Royal Enfield Maximised Its Biker Event’s Engagement With Live Social Wall By Taggbox Display

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In November 2022, Royal Enfield – the renowned two-wheeler company geared up for their event of the year ‘Rider Mania.’ The event was a big hit and a part of the credit goes to Taggbox Display Social Walls, displayed at different event venues.

Rider Mania 2022

Taggbox Display helped Royal Enfield to boost audience engagement during the event and promote their ongoing hashtag campaign – #IntoTheMotoverse to strengthen their event visibility on social media.

Interested to know more? Here’s what the client has to say about Taggbox Display:

Rider Mania is an annual event by Royal Enfield hosted to bring together Royal Enfield owners and motorcycle enthusiasts in Goa for a weekend filled with motorcycling events, races, and concerts.

People from across the globe gather up to experience this event and indulge in exciting activities, get-togethers, and ride around the city to get the best of the event.

How Royal Enfield Increased UGC To 3x On Their Event Hashtag

Rider Mania was a three-day event, and keeping the audience hooked and attentive during the entire event and inspiring the attendees to create content for their Instagram campaign #IntoTheMotoverse was the main motive of the hosts.

People often skip participating in campaigns because of various reasons, such as feeling like their connections on social media will not resonate with the content or they feel like they will not receive much attention on the post.

How Taggbox Helped Achieve The Client Their Anticipated Results

Taggbox Display is known for its ability to enable its users to design visually compelling social walls for events.

Factually speaking, visuals help capture short attention spans, and this is precisely how including a social wall in the event helped. A dedicated Instagram wall to exhibit all the engaging content, like images and videos is an effective motivator for attendees to participate in the campaign and share content with the designated hashtag campaign.

The Final Result

Taggbox Display supported Royal Enfield to mount up in-event activity and increase audience engagement during the event. The Instagram wall featured ample content from hundreds of attendees, making them feel under the spotlight throughout the event. 

Social wall Analytics

This started a series of content from almost every attendee and helped the client to generate more than 8000 posts under the events hashtags with more than 2.3k UGc videos and 6.3k Images.

Hosting a spectacular event is a tough job. The hosts have to look out for many factors, such as handling event arrangements like sound system, managing guest appearances, and visitors’ list, and between this, generating enough valuable content for social media and urging the attendees to post for you is another added task for the hosts. 

With a social wall present at the venue, hosts can minimize the effort. They can feature attendees who are posting with the event hashtag and inspire other attendees to do the same.

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