Instagram Hashtag Campaigns: An Exhaustive Marketing Module

Hashtags have been a revolutionary element of the social media ecosystem where billions of users and millions of brands are leveraging it to fulfil their objectives. 

In such a scenario of cut-throat competition, a properly executed hashtag campaign could be the life saviour of your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

hashtag marketing Instagram

The inception of hashtag came from Twitter for more than a decade ago, but at present, Instagram has been the most popular platform for hashtag campaigns comparatively. 

This holistic guide on Instagram hashtag campaign will help you master your Hashtag marketing strategy to enhance user engagement and grow your business online.

What is the Instagram Hashtag Campaign?

Firstly, In the social media marketing context, a Hashtag is a keyword or a phrase prefixed by the symbol “#” attached to a piece of content on social media be it text, images, videos, etc. 

A Hashtag campaign is when a brand creates a unique hashtag for their social media marketing campaign to give their campaign an identity, build brand awareness, let interested users engage with the brand, give common interaction platform, easily group & categorize the useful UGC around the hashtag, and measure campaign performance. 

Now about Instagram Hashtag Campaign,

It’s becoming more and more challenging for brands to acquire organic reach. Did you know that including just a single hashtag in your Instagram post can attract 12.6% higher engagement as compared to the non-hashtagged posts?

Instagram hashtag campaigns are a great way to enhance engagement and further organic reach. They also help you to spread brand awareness, promote your new product launch, drive user interaction & engagement, generate & collect valuable user-generated content, increase conversions, and so much more.

Instagram Hashtag Campaigns: The Importance For Marketers

1. Greater Reach & Exposure

Hashtags are not geographically restricted or contained, making them open to a global audience which enhances the opportunities of a broader reach and extended exposure for the campaign resulting in maximum awareness. 

2. Discovery & Visibility

Hashtags will enhance the visibility of the campaign with an easy discovery potential, so the use of relevant and targeted hashtags expose your Instagram posts to a whole new pool of audience that brings in more customers and meaningful results to your business.

3. Social Presence Building

The hashtag campaign strategy will also help in building a strong social media presence as the extended exposure will bring more loyal followers and opportunities of community building. 

4. Enhanced Engagement & Interactions

The user engagement and interaction possibilities grow exponentially with the hashtag campaign as you delegate the power to run the campaign in the hands of users. Users are the prime players as they create, share, and explore content in a hashtag campaign. 

5. UGC Creation & Leveraging

User-generated content is the most reliable, authentic, and trustworthy form of content that has been created & shared by the users based on their real experiences, opinions, ideas, and feedback. 

Hashtag campaign will cause the users to create valuable UGC for a brand that you can leverage in marketing as it immensely helps in building social proof, attract users, increase engagement, and grow conversions. 

6. Tracking & Performance Measurement

One of the pivotal things to consider is that hashtag tracking and performance measurement is extremely easy with hashtag campaigns. It will help in comparing and analysing the achievements with the objectives which will help in more powerful future campaigns. 

7. Increase Conversions & Revenue

The combination of Instagram & hashtag campaigns with these benefits mentioned above can unlock the doors to broader & better success opportunities for your marketing campaigns generating maximum conversions & revenue, leading to maximized returns with minimal investments.

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How To Create A Brand Hashtag Campaign

Here is a detailed guide that will make you a pro in designing your successful hashtag campaign strategy. Come, let’s delve into.

1. Do Your Hashtag Research Properly

To use hashtags effectively and efficiently, you need to do proper research as it is much more than just adding a pound sign(#) in front of the words you like. 

Instagram hashtag campaign

Brainstorm your ideas, analyze the competitor’s strategy, learn about trending topics, see the lengths & complexity of your existing industry hashtags, and much more similar steps before deciding a hashtag. 

2. Relevancy & Creativity 

Relevance & creativity are highly crucial for users to be intrigued and engage with the hashtag campaign. So, find relevant keywords to your campaign objectives or brand values, add creativity, infuse some interesting or memorable elements, etc.

Relevancy, along with creativity, will help in attracting the users to use your brand’s hashtag and engage more with it, leading to enhanced Instagram hashtag marketing campaign performance. 

3. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Excess of something can sometimes be detrimental. Going overboard with hashtags might seem tempting, but it will cause an adverse impact on your hashtag campaign strategy. 

Reports indicate that the optimal use of hashtags must be limited to 11 hashtags per post. Using excessive hashtags will lead to misguidance & dissimilarity among the audience engagement & their responses. 

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4. Integrate Rewards, Contests, & Giveaways

Social media users love engaging in activities where they can get rewards, gifts, giveaways, etc. and you can leverage it promote your Instagram hashtag campaign & user engagement.

Just give the guidelines loud and clear about the kind of content entries you expect from your audience and do specify the Instagram hashtag to be used while submitting the entries along with highlighting the benefits they will get out of it. 

Instagram hashtag campaign ideas

If you just offer your users to feature them on your Instagram profile (given your brand is a good one!). In return, you get loads of user-generated content for your brand that you can use for your brand marketing.

5. Learn From The Influencers

Studying the Instagram hashtag marketing strategy of the influencers of your industry helps you direct your actions in the right direction that brought them positive user engagement and avoid mistakes they did.

You even get an idea of the best performing hashtags of your industry which you can use for your campaign. So, learn from them and beat them at their own game.

6. Consistency, Communication, & Community

You must stay consistent with your hashtag and give users some time to discover, engage, and interact with your campaign. But also, don’t be rigid on using the non-performing hashtags.

Also, keep interacting and communicating with the audience, which is engaging with your campaign. It will help in building a loyal community around the brand and campaign, which can be leveraged in the future. 

7. Creating or Choosing A Brand Hashtag

The most crucial strategy for a hashtag campaign is choosing the right hashtag for your campaign. So follow these following simple steps –

  • It should be unique, precise, & brand relatable
  • Simple & Easy to understand for an average user
  • Add a little creativity & interesting element 
  • Don’t make it abusive, offensive, and disrespectful
  • Conduct a review & test run before going through with it

Best Solution For Instagram Hashtag Campaign 

Now that you have studied the benefits and how to create a hashtag marketing campaign. We have an all in one solution to create, manage, and share hashtag campaign for marketers, i.e. Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform and social media wall display that helps marketers to build trust, increase engagement, and grow conversions with solutions to discover curate, and display user-generated content across all marketing channels.

You can leverage Taggbox to create a hashtag campaign, easily create a live Instagram hashtag feed, customize & moderate it, add branding & promotional elements, and display it perfectly as a UGC feed on the website, in events, digital signages, email marketing, and many more channels. 

The platform also provides easy hashtag tracking and insightful analytics for your campaign. It is easy to use and will help in creating result-driven campaigns effectively and efficiently. 

Most Popular Instagram Hashtag Campaigns

1. Nike Uses Iconic Slogan As Hashtag- #justdoit

Nike is a smart player in the market, and it proves it again when it initiated its Instagram Hashtag Campaign with an all-time motivational mantra #justdoit. It also appears on its t-shirts, bags, other products, and billboards all over the world.

nike hashtag campaign
Nike #Justdoit Campaign

As a statement, it helps the brand to create a brand image that conveys it as competitive, vigorous, direct, powerful, and inspirational. The campaign resulted in inspiring people who helped them grab 15,857,590 posts over Instagram. 

2. Warner Bros Relaunches Mortal Kombat 11 With #MKKOLLECTIVE

Warner Bros relaunched its much loved online game Mortal Kombat 11 in one of the unique ways helping it create a huge buzz among the game lovers and participate in its relaunch. 

It created a digital hub for its fans and lovers to build a community by sharing their original and innovative content related to Mortal Kombat franchise over multiple social media platforms like Instagram using the hashtag #MKKOLLECTIVE.

hashtag marketing campaigns

People enthusiastically contributed to the game’s official website by submitting artistic UGC entries related to the game and in return got featured on the embedded social feed on the website.

3. Coca Cola Spreads Kindness Over Social Media With #RefreshTheFeed

On its way of becoming the most optimistic brand of all, Coca Cola launched an Instagram Hashtag marketing Campaign with the #RefreshTheFeed with the mission to embark kindness and spread optimism. 

hashtag marketing campaigns
Coca Cola #RefreshTheFeed Campaign

In that direction, the brand refreshed its entire Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. It encouraged users to submit their creative and optimistic content entries to spread positivity over social media platforms. 

This initiative helped the brand to establish itself as a brand rooted in optimism, upliftment, and connection with the users.


Instagram Hashtags are a great tool to connect with people, build a community, spread brand awareness, and generate user-generated content on the platform. 

Although the difference between using efficiently and over-using hashtags must be understood, it is very crucial as it is a deciding factor in building or breaking your hashtag marketing campaign.

Therefore, as a brand looking forward to market itself on Instagram must keep clear of their Instagram Hashtag Campaign strategy and plan things accordingly. 

Don’t shy away from embedding the user-generated Instagram hashtag feeds on your website and see for yourself the amazing results in terms of your website performance.

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