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Ascend’s #FoundersBash Boost Event Engagement With Taggbox Social Wall

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On September 15, 2022, Ascend. VC, organized Founders Bash 2022, a one-day event that welcomed founders, investors & entrepreneurs from all spheres of business. The in-person event in Seattle turned out to be a hit with the Taggbox Social Media Wall.

Here’s what the client has to say about Taggbox:

#FoundersBash by Ascend – An Overview

Founders Bash is an annual event organized by Ascend considered the most active pre-seed venture capital fund in the Pacific Northwest. Founders, investors & entrepreneurs of business ventures across the globe visit this event to help Ascend raise donation funds for Special Olympics.

The first Founders Bash happened in 2021 and Founders Bash 2022 was the second of its kind. Over 700 founders from all corners of the world graced the occasion this year to make it a huge success.

Organizers’ Expectations Around Founders Bash

Founders Bash organizers’ primary goal was to keep the guests hooked to boost engagement around their event hashtag #FoundersBash on various social media platforms. But on top of that, they wanted to garner donation funds for the Special Olympics.

For every social media post posted by investors and entrepreneurs using #FoundersBash2022, Ascend donated $5 to the Special Olympics. Organizers knew that keeping attendees engaged throughout the event was going to be an uphill task and they required something out of the ordinary to achieve this goal.

How Taggbox Helped Ascend Achieve Their Event Objectives

Ascend installed Taggbox’s social media walls throughout the event. To boost audience engagement, they encouraged the guests to post on social media in a bid to go live on social media walls.

This worked like charm as the social media walls at the event generated over 22K impressions which were far greater than what the event organizers were expecting.

All the attendees were offered a card with a QR code which displayed “Your attendance today donated $5 to Special Olympics.”

Event organizers generated the QR code through Taggbox’s SnapUp, which ensured attendees could post on social media walls without being on any social media platform.

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Founders Bash Achieves The Extraordinary

The Founders Bash event turned out to be a great accomplishment for its organizers as it generated high in-event and social media engagement. The social media walls displayed throughout the event served as great word-of-mouth promotions to boost the social proof of the event, helping it gain 22k+ impressions.

event report

Thousands of social media posts were created through #FoundersBash indicating the success of the event. The social proof generated through this year’s Founders Bash will serve as a positive influence on future Founders Bash events, attracting leaders not only from the Seattle circuit but worldwide.

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