and enter. Bring some festive sparkle and design giveaways as your social media strategy.

Step 1. Understand your audience

Understand the audience that you want to reach and cater for your content. Having a clear head around this is necessary as you want to save time and capital on people who can relate to your brand or business.

To decide what social media campaign to launch, ensure you understand where your target demographic is and what kind of content they enjoy interacting with.

Understanding your target market’s online behavior patterns will help you create a campaign they can relate to and are interested in.

Step 2. Define your campaign goals

Your marketing strategy objectives should be consistent with your business objectives. 

To stay on track, if one of your business goals is to have 300 people attend your annual conference in three months, your goal as a marketer should be to increase online registration by a significant percentage by Christmas.

Other marketing objectives could include increasing brand awareness or generating high-quality leads. You can also expand or maintain thought leadership in your industry and increase customer value.

Identify your goals and how your marketing organization can work to achieve them over Christmas.

Step 3. Choose an ideal social media platform

A social media campaign combines your marketing efforts with one or more platforms to help you achieve your business objectives.

Here’s how you can choose Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok as your preferred social media platform. The key is to understand your target audience based on your business segment.

If your company is B2B, LinkedIn may be your preferred platform; however, if you are B2C or D2C, consider executing your social media campaign on other platforms instead.

Whether you go the organic route or use paid ads, you can increase the value of your brand and encourage more active participation from your users.

Step 4. Create your contest & make participation easy

Create your contest to boost people’s engagement since people love to participate when a reward is attached to it.

Create a contest that would help you generate a large amount of user-generated content and other significant benefits of brand awareness, word-of-mouth marketing, enhanced social proof, and much more.

Ensure that participation in your contest is easy because if you complicate things in this area, you risk losing potential customers.

If you want to increase customer engagement, one way to do so is to put them at the center of the campaign. It is critical to generate a positive sentiment, spark conversation, and build a community around the contest.

Reshare their social content on social media and interact with those who show your brand support.

Step 5. Publish user-generated content on different use cases

As we shared above, organizing a social media marketing campaign helps you generate a large amount of user-generated content. Furthermore, this user-generated content can be repurposed across multiple marketing channels.

UGC social media campaigns
Approximately 86% of companies have incorporated user-generated content in their social media marketing campaigns as it is effective content that helps build trust & authenticity of your brand and/or business.

• Websites – You can embed your social media campaign stream on your brand website to increase the effectiveness of your website and make it visible to your online audience. Make your website visitors’ surfing experience memorable by embedding a real-time social media feed.

• Emailers – You can incorporate your holiday campaign feed into your emailers to help create more powerful marketing campaigns for your brand. Your holiday campaign offer & deals will increase open email rates, decrease cart abandonment, and increase reach.

• Social Ads – Make your social media ads more profitable and motivating for your target demographic by using an exciting holiday campaign feed. Create various ads, including a holiday deal, to maximize the number of clicks and conversions in your CTA (Call-to-action).

• Digital Screens – To provide your viewers with an unforgettable display experience, run your live social media campaign media on digital screens throughout your area or at events. Successfully pique your audience’s interest and persuade them to participate in your holiday campaign.

• E-Commerce Stores – Add social campaign feeds to your e-Commerce stores to give them a facelift. Because social media campaigns give your customers insight into how they like your product, it would tap into their interests and entice them to try it.

Bonus: Measure your UGC Holiday Campaign Performance with Taggbox

Analyzing the performance of your campaign is an essential additional strategy to keep in mind. Analytics will give you a thorough understanding of your campaign.

Social media engagement on Christmas

Taggbox will notify you of your engagement levels, the number of people who shared the posts, and various other critical metrics. A few key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider when measuring the ROI of your social media holiday campaign are listed below:

Posts – The total number of posts created around your holiday campaign.
Impressions – The total number of times your news feed has been viewed.
Engagement – The total number of likes, clicks, and comments your social media posts receive.
Reach – The total number of feeds reached by your social media posts.
Users – The total number of users who included your brand name in their content.

What makes a Christmas Marketing Campaign Successful?

A social media Christmas marketing campaign can be successful by achieving your company’s goals and objectives.

Since we have arranged an ideal plan for you through this content, your set of business targets can be accomplished with much ease.

The company’s goals include festive spirit, enhanced sales & revenues, increased audience engagement, social buzz, word-of-mouth marketing, and much more.

Now is the time to start thinking about holiday marketing strategies for your business. The holidays are an excellent time to raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and work on business expansion.

So, get out there with your innovative marketing ideas and watch your company grow!

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