Virtual Trade Shows: Best Practices, Ideas, and Tools

Imagine organizing a trade show without any tiring run-around where you’d probably earn much more than what you will spend.

And what if I say, this thought is not only limited to the imagination. Recent global situations have turned the tables and given Virtual trade shows a spark. 

These virtual trade shows have broadened the audience reach and increased the accessibility by giving rise to new opportunities for networking. 

So, we have drafted this blog to help you strategize your Virtual trade shows, choose the most suitable tools, and explore the best ideas and practices to organize it.

What Is A Virtual Trade Show?

A virtual trade show is defined as an online dynamic environment with a 3D setup, incorporated with certain event engagement tools that recreate the concept of a physical trade show. 

Easily accessible from any corner of the globe, the virtual trade show allows the visitors and exhibitors to connect and interact with each other via any virtual event platform

The popularity of Virtual Trade Shows is increasing rapidly as it is the perfect solution for eliminating the chaotic as well as never-fading issues like 

  • Audience attendance
  • Restricted reach
  • Costly infrastructure
  • Complicated and exhausting planning, etc. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Organizing A Virtual Trade Show?

1. Increased Audience Size Globally

The virtual and digital nature of the trade show can help you travel continents and capture leads from all over the world. You can spread awareness about your virtual trade show in just a few clicks. 

And the best part is, all of this can be attended from the comfort zone of your home or from any corner of the world. All you need is to have a device compatible with the streaming of the virtual trade show.

2. Convenient Approachability For All

Unable to manage the traveling time, traveling cost, or leaves from work?

Not to worry.

Virtual Trade Shows give everyone the chance to be a part of the show without even leaving their home and work. 

Also, it provides an opportunity for the specially-abled persons to attend the show who might not attend it otherwise. These shows have an option to assist the special individuals with some different abilities and help them benefit from the trade show. 

3. Cost-Effective Planning

Huge venue space, high tech gadgets, parking facilities, interior planning, booth designs, sanitation, manpower, and what not. There is nothing that is less chaotic than the other. 

All such issues make your physical trade show a tiresome task for you. The ups and downs that come across the planning lead to expenditure that skyrockets till the time the trade show ends. 

The solution to the entire list of these cost-intensive tasks is Virtual Trade Shows. By going virtually you can eliminate most of these issues and can make your event cost-effective.

4. Improved Metrics 

Increased reach of the audiences, increased accessibility, and cost-effective solutions, all lead to maximum participation of the audience in the event. The better the attendance, the more successful will be your trade show. 

Therefore, a virtual trade show will help you improve the metrics of your show in all aspects as compared to the physical trade show.

Ideas To Make Your Virtual Trade Show A Success

1. Choose The Appropriate Virtual Trade Show Platform

The first thought that drives the entire trade show is “Which platform will serve best for the show?” In fact, this is the primary step that holds the responsibility of the ‘ins and outs’ of your virtual trade show.

It is crucial to choose a best virtual event platform that is compatible with all the objectives that your trade show is organized for. Therefore, think comprehensively before choosing the platform that offers all the solutions to power up your virtual trade show. 

Draft your planning thoroughly and choose all the features that are a must for your virtual trade show and then make a hunt for the providers that can provide you with relevant solutions. 

2. Decide What To Incorporate In Your Virtual Trade Show

To ensure the hassle-free flow of the virtual trade show, discover all the aspects of the show and decide the features that you need to incorporate in your show.

All the integrations should align with the idea of your Virtual trade show. The fact that “First Impression is the last impression”, makes it important to rethink and reevaluate the features of your virtual trade show.

Here are some of the important features that you must incorporate in your virtual trade show.

  • Displaying branding & brand details on the booths
  • Connecting attendees and exhibitors via video conferencing
  • Allowing attendees to submit their contact info directly to the exhibitors
  • Displaying digital brochures, videos next to the exhibitor booths, etc. 

3. Customize The Exhibitor’s Booths

Unlike physical trade shows, it’s quite a tough task to capture the attention of the attendees that register for your virtual trade show. You need to bring all the elements of your in-person trade show to the virtual world. 

As an event organizer, one solution that you can opt for is to offer customizable booths to all the exhibitors of the trade show. Yes, you read it right! Give your exhibitors an option to design their own booth and make it stand out in the show. How?

You can allow them to display branding, logos, social walls, clear audio & videos, sponsors, creative commercials, coupon slides, announcements, and much more on their booth’s display. They can even use designs that reflect the colors of the brands and their products or services.  

4. Work On Sponsorship Opportunities

Accept this, self funding cannot fulfill the revenue requirements of your virtual trade show. Sponsorships are the key revenue generators that have the potential to kick start any event and push it towards success.

In fact, by exposing your sponsors (eg- using Social Wall), you can attract the companies that are waiting to connect with the audiences and appeal to them to provide you with the sponsorship opportunities to make your virtual trade show even more huge and successful.

Let’s not forget the fact that sponsors need some spotlight and more the exposure they will get, the more doors will get open for you to maximize your sponsorship.  

5. Provide Technical Support

Last but not the least, be 24*7 available to provide all the services related to technicalities of the virtual trade show. Do not just limit it till the trade show rolls out.

Make a tech team to help the attendees as well as the exhibitors if they face any technical issues during the trade show. This includes helping the exhibitors with designing their booth, providing them tools to engage the attendees, resolving any connection errors between the attendees and the exhibitors, and much more.

Ensure that your contact information is clearly visible to all the attendees as well as the exhibitors so that they can get their issues resolved immediately.

Best Practices To Organize A Virtual Trade Show

1. Facilitate Live Chat For Better Interactivity

The soul of any event is the audience. Shifting from physical to virtual events has made it even more burdensome to attract the audience towards the booth. The reason being the lack of in-person interactivity that triggers the interests of the attendees.

Live Chat in Virtual Trade Show webinar

This means extra efforts need to be made to foster interactions between the attendees and the exhibitors. The best solution that can be practiced is enabling live chats that can help the attendees get their queries about the products/services resolved in real-time, and the exhibitors to gain more leads. 

2. Organize Live Webinars To Educate Your Audience 

Your virtual trade show will have all the global audience in one place at one time. So why lose the opportunity to launch a new product, feature, service, or anything?

To educate your audience with more information about the brand’s product or services, or any other things related to the trade show concept, you can invite speakers or industry specialists to deliver valuable information to the attendees of the event with the live webinars. 

You can even schedule the webinars to ensure the maximum attendance of the attendees and can add along the questionnaire round to enhance the participation of the attendees in the webinars.

3. Provide Opportunity For Immediate Sales Using eCommerce Platforms

Just do not limit your virtual trade show to showcasing the products and services, rather make it an on-spot shopping venue for the attendees. 


In simple words, turn the engagement of the attendees of your virtual trade show into immediate sales by integrating your virtual trade show with eCommerce platforms.

Techweek Virtual expo with product ads

Incorporate an online shop at your event, and convert your global prospects into revenue generators. Providing the attendees with the platform to make a purchase in real-time will help you accelerate the conversion rates of your virtual trade show.

4. Display Social Walls To Enhance Engagement

Social Wall or the Wall of Engagement is no less than the gamechanger of your virtual trade show. Think of anything, and believe me Social wall will display it for you.

Be it your social media content, user-generated content, branded content, announcements, highlights, discounts, offers, custom posts, sponsors, etc. you can display it on your Social media wall. 

With Taggbox, you can create a unique and exquisite Social Wall for your Virtual trade show and can even be customized and personalized as per the objectives of the brand and trade show.

These social walls can be displayed anywhere in your virtual trade show. Your exhibitors can display it on the booth desk, besides their booth on the info display, on the chat pages, in the webinars, on the registration desk, and much more. 

It is a perfect tool to attract more attendees to your booth, engage them with your brand, and provoke their interests and desires for the brand.

Learn How Taggbox Helped Hindustan Times Boost The Leadership Summit With Social Wall

The leadership summit organized by Hindustan Times in 2020, used Taggbox social wall to display the Twitter feeds that helped them boost the audience engagement and interaction during the event. They customized the Twitter wall with a Waterfall theme to capture the attention of a large scale audience.

Add Social Wall in Virtual Trade Show

5. Access Real-Time Data To Measure Your Event’s Success

Since time immemorial, we have been taught to learn from our mistakes to jump to higher levels of success. Carrying the same thought to 2021 would be a boon to all the event marketers. 

Talking specifically about the virtual events, the organizers are provided with detailed reports of their progress which can be accessed to track the performance of the event and make improvements wherever needed.

It is therefore vital to access the progress report in real-time to measure the success rate of your virtual trade show for future strategies.

6. Hold Audience For Long With Creative Gamification

Stressed about the attendee drop-out rate from your virtual trade show or in between the webinars and virtual conferences? 

Probably yes!

Triva During Virtual Trade Show

Well, it is of extreme importance to hold the attention of your audience/attendee during the virtual trade show or webinars. To make them stay for long, organizers can host interesting contests, polls, Q&A sessions, interactive games, and much more. 

Moreover, you can direct your attendees to the demanding spots of your virtual trade shows in exchange for exciting offers, gifts, incentives, and much more. 

Best Tools For Virtual Trade Show

To organize a Virtual trade show, you will need a different variety of tools ranging from virtual event platform tools, social media integration tools, engagement tools, live streaming tools, analytics tools, and much more. 

Based on the audience size, objectives of the trade show, activities involved. Features incorporated, etc. it is important to choose all the relevant tools wisely. 

Make sure that the tools you integrate aligns with the aesthetics of the virtual trade show and provide solutions to all the problems that come across.

Virtual Trade Show Platforms– vFairs, Dreamcast, 6Connex, etc.

Social Media Wall ToolTaggbox

Virtual Trade Show Engagement tool– Taggbox, Virtual Booth

Live Streaming Tools– Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Youtube Live Analytics Tool– Taggbox

Manage & Execute Your Virtual Trade Show Seamlessly With This Quick Checklist

  • Go for social media promotions with attractive teasers to attract the exhibitors as well as attendees.
  • Draft a well-organized follow-up plan for your virtual trade show.
  • Choose the most suitable tools that employ them in the right places.
  • Do not miss your hands on sponsorship opportunities.
  • Schedule interactive networking sessions between the exhibitors and the attendees.
  • Create an engaging experience for both the attendees and exhibitors with social walls
  • Provide smooth and active technical support.
  • Gain valuable insights into the performance and success rate of the Virtual trade show.
  • Send an email to all the attendees and exhibitors acknowledging them for participating in the virtual trade show.