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List of Top Event Management Tools [2024]

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Take Your Events to the Next Level with Event Management Software!

In the world of events, achieving success entails having an event planning checklist that ensures fantastic gatherings, boosts brand recognition, generates potential customers, and offers an engaging experience, whether it’s a virtual, in-person, or corporate event. An event vmware software engineer as your invaluable tool for seamless planning.

Say no to your usual spreadsheets and manual work, it’s time to take it up a notch. Top event planning platforms are here to manage all your tasks for you, from making guest registration to resource management. Get real-time updates and collaborate effortlessly so everyone’s on the same page.

With the right event management software as your partner, sit back and enjoy your events.

What is Event Management Tools?

Event management tools make planning and organizing events a piece of cake. They handle everything from managing attendees to booking venues, scheduling, and picking the right location to ensure your event’s success.

Something to keep in mind while choosing event planning software: their customer reviews and experience. Also, consider the cost, services they provide, locations, and the types of events they specialize in as per your industry. 

Read and pick the right one for you from the following

Top Event Management Software: A Quick Look

Top Event Management Tools/SoftwareLocationIndustries They Cater To
CventTysons Corner, VAAgency, Non-Profit, Education, Finances
HubiloSan Francisco, CaliforniaB2B Marketers
vfairsCarrollton, TexasEducation, IT, Retail, Non-Profit Organizations
WhovaSan Francisco, CaliforniaEducation, Corporate, Government, Science
EventbriteSan Francisco, CaliforniaHealth, Sports and Business,
BizzaboNew YorkCorporations, Agencies, Associations, Education
SplashNew YorkMedia and Entertainment, Business, e-commerce, Education, Associations
BigmarkerChicago, ILCompanies, Organizations, and Universities
AirmeetRemoteMedia and Entertainment, Business, eCommerce, Education, Associations
AcceleventsBoston, MassachusettsMedia and Entertainment, Business, eCommerce, Education, Associations
IneventAtlanta, USAEducation, Technology Agency, Healthcare, Finances
ZuddlSan Francisco, CaliforniaAssociations, B2b Marketers
SwapcardParis, Ile de FranceNon-profit Organizations, Trade Shows and Exhibition Organizers, Associations
WebexeventsSan Jose, CaliforniaAssociations, Enterprises, Educational Sectors
ON24San Francisco, CAFinancial Services, Manufacturing, Technological and Professional, Associations
EventcomboNew Jersey, NJWide Range of Industries, Including Corporate, Associations, Private and Public Sectors, and More.
Hoppin eventsLondonProviding Services to All Shapes and Sizes of Events from Ten People to Tens of Thousands.
6ConnexSan Antonio, TXNon-profit Organizations, Education, Entertainment, Retail and Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Sports
PheedloopYonge Street, Suite 405Education, Business, Associations,
FreemanDallas, TexasAgencies, Business, Exhibitors
BrightlyCary, North CarolinaEducation, Government, Healthcare, Senior Living, Manufacturing, Clubs & Associations
All In The LoopManchesterExhibitors, Business, Education and More

Best Event Management Software: A Spotlight on The Best

A handful of the many experienced event management tools stand out as the best. Here’s a brief overview of these top event management firms:

1. Cvent


Introduction – From planning to executing, from venue arrangements to achieving goals, Cvent is your event managing partner.

Location – Tysons Corner, VA

About The Company – Explore this event technology, marketing, and management tool for your upcoming event, be it online or physical. Expand your reach, and get exceptional support in their all-in-one platform.

Industries They Cater To – Agency, Non-profit, Education, Finances

What Did They Offer – Venue Management, Attendee Engagement Services, Event Showcase, Event Budgeting, Integrations, Stakeholders Reporting

Events They Host – In-person, Virtual, Hybrid and Webinars

2. Hubilo


Introduction – Looking for Ways to Boost Your Webinars and Events? Choose Hubilo as Your Next Managing Guide and the second in our top event management companies list.

Location – San Francisco, California

About The Company – Give Your Next Webinar a Kickstart and Secure Success With Hubilo. Get Help in Managing Stuff Like Attendees List and Registration Forms and More and Increase Your ROI and Perform Better.

Industries They Cater To – B2b Marketers

What Did They Offer – Branding, Broadcasting Studio, Content Hub, Integrations, Repurpose Content

Events They Host – Webinars, Conferences and Trade Shows

3. vFairs


Introduction – Elevate Your Audience Experience and Event Engagement in Your Virtual, In-persona Dn Hybrid Events and Offer Best Services With Vfairs.

Location – Carrollton, Texas

About The Company – Host Successful and Engaging Trade Shows, Career Fairs and Internal Events. Vfairs Event Management Platform, Your Ultimate Solution for Elevating Your Events to the Next Level

Industries They Cater To – Education, It, Retail, Non-profit Organizations

What Did They Offer – Detailed Analytics, Event Services, Seamless Hybrid Integrations, Customer Support, Networking and Engagement Tools

Events They Host – Virtual, Hybrid, or In-person Event, Conferences

4. Whova


Introduction – Sit Back and Watch the Execution of Your Event With This All-in-one Software: Whova the perfect Event Management Solution for All Your Needs.

Location – San Diego, California

About The Company – Hand Over to Whova Your Event Planning, Organizing and Executing Services. With a User-friendly Interface, it Empowers Event Planners to Effectively, Host Interactive Sessions.

Industries They Cater To – Education, Corporate, Government, Science

What Did They Offer – Event Registration Services, Networking Tools, Customizable Mobile App, Data Analytics

Events They Host – Expo and Career Fairs, Virtual, Hybrid, or in-person Events

5. Eventbrite


Introduction – Think of Eventbrite as Your Event Helper. Whether It’s a Small Party or a Big Meeting, Use it to Make it Go Smoothly. It’s Like Having a Friend Who Makes Planning Events Easy.

Location – San Francisco, California

About The Company – Eventbrite Helps Get More People to Your Events, Saves Time, and Makes Events More Successful and Profitable. It works for all kinds of events, Big or Small.

Industries They Cater To – Health, Sports and Business.

What Did They Offer – Event Creation, User Registration Process and Payment Processing, Mobile Check-in, marketing and Communications, Event Website Creation, Email Automation, Social Media Promotion and Reporting, and Dashboardsapi / Integrations

Events They Host – Business, Corporate Events, Virtual Events, Hobby Events, Music Events, Food and Drinks Events, Holiday Events

6. Bizzabo


Introduction – Go ahead with this top event management tool, and learn how their featured clients exceeded their goals using Bizzabo Event and experience the same for your next meeting.

Location – New York

About The Company – Bizzabo Is an All-in-one Event Management Solution. It helps organizers create successful events, improve marketing campaigns, simplify ticketing, and enhance networking.

Industries They Cater To – Corporations, Agencies, Associations, Education

What Did They Offer – Event Content, Marketing, Reporting and Networking, Mobile Event App, Onsite Software

Events They Host – In-person and Virtual Events

7. Splash


Introduction – Introducing the Simplest Event Marketing Solution in the World, Designed for Virtual, In-person, and Hybrid Events.

Location – New York

About The Company – Splash Fosters Personalized Audience Engagement and Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Event Management, Offering a Streamlined and Effective Solution.

Industries They Cater To – Entertainment, Business, Universities

What Did They Offer – Ticketing, Virtual Venue, Guest Management, Design, Onsite Tools, Integrations, Reporting

Events They Host – Internal and External Events, Virtual and In-person Events, Hybrid Programs, on Demand Programs

8. BigMarker


Introduction – Whether It’s a Multi-day Conference or a Constant Stream of Content, Bigmarker Offers a Platform to Create, and Gather Valuable Insights from Fantastic Content.

Location – Chicago, IL

About The Company – Top Brands Around the World Use Bigmarker’s Advanced Event Software for Webinars, Virtual Meetings, and In-person Gatherings. Use Their Tech to Reach More People and Impress Their Audience.

Industries They Cater To – Companies, Organizations, and Universities

What Did They Offer – Event Badging, Networking, Marketing, Registration, Mobile Event App, Design

Events They Host – Webinars, Virtual & Hybrid Events

9. Airmeet


Introduction – No More Boring Webinars With This Event Management Platform! Instead, Host Exciting Online Events With Airmeet That Boost Revenue and Keep Customers Engaged.

Location – Remote

About The Company – Airmeet Is the Go-to Platform for Hosting All Kinds of Virtual Events. It’s Easy to Use, Whether You’re Organizing a Conference, Hackathon, or Workshop. You Can Customize the Space to Suit Your Event’s Unique Needs.

Industries They Cater To – Media and Entertainment, Business, Ecommerce, Education, Associations

What Did They Offer – Analytics, Setup and Management, Branding and Customization

Events They Host – Virtual Summits, Meetups, Product Launches and Events

10. Accelevents


Introduction – Accelevents a Team of Thinkers, Creators, and Action-takers, All Driven by Our Passion for Exceptional Customer Service and Enhancing the Event Experience With Event Gamification.

Location – Boston, Massachusetts

About The Company – Accelevents: Assisting Brands and Associations in Creating Connections and Experiences Using Event Technology. All-in-one Platform Helping Event Organizers and Marketers Reach Their Goals.

Industries They Cater To – Business, Professionals, Enterprises

What Did They Offer – Badge Printing, Gamification, Integrated Live Streaming, Event Check-in

Events They Host – Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Seminars and Training, Product Launches

11. Inevent

Introduction – InEvent is a dynamic event solution that can create, recreate, and customize a variety of virtual, hybrid, and in-person interactions ranging from Webinars, to live broadcasts, panel discussions, summits, networking sessions, conferences, and spanning across the pharmaceutical, educational, corporate, and event tech industries. 

Location – Atlanta, USA

About The Company – At InEvent, we are passionate about live events and broadcasting technologies. We are building the most powerful and versatile platform for professional events, meetings, and live streams.

Industries They Cater To – Education, Technology Agencies, Healthcare, Finances

What Did They Offer – Virtual Lobby, Event Registration, Attendee Engagement, Event Analytics, Event Budgeting, Integrations, Event Mobile App

Events They Host – In-person, Virtual, Hybrid and Webinars

12. Zuddl


Introduction – Are You Tired of Juggling Multiple Tools and Platforms Just to Run a Single Event Smoothly? Say Goodbye to the Complexity and Confusion With Zuddl – the Ultimate Unified Events and webinar platform for B2b Event Marketers.

Location – San Francisco, California

About The Company – A User-friendly Platform for Webinars and Events, to Help You With Practical Advice and Solutions With Content and Community. With the Goal to Make it Clear to Organize and Make Money from the Clients’s Events, Whether Online or in-person.

Industries They Cater To – Associations, B2B Marketers

What Did They Offer – Ticketing and Registration, Widgets and Insights, Mobile App and Onsite Solutions, Studio and Branding

Events They Host – In-person Events, Virtual Events, Webinars, Hybrid Events, Engagement programs, Product Launches

Start Planning Your Next Event Now

13. All in the Loop

All in the Loop

Introduction – Experience All in the Loop’s Event Software – Tailor-made Apps That Foster Networking and Boost Sponsor Revenue Through Data-driven Value.

Location – Manchester

About The Company – All in the Loop, Your Go-to Event Technology Partner! With a Track Record of Seamlessly Supporting Worldwide, Catering to Your Every Need. Their Team and Expertise Have Flourished, and Today, Proudly Offer the Finest Services in the Industry.

Industries They Cater To – Exhibitors, Business, Education and More

What Did They Offer – Mobile Event App, Multi-tracking Agendas, All Event Content, Api Sync, Interactive Features, Automation, Sponsorship and Event Management

Events They Host – In-person, Virtual and Hybrid Events, Summits, Conferences, Trade Shows B2c Events and Exhibitions

14. Webex Events

Webex events

Introduction – If You’re up for Daily Challenges, Want to Make a Big Impact, and Help Shape the Future of Live Events Using Tools Like Social Wall, Be a Part of the Webex Team!

Location – San Jose, California

About The Company – Your Complete Event Management Solution. Create Unforgettable Events With Event Apps, Customizable Registration, Badge Printing, Lead Retrieval, and Live Streaming Technology.

Industries They Cater To – Associations, Enterprises, Educational Sectors

What Did They Offer – Gamification, Live Streaming, Networking and Sponsorship, Branding and Customization, Digital Guide and Content Widgets

Events They Host – Conferences, Trade Shows, Internal, Hybrid, and Virtual Events, In-person Events

15. ON24


Introduction – On24: Empowering You to Create, Expand, and Customize Webinars, Events, and Content to Increase Engagement, Collect Valuable Data, and Drive Revenue Growth.

Location – San Francisco, CA

About The Company – On24 Is Changing the Way Companies Connect With Their Audience Online. Use Smart Technology to Help Businesses Engage With Customers Drive More Sales and Gather Valuable Data.

Industries They Cater To – Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technological and Professional, Associations

What Did They Offer – Scalability, Privacy, Accessibility, Live Global Support

Events They Host – Group Discussions, Webinars, Virtual Events, Breakout Rooms and Virtual Conferences

16. Eventcombo


Introduction – Eventcombo Simplifies Event Planning, Enhances Marketing, and Delivers Memorable Experiences. Join Us for Better Events.

Location – New Jersey, NJ

About The Company – Eventcombo: Your New Event Planning and Marketing Ally. Simplify Everything from Registrations to Analytics for In-person or Hybrid Events. 24/7 Human Support.

Industries They Cater To – Wide Range of Industries, Including Corporate, Associations, Private and Public Sectors, and More.

What Did They Offer – Marketing and Communication, Event Management Services, Staff Management, and Supplier Procurement, Registration and Attendee Interaction Services

Events They Host – In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

17. Hopin Events

Hopin Events

Introduction – Struggling to Build Authentic Connections or expand Your Business With Marketing and Technological Superpowers? Pick Hopin Events and Get Ready to Achieve All This and More!

Location – London

About The Company – Hopin Covers Registration, Live Streaming, Emails, and Stats, So You Don’t Need Lots of Different Tools. Use Pre-recorded Stuff, Live Shows, or Rtmp Streams. Be the Boss and Change Your Event Whenever You Want.

Industries They Cater To – Providing Services to All Shapes and Sizes of Events from Ten People to Tens of Thousands.

What Did They Offer – Total Conference Tasks: Stages, Networking, Breakout Sessions (roundtables), Sponsors, Tickets, Analytics.

Events They Host – Livestream, Podcasts, Webinars, Workshops, Video Meetings, Virtual Events, Summits, Community Q&A panels, Social Broadcast

18. 6Connex


Introduction – Welcome to the Future of Event Management With 6connex: Elevate Your Events With Its All-encompassing Event Platform. Their Technology Empowers Marketers and Planners.

Location – San Antonio, TX

About The Company – Transform Your Events With 6connex: Experience Seamless Event Management. a Platform That Simplifies Promotion, Execution, and Analytics. Collect Data, and Leave Lasting Impressions on the Audience.

Industries They Cater To – Non-profit Organizations, Education, Entertainment, Retail and Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Sports

What Did They Offer – Marketing, Sales, Event Planning, Media, a Single Tool to Promote, Register, Run, and Measure Events, Pricing and Mobile App

Events They Host – In-person, Hybrid or Virtual Events, Product Launch Events, Webinars, Open University Integrations

19. Pheedloop


Introduction – Whether You’re Organizing a Corporate Gathering, an Association Event, an Academic Conference, or a Government Summit, Pheedloop Is Your Ultimate Partner for Success.

Location – Yonge Street, Suite 405

About The Company – Pheedloop Is an All-in-one Event Management Platform for Events. Offers Features Like Live Streaming, Virtual Exhibits, Mobile Apps, and More. Trusted by Clients Like Shopify and Ibm, Pheedloop Is Designed for Events of All Sizes and Types.

Industries They Cater To – Education, Business, Associations,

What Did They Offer – Speaker Management, Badge & Check-in, Multi-language Translations, Networking, Reporting and Analytics, Event Website, Gamification, Streaming and Live Display

Events They Host – Hybrid, Virtual and Onsite Events, Conferences, Trade Shows & Expos, Annual General Meetings, Academic Meetings, Charity Fundraiser

20. Freeman


Introduction – Freeman, a Global Leader in Events, Redefines Live Experiences Using Data-driven Strategies. A Legacy in Event Management, Coupled With Innovative Technology, Creates Impactful Moments That Inspire Action.

Location – Dallas, Texas

About The Company – While Freeman’s Customers, Venues, and Technology Have Evolved, and Their Reach Has Expanded Significantly, Freeman’s Unwavering Dedication to Creating Meaningful Moments Remains Unchanged as They Continue to Grow.

Industries They Cater To – Agencies, Business, Exhibitors

What Did They Offer – Av and Production, Design and Creative, Event Sponsorship and Management, Event Strategizing and Technology

Events They Host – Trade Shows, Exhibits, Virtual Events

21. Brightly


Introduction – Brightly, Leads the Way in Asset Management Solutions Globally. a Cloud-based Platform, Provides Insights for All Stages of Asset Management. Serving Clients, Offering User-friendly collaboration software, to Create Assets and Communities.

Location – Cary, North Carolina

About The Company – Brightly: Leading in Smart Asset Management With Our Advanced Cloud Platform and Global Expertise, Empowering Organizations Worldwide for a Sustainable Future.

Industries They Cater To – Education, Government, Healthcare, Senior Living, Manufacturing, Clubs & Associations

What Did They Offer – Maintenance & Operations, Enterprise Asset Management, Strategy & Capital Planning, Community Development & Events, Smart Automation

Events They Host – Events, News, and Webinars

Host your Event with The Best Event Management Tool

As we wrap up this blog, any of the event management platforms we’ve mentioned here are well-equipped to ensure the success of your business event.

Whether you’re preparing for product launch events, brand experience gatherings, corporate meetings, or digital events with social wall displays, using any of these event planning platforms can be a smart investment that saves you resources, time, and money.

So, without further delay, pick one and start planning a memorable gathering that will be discussed for years.

Start Planning Your Next Event Now