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How Taggbox Generated Buzz at Social Media Week in Dubai

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Impact of “SOCIAL”

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide event which focuses on the impact of social media. It shares the best ideas, innovations and awareness about how social media & technology changing business, culture and society all over the world.  SMW’s main aim is to understand that how humanity and technology will come together to change the ways people live and work. SMW is the world’s most important source of information for people to understand human connectivity.

Positive Impact

Social Media Week hosts conferences on six continents, including Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Every year 70,000 people and 5000 speakers attend SMW conference physically and more than 1 million people connect with it online through desktop and mobile. For the very first time, SMW gave their presence in the Middle East & organized the conference in the city of Dubai. Many big brands of Dubai and Social Media industries like Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite showed their interest to present at this conference.

Social Media Week Dubai Social Wall

The mission of the conference was to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information. In light of that, we had the opportunity to work with the organizers and provide a digital platform (Social Media Wall) for the attendees and non-attendees alike to share their thoughts, engage in conversations and spread the word around the social media network.

Empowering the ENGAGEMENT

To encourage attendees for sharing their experience on social media, the event hashtag was pushed on a big screen with “Share with #SMWIDubai” tagline and event participants were driven to Tweet and post event more, which increased the brand exposure and conversation exponentially. It became a fun and interactive experience for event-goers as everyone loves to get displayed on the big screen.

All the social media posts and photos which were shared with the hashtag #SMWIDubai were collected in real-time by Twitter and Instagram aggregation and showcased on a big screen. This live hashtag feed was customized according to the event theme with the help of Taggbox themes and customization options! All the posts were moderated at the back end by our dedicated team so that no profanity and obscurity reaches to the display.

People LOVED it

More Engagement

SMW received great responses from the audience and it was really phenomenal. This conference was a huge success as the engagement was increased by 2X and their hashtag trended at number 1 on Twitter for UAE. Social media wall at the conference became a huge point of attraction and engagement for the attendees as well as the ones who were engaging the conversations online. It created a completely integrated approach increasing community engagement audience was connected with a global audience with similar interests, flashing new social connections, discussions, and community engagement.

Posts over Social Media Networks

Posts over Social Media Networks

Glimpses of the Event

Glimpses of the Event

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