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[Product Update]Taggbox Widget’s All-new Feature: On-site UGC Uploads

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Users’ participation in creating content has existed ever since the content itself. Users have always wanted to chime in – from the Oxford dictionary, which was compiled from slips of papers, after decades of crowdsourcing, to writing letters to the editors and fan fiction. Users look forward to contributing to platforms they feel familiar with. 

With internet forums and message boards, the inclusion of comments sections on blogs, and the facility to publish content for free at one click, UGC is at a historic high.

Advancements to make content generated by the users on social networks available for marketing purposes of brands have been revolutionary. But, with users widely boasting dynamism in presence, something offbeat was needed. 

On-site UGC Uploads are just that. 

Taggbox Widget, the most-promising social media aggregator-UGC platform, strives to maximize the users’ experience by providing an omnichannel integrated content marketing solution. It has now made ‘On-site UGC Uploads’ available for its users. Thus, enabling them to have the audience’s attention, engagement, and participation in social and digital ways. 

Find out what it is and why you need it at all for your brand.

What are On-site UGC Uploads, Reviews & Ratings?

On-site UGC uploads feature by Taggbox Widget allows users of a brand to directly share/upload their visuals featuring products/services, reviews, and ratings about the brand instantly through the website. 

On-site UGC Uploads-An Overview:

The on-site UGC upload is a customization option allowing users to upload upto 3 images at once, write reviews, and provide a rating along with those images. 

This feature is a part of your social media widget. So, when you publish the widget on any marketing touchpoint, the UGC upload option shows along with your widget as a button. 

Well, before you mistake it just for a button, there’s more in store! Keep reading. 

  • You can customize the ‘UGC Uploads’ button as per your requirement.
  • You can add title and description in the section to encourage users’ content creation
  • Add terms and conditions URL to let the users know the criteria to suffice while uploading their pictures. 

What Are The Benefits Of On-site UGC Uploads To Your Website?

UGC is helping brands cut through the clutter and make an impact that helps brands stand out from the competition. With UGC Uploads, you can easily escalate your social and private campaigns, amongst other benefits. 

Know What Your Users’ Seek

Your customers and employees are your best advocates. Therefore, it is important to understand and place their experiences in the spotlight while making changes as is required. 

The visuals, feedbacks, and opinions shared by them can make a huge difference in how prospects perceive your brand. Further, marketing strategies can be crafted based on what users seek from your products/services. 

With UGC Uploads, users can directly share content that can help you understand customer reactions, emotions, and satisfaction levels.

Create A UGC Hub

User-generated content is the most credible, genuine, and authentic form of content. Consumers find UGC to be 9.8x more powerful than content generated by influencers while making a purchase decision. 

By leveraging UGC Uploads, you can collect and curate the most valuable, real, and unadulterated UGC generated in any form directly by the users. This hub of content can be repurposed in the brand’s marketing strategies. 

Build-up Your Private Campaigns

Irrespective of whether your users are on social media channels or not; you can easily escalate your campaigns with UGC On-site Uploads. 

Your audience can upload content directly on your website, which can be customized and moderated before display. This comes across like an activity to the users, igniting their inspiration to create content and get featured on the website. 

Leverage Content Without Any Rights Issue

When users share content on social media, they are the owners of it, and brands cannot repurpose it without getting content rights from the creators. 

But, with UGC Uploads, you can add UGC rights permission in the terms and conditions to get implied content rights when users upload their visual and textual content. 

How Can You Leverage Taggbox Widget’s On-site UGC Uploads Feature?

Follow this step-by-step guide to know everything about using the On-site UGC uploads in your Taggbox Widget account.

1. Create your free Taggbox Widget account or sign in to an existing account.

Taggbox Widget Dashboard

2. Click on ‘My Widgets’ from the sidebar; you will see all your existing widgets(if any).

My Widget Option In Sidebar

3. Next, click on the ‘Edit’ button of the widget to which you want to add the feed.

on site ugc uploads

Now, if you have any existing widgets, then jump to the 6th step and learn more about enabling this feature. But, if you have a new user, then follow the below steps. 

4. Here, choose your source platform, enter your source like a hashtag, handle, etc.

Let’s try Instagram Social Network with Hashtag “Halloween”.

Select Social Media Channel

5. Click on the ‘Create Feed’ button and complete the authentication process, and you will get the feeds in your account. 

Collect Social Media Content from Instagram

6. Now it is time to enable the ‘On-Site UGC Uploads’ feature; click on the ‘Customization’ option under ‘Design & Filter’ tab.

Customization Panel In Taggbox Dashboard

7. You will see an ‘On-Site Uploads’ option, click on it, and other following options will appear.

On-Site UGC Uplaods Feature

8. Now enter the details like button text, title, description, terms & conditions, etc., then click on the ‘Enable’ toggle bar and apply the settings.

On-Site UGC Uploads On Taggbox Widget

Button Text: The text will appear on the button when the user clicks to submit images.

Title: It is the heading that will appear on the popup when the user clicks on the button.

Description: It is a detailed description like title, appearing on the popup.

Terms & Conditions: Enter the URL for T&C related to how you will use the content and the permissions the users provide to you. 

Once you are done with the details mentioned above and apply the settings, you can publish your gallery. 

9. Click on ‘Publish’ button‘ at the bottom and choose where you want to publish your widget

halloween feed from instagram

10. Let’s choose your CMS platforms from amongst the available options

Select Website Building Platform

Once you complete the steps, you will see the feed on your website and the on-site UGC uploads button.

How Do On-Site UGC Uploads Work?

Here’s how the on-site visual UGC, reviews, & rating uploads works once you add it to your web pages. 

1. Users click on the ‘Submit Your Pic’ button on your widget

You can submit your pic direct on site

2. They add an image and choose to write either a caption or review & rating

Users can uplaod their Posts

3. Once done, then they click on ‘Next’ and enter their ‘Username & Email

Users datails popup to submit UGC content

4. Now, they click on the ‘Submit’ button, and UGC is submitted to your Taggbox Widget account.

5. Go to “Moderation” in your Taggbox Widget account and find the submitted posts in the ‘Private’ section.

Taggbox Widget Moderation Panel

6. Make the posts public which you want to show in your widget.

That’s how easy it is to leverage the on-site UGC uploads option in your Taggbox Widget account.

display on-site uplaod content

Over To You

Bring your customers’ voices to the spotlight and build brand trust, engagement, and powerful user connections. With this guide on Taggbox Widget’s all-new On-site UGC Uploads, you can easily let your users upload visual content, reviews, and ratings on your website. 

It is about time to get started already and leverage your brand’s best advocates’ potential in store for you. 

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