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User-Generated Reviews: Why It Is Important For Your Business

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Do you know that User-Generated reviews are the most influential & directly related element to your brand conversions & image? 

Want to know how? And why must your brand leverage these reviews? 

We have explained everything about User-generated reviews and how you can use it to your brand’s advantage. 

Before getting started, you should know an important fact about user reviews, “9 out of 10 users incorporate reviews as a deciding factor while making a purchase decision.” 

User-Generated Reviews – The Real Meaning

In the purest form, user reviews are the written or visual form of authentic experiences from real customers with a brand that they have shared publicly. 

These reviews show what existing customers feel about a brand or its products & services. 

Technically, User reviews or customer-generated reviews are the results of evaluations, comparison, and analysis made by the users or customers about a business entity with which they have had an experience. 

It shows the value for money, customer satisfaction level, brand quality, product/service quality, customer experience, etc. that a brand delivers to its customers.

Why Potential Customers Love User Reviews?

Given these aspects, these customer reviews are known as the most authentic, reliable, and trustworthy information about a brand/business and its offerings to customers. 

Therefore, potential customers rely heavily on making their purchase decisions based on these customer reviews, so to know they are creating value for money and informed decision that they won’t regret later.

To validate our statement, here are some facts:

“The purchase likelihood of a product with five user reviews is 270% higher than that of zero reviews” – Spiegel Research

Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business

The primary reason why users leave reviews is to inform others about the brand & their experience

So, user reviews are an essential part of the consumer’s buying journey as consumers see it as an authentic source of information rather than brand promotions. 

User-Generated Reviews Benefits You Must Leverage

1. Reviews Build Trust For Your Business

Starting with the most direct benefit, user reviews help build brand trust and social proof as they show realistic information about the brand and its products to the customers. 

Around 90% of people trust peer or customer recommendations when they are making an online purchase. Brand Trust is the primary factor that guides users towards conversion. 

2. Showcase Authenticity & Credibility To Audience

Authenticity and credibility are equally important for the consumers as trust. So, it is essential to have elements that can help your showcase brand’s authenticity & credibility. 

Reviews are a perfect way to achieve that as real customers are talking about their actual experiences with your brand. So, having positive reviews will significantly help in achieving crucial credibility.

3. Organic Promotion Through WOM

Along with trustworthiness & credibility, what else do you achieve as a brand? It is an organic promotion which is rare to find in this modern age and has a great impact. 

Organic promotion is highly influential and powerful as people trust more, and the engagement is comparatively higher. So, user reviews will work as organic word-of-mouth marketing for your brand, that too, with no investments. 

4. Attract Users’ Networks To Your Brand

Customers are quite vocal about what brands they use or what products they buy or how they like a brand or its products. And customers share these reviews with their friends. 

As the customers will share positive reviews with their friends, family, network, etc., it will help you attract new leads and potential customers to your brand without any effort. 

5. Highlight Positive Customer Experiences 

Why invest massive budgets in marketing campaigns and content creation when you can get better results with lesser investments and content curation. 

Starbucks promoting UGC on social media

You can curate the positive customer reviews about your brand and use it as the marketing content to display it across your brand channels. It will help in brand promotion through powerful brand advocacy. 

6. Increase Your Brand Conversions & Revenue

Coming to the most sought after and valuable benefit for brands, increasing conversions, and revenue. Reviews are a form of content that has a direct impact on the conversions of a brand. 


As we discussed earlier, users look actively for reviews before making any purchase or reviews influence where they invest, or reviews help them understand the brand image, and much more. 

So, reviews help potential customers make favorable decisions, leading to more conversions and better customer acquisitions. 

7. Empower Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is a major tactic in attracting and engaging potential customers. So, it is essential to have the most informative, authentic, and relevant information for your content marketing. 

Reviews can be the perfect content for your marketing as real customers share these with highly relevant content that is valuable to potential customers. 

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How To Avail These Benefits – The Perfect Solution

Taggbox, as a UGC platform, offers you the solution to collect, curate, and publish user reviews across different marketing channels to leverage the aforementioned benefits. 

You can curate reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb, etc. You can even create a campaign around reviews along with social media content integration and much more. 

Also, you get analytics to measure the performance of how users are interacting with your UGC reviews campaigns. 

Below we have mentioned where you can use the Taggbox solutions for user-generated reviews and avail all the benefits. 

Where You Can Display User-Generated Reviews With Taggbox

1. Embed In Website

With the Taggbox widget, you can use the reviews widget to create and embed user-generated reviews feeds on your website.

It will help in boosting engagement, increasing dwell time, building social proof, and driving conversions. 

2. Display On Digital Screens

You can leverage the Taggbox events solutions to curate and display powerful reviews at your events, exhibitions, shows, seminars, etc. to highlight brand images & customer experiences.

Display reviews on digital screen

You can also display customer reviews in offline digital advertising through Taggbox signage to build brand awareness, improve brand image, attract users, and build proactive engagement. 

3. Leverage On Ecommerce Or Online Stores

Reviews are extremely important for eCommerce brands or brands that operate through online stores as these help in driving conversions. 

Using the Taggbox commerce solutions, you can create shoppable UGC galleries or Shoppable walls and include positive reviews along with that. 

Having this on an online store will help you bring the point of inspiration and point of sale together, leading to more brand trust, engagement, and better eCommerce conversion rate. 


User-generated content reviews have seen a considerable rise in their popularity due to the value and benefits they offer to both the users and the brands. 

Thus, this blog aimed to help you understand the user-generated reviews comprehensively and how you can leverage them to drive your brand conversions and growth. 

So, get started now with your User-Generated Reviews strategy with Taggbox. 

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