embed yelp reviews widget on html

Embed Yelp Review Widget on HTML Website

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Taggbox Yelp Review Widget on HTML

yelp reviews widget html

Designed with the compatibility of the HTML website, Yelp review widget allow to collect all the user-reviews of your brand (via profile or pages), personalize & curate them, and embed to your HTML website with a single line code.

1. No Coding Required

2. Hassle-Free Integration

3. Platform-Specific Design

4. API Access

Spotlight Features

Highly responsive Yelp reviews widget with seamless integration of features and functionality to offer best user experience and engagement

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

With a lightweight design, this widget is highly responsive and easily compatible for all types of devices and screen size

Creative Customizations

Creative Customizations

You will get options to customize like diverse themes, layouts, styles, design elements, colors, fonts, and much more.

Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Display only relevant Yelp review widget to your html website by eliminating all other irrelevant content and maintain premium quality

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Get automatic updates of your Yelp reviews on the website without doing it manually to add unique content frequently

Custom Posts

Custom Posts

Design custom reviews widget on the html website for branding, promotional, and sponsoring purposes & drive more conversions

Widget Analytics

Widget Analytics

Analyze and measure the performance of your Yelp reviews widget and collect insights into user behavior, sentiments, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yelp widget?

A Yelp widget is a tool that enables users to incorporate their preferred Yelp reviews on their website. It collects Yelp reviews by connecting with the users' Yelp accounts and curates them into a unified widget. It makes the embedding process seamless and result-driven for the website owners.

Can I link Yelp reviews to my HTML website?

Yes, you can easily link your Yelp reviews to your HTML website. Taggbox Widget offers an easy process where you can collect, curate, and embed the Yelp review widget on your HTML website. The Yelp reviews widget we offer can be auto-synced, which means that each time there is a new review, it will automatically appear on your HTML website.

Where can I integrate my Yelp reviews widget HTML code?

You can embed your Yelp review widget HTML code on the backend of your HTML website where you want the Yelp reviews to appear. Be it on homepage, footer, header, blogs, sidebar or any other section.

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