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Kansas City University Celebrated Commencement with Hybrid Event Social Wall

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“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity”.

Kansas City University is a 100-year-old private medical university that aids in the growth of humanity as a whole. They wanted to amplify this humane approach by showcasing the joyous feelings of graduates from the “Class of 2022” through a social wall.

They wanted to find the best social wall platform and found Taggbox Display their ideal ally! Let’s find out how Taggbox helped KCU fulfill its objectives by assisting them with a social wall in the graduation ceremony.

Kansas City University: Osteopathic Medical School

Kansas City University (KCU) is a private medical school with two campuses: one in Kansas City and the other in Joplin, Missouri. KCU is one of the first osteopathic medical schools in the United States, having opened its doors in 1916. It has two colleges: one for osteopathic medicine and another for biosciences. By enrollment, KCU is one of the nation’s largest medical schools.

KCU Class of 2022 Commencement
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The “Class of 2022” commencement event was held in Kansas City on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at Municipal Auditorium. Later, the ceremony was held in Joplin at the MSSU Leggett and Platt Athletic Center on Sunday, May 8, 2022. In addition, Kansas City University collaborated with Taggbox to showcase the heartfelt moments over these days through a social wall.

Kansas City University’s Primary Objective

KCU wanted their commencement event in 2022 to be a new experience for the people involved. Kansas City University wanted to ensure that the graduates’ families do not miss out on the ecstatic moment for their children, so they decided to go for a hybrid event.

To make this hybrid event a success, they decided to capture the joyous moment of over 150 medical students graduating from KCU through a social wall. So, in this bid, they contacted Taggbox to create a social wall.

Make Your Commencement Event Memorable

How Taggbox Made The Commencement Event A Success

The “Class of 2022” commencement event of KCU was the first time the commencement event was going hybrid, meaning families at home could also relish the spectacle. In addition, there was excitement when friends and family of the graduates got to know about the first-time online experience of the event through the social wall. 

Taggbox Social Wall lived up to the spectator’s expectations by displaying the graduate’s happy faces in the social media posts aggregated from all social media platforms through #KCUGrad2022. In addition, large digital displays were installed at all corners of the auditorium, giving spectators a brilliant first-time experience. 

It was not that spectators could only watch the event unfold; they could share their social media posts using the ticker below the social media wall with a call to action. Since spectators saw an opportunity to come on the social wall, they captured the moments. Then, they shared them through the ticker, which boosted the event engagement.

Hybrid Social Wall for Graduation Events

KCU labeled this move to engage their audience with a social wall a masterstroke as it increased their website traffic too. 

But when it rains, it pours, and KCU realized this through the benefits that the social wall served as it also added value to the student and family experience of the limited capacity in-person events.

The Desired After-effect

The effect that the social wall created was just what KCU desired. They wanted their commencement event to be engaging, justified by the number of spectators engaged with the social wall.

KCU’s website traffic significantly increased after the social wall display. In addition, a swarm of people learned about them through how they presented their social walls on social media platforms.

Taggbox Social Wall on website

Gracing the lives of students and families through a brilliant online commencement event was always on the mind of KCU. They got just that as the social wall was a lifetime experience for everyone who witnessed it.

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Taggbox In Kansas City University’s Words

We got in touch with the authorities of Kansas City University to find out about their experience with Taggbox, and their answer didn’t surprise us at all.

When asked about the functionalities which stood out for them, they answered,

We asked them what the most impressive part of our services was, and they answered.

We also asked KCU authorities to give Taggbox ratings on a scale of 5, and these were the ratings that they provided.

Taggbox ratings on a scale of 5

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