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Church Digital Signage. Here’s Why you Need it

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Setting up a church digital signage might not come directly to mind when brainstorming about ideas that congregations can take up in their efforts to modernize the way they communicate, engage the spiritual circle, curtail their overhead expenditure, and amplify the experience of their visitors. 

However by leveraging this technology, churches, irrespective of their type or years of establishment, can gather easy attention from existing and new members, more reach, and greater impact without having to go rounds of aggressive marketing. 

Setting up a digital screen in place of church bulletin boards, screens, backdrops, will help in spreading information easily and foster a strong, well-connected community. 

In fact, 7 out of 10 practicing Christian Millennials read scriptures on screens. Here, using a digital signage solution can help in enhancing engagement during sermons. 

But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg! To know more about its effectiveness, make your way to the end of this blog. 

Church Digital Signage: An Overview

Churches can spend up to $6,500 annually in photocopying, and printing costs, which can be curtailed down by 76% by installing digital signage for the church. 

Digital signage is a potential strategy to bridge the communication gap, gather engagement and attract viewers. Installing them at the place of worship can make the experience of any viewer better. 

All industries are indeed benefiting from an effective digital signage strategy, but employing it in places of worship can move the needle. Because the messages shared there are of substance and moves people. That is why they must reach people on an individual level. 

Through church digital signage, congregations can display suitable content and make more people want to join the community. It can also enhance the level of communal service, reduce operational costs and be efficient in message delivery.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Consider A Church Digital Signage

Many congregations want to digitize their church. But are skeptical to count on it as an effective strategy that would help them generate an ROI. 

So, if you have been wondering how it can help you create an impact, below are some crucial points to consider. 

#1 Attract New Visitors 

Churches that struggle to attract the crowd, using digital screens can be their best bet. According to research, 70% of adults between 18-22 years of age stop visiting the church. 

This is where employing digital signage for the Church can prove to be instrumental as anything digitized attracts this audience. Moreover, when anyone makes their first visit to the church, setting a great first impression, maybe by showcasing a  welcome message, can be a deal maker. 

Attract New Visitors

Digital signage for Church is a powerful tool for communication. It can effortlessly lure the attention of the visitors and keeps them hooked. Share the valuable messages that the church wants to convey through digital signage. 

Stats show that 4 out of 5 worship houses are perpetually installing modern technologies to attract and engage a wider community. 

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#2 Enhances The Worship Experience

The digital signage for Church makes immersive experiences possible. Undertaking activities like reading, meditating can be accentuated with audio and visual elements. 

In fact, it will be interesting to note that 52.9% of religious organizations use some of the other kinds of digital displays to deliver sermons

Enhances The Worship Experience

It helps in giving the visitors a fair insight into what to expect from the sessions to be held. These systems work well for giving out live sessions that are further well perceived by audiences of all demographics. Moreover, the places of worship also cater to being the place where people come to gain knowledge. Installing digital signage screens can powerfully enable the congregations to achieve it. 

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#3 Better Engagement Of The Community

Church digital signage is a great tactic to foster a sense of community amongst people. They feel optimistic about being a part of the church and would be motivated to take part in its activities. 

The house of worship can easily imbibe a sense of involvement. By displaying visuals of events, important members, priests, support staff, birthday greetings, and other important announcements. 

Members would spend time checking out what is displayed and would greatly appreciate it. Will take interest in volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, spiritual information and information of similar kinds. 

#4 Enhanced Technological ROI 

Installing digital signage in churches can help in saving time and resources. As it puts out all the hard copy communications be it; bulletin boards, special announcements, memos, etc. Further, it helps people in remembering the proceedings of the church better. 

The efforts needed to keep people informed about the church are saved. Like worship times, upcoming church events, and the values that are supported by the church. As the digital screen can easily answer the questions that people seek in real-time. 

Additionally, expansion is the goal of many congregations that can be conveniently achieved. By creatively displaying the content and with the help of smart technology that can potentially engage the visitors.

The fact that people are becoming tech-savvy is undeniable, they are highly unlikely to read information printed on papers. Therefore, to grow memberships, have consistent contributions, raise better funds; the role of a digital screen is pressing. 

#5 Congregation Communication 

By leveraging digital signage in Church you can modernize the way you communicate with members. Can also build a stronger community and unify your house of worship. 

Digital screens can be effortlessly used to show a variety of information. It can deliver an impactful experience and make them want to come back to the church. Lead congregants through hymns, sermons by showcasing compelling visuals, greet them to make a lasting impression, display QR codes to inspire contributions. Can also keep them informed about the latest church policies. 

Moreover, to further enhance your efforts in ensuring hassle-free communication, you can use Taggbox Display Studio to your advantage. 

It is a new in-app addition to Taggbox Display, which lets you add more to your display by mixing other content seamlessly. Integrate other infotainment apps alongside displaying the content of your choice. Like the Weather, Timer, Maps, Calendar, Clock, amongst other applications, a variety of media, YouTube, etc. 

This not only increases the appeal of your social wall but also makes it all the more informative. 

Here Are Six Great Use Cases Of Church Digital Signage

The confusion around what content will be the best to display on Church digital signage displays is not of much astonishment. In fact, this is where doubts relating to its installation peep into the minds of the congregations. 

But, we got you. Keep reading to find out the plethora of content that you can boast on the digital screen. 

#1 Display Social Wall 

Displaying a social wall is the best practice to lure the attention of your viewers. And to keep them engaged on the screen. It can optimally display the social standing that the place of worship holds via the content generated by the visitors. 

46.1% of the churches state that social media’s use has been the most effective way to increase their reach. Integrating content from social platforms can spread the message better.

Display Social Wall

Taggbox Display being the best social wall platform helps you in showcasing the most appropriate content in real-time. 

It fetches content generated through the exclusively curated hashtag of the church, the social media handle, and posts mentioning you from 15+ channels. This content is then moderated and customized using the variety of customization options. Display only relevant content in a fascinating format. 

The social wall can be integrated with the Taggbox Studio to further enhance its look and engagement. 

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#2 Church Calendar 

Usually, a lot of activities are undertaken by churches. Events, groups, and classes are hosted every week, the information of which needs to be put out at large. 

Church Calendar

Instead of having volunteers and doing the paperwork, you can display the calendar of the church on the digital signage display. This will give brainstorming about ideas for what to expect from the upcoming days. Alternatively, this can be posted online to keep everyone on the same page. 

#3 Enhance The Audience Engagement To Your Church Events

Churches keep hosting various events and festivals for the community like any congregation, weddings, Sunday service, fundraising events, prayer meetings, and festival celebrations. To take your events to the next level, why not leverage digital signage and make them a crucial part? 

It can act as a great strategy to increase audience engagement at your church. You can display dynamic content on digital signage, like religious videos, share the event timetable, display event pictures; the list is endless. 

#4 Facilitate Mass Learning 

One of the most important things that the place of worship relentlessly caters to is educating people about the religion and fostering spirituality in them. Here, using digital signage for the church can be the best bet. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 practicing Christian Millennials read the scripture on screens.

Mass Learning

It eases out the process of learning as it can deliver lessons to the public at large without any trouble and also makes it easy for the visitors to explore new horizons of spirituality. This helps in connecting people better and they would look up to the congregation for more. 

#5 Share The Essence Of The Season 

The holidays are a bustling time of the year that brings people together. By digital signage, you can  welcome people and inform them about the schedule of the church. It will attract them and make them want to attend the planned activities. 

Share The Essence Of The Season

Display alluring graphics designed around the season or share pictures of the events held. Church Digital signage is the perfect way to create a warm environment and cater to the fuzzy feelings that come along with the holiday season.

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#6 Recognize Important People

It is rather important to recognize people who contribute and serve the church. Through digital screens, you can effectively appreciate members and volunteers that play a role in the well-being of the church. 

Recognize Important People

Display their names and make them feel appreciated and valued. Other than this, you can also thank your employees, donors, volunteers, community spokesperson, etc., to motivate them to further contribute to the activities of community welfare. 

#7 Increase The Charm Of Sunday Service

Most people visit the church on Sundays. The Sunday Service immerses the worshippers completely in the aura and activities undertaken. People visit the church with a relaxed mindset to appreciate the tranquility and calmness that they get. 

 Charm Of Sunday Service

Setting up a digital screen can facilitate an enhanced engagement by well-providing for the plethora of activities undertaken. 

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Over To You

Church digital signage might come across as a relatively new term, but it has proved to have been promising and result-oriented for the congregations.

Paper flyers might serve the purpose sufficiently but are going by the wayside as digital screens are gaining the spotlight. 

It is now time that you replace the church backdrops and rest antiquated methods with church digital signage that can be installed anywhere with utmost ease. Moreover, the above-mentioned use cases are just the tip of the iceberg, to know more reach out to us!

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