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5 Ways to Use Social Media Displays at Events to Engage Attendees

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It’s quite a common sight to catch guests and event attendees take a quick yawn & appear disinterested during the event. Is that something you intend to see in your audience in your next brand event?

What are Social Media Displays

Social media displays, commonly known as social displays are used in events to keep the audience thoroughly engaged throughout the event. A visual delight and an engaging and magnetizing tool, social media displays at events show tweets and posts from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc.

Being interactive, digital signage displays can be efficiently used in brand events to display user-generated content, sponsor’s social media feeds, speaker’s Twitter feed, UGC that brand followers or event attendees are posting via the hashtags given by you.

In a wrap, social walls for events are a tool to get your audience chattering and sharing about your brand event, which implies more marketing and promotion. Also, it’s free marketing done by your brand patron!

Without delay, let’s plunge into the ways a brand can engage event attendees with by using a social media display tool-

1. Show UGC on Digital Signage’s via Brand Specific Hashtag


Develop a unique hashtag that relates to the brand event. When a brand follower or an event attendee posts with the brand hashtag, this post will be streamed onto the digital display board or the jumbotron automatically.

Event attendees get quite thrilled to watch their posts and tweets comprising of their experience, review and moments with the brand on the official social media wall of the brand and they enjoy their glory.

Other event attendees watching this are also pumped to tweet and post to the brand’s hashtag to watch their post show up on the digital signage display. Followers and event attendees feel their opinions and experiences valued by the brand as and when their posts get displayed on the Social Wall.

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2. Exhibit Sponsor’s Content

Social wall for brands

The dedicated sponsors of your brand event must also be valued and be given a wall of fame with the social media wall at your event. Also, sponsors nowadays wish to standout and be known to the audience and are no longer mere backstage supporters.

Offer a social display service to your sponsors to let them display their tweets, posts, photos, videos and more from their social media channels. The more your social media wall gets interactive, the more magnetizing it will become for event attendees.

3. Exhibit Speaker’s Content


It’s quite given that there are speakers in an event. Add the social channel of your speaker to your brand’s social media digital signage to extract the live social media feed from their accounts and channel it towards your brand event.

Extract only the brand-related posts from your speaker’s feed and display it on the social wall of the brand. This way, the audience will not miss posts and updates from the speaker and the followers from the speaker’s channel will be directed towards the brand too, which simply means more followers for the brand.

4. Exhibit Related Industry News and grab Viewer Attention

Social Wall on website

Information is always attention-grabbing. When information accompanied with interactive images and videos is displayed on the social media display at the brand event, it is bound to receive viewer attention.

News and happenings from a related industry can be displayed on the digital display board to let the audience have insights to informational data. People love to stand and read through engaging content that’s in real-time happening around the world.

In your brand is in the automobile industry, display related information from a competitor brand. Interactive and dynamic feature of the social media walls has proven to be engrossing for people. Well, at least they won’t be glued to their smartphones.

5. Connect your Brand’s Social Content to Social Walls

Social Media Displays

As a brand when your event is nearing or is taking place, the brand can post all the official updates about the event and the same can be displayed on social media walls. Social walls have an infinite reach of the brand’s content.

Let event attendees walk around the event venue and never miss an update from the brand. Connect your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Share announcements, prize winners, next speaker in line, QnA poll, etc. and keep your audience posted.

If you are interested to use a social media wall with any of these ideas listed above, then get started with a premium social aggregator tool like Tagbox. It is a social media wall provider for brands that wish to indulge into dynamic and interactive marketing and advertising content.

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