Instagram Hashtag Campaigns: An Exhaustive Marketing Module

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Did you know that including just a single hashtag in your Instagram post can attract you a hiked potential engagement of 12.6% as compared to the non-hashtagged posts?

Yes! Hashtags are a great way to grab more eyes (and engagement! ) on your Instagram posts. Have you ever tried embedding Instagram Hashtag feeds on your website? The results will drive you crazy!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms presently and its vogue is increasing exponentially. With that, the number of accounts and followers fighting for the spotlight is also hiking greatly. It’s becoming more and more challenging for brands to acquire organic reach. 

In such a scenario of cut-throat competition, a properly executed hashtag campaign could be the life savior of your brand’s social media marketing strategy. This holistic guide on Instagram hashtag campaigns will help you master your Instagram Hashtag Game and enhance user engagement and grow your business online.

Let’s get started!

Instagram Hashtag Campaigns: The Significance

Instagram has been open to innovative changes since its inception and it is still undergoing the process of constant feature updates. But what remains constant is the importance of Instagram Hashtags in bringing potential traffic to your posts and Instagram profile.

Hashtags are still an incredible way to get discovered by a newer audience. Use of relevant and targeted hashtags expose your Instagram posts to a whole new pool of audience that brings in more followers, more customers, meaningful engagement and probably, conversions for your business.

hashtag marketing instagram

Hashtags are a great way to organize and categorize your online content which makes it easier to find them later on.

They were initially invented to categorize online Twitter content by Chris Messina in around August 2007. Having travelled a journey of over a decade, hashtags are now extensively used across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc. 

Instagram hashtags are not only a great way to enhance engagement and further organic reach but they also help you to spread awareness about your new product launch and brand,  spread the consciousness about a social cause, enhance user engagement, collect user-generated content from multiple platforms, get direct results, and so much more.

Tips For Creating Your Own Hashtag Campaign

A Hashtag Campaign is a well-proven marketing strategy to incite user engagement and organic reach for your brand or business website and drive direct results benefitting your business conversions by letting your users participate in your marketing efforts.

Here is a detailed guide that will make you a pro in designing your own successful hashtag campaigns. Come, let’s delve into.

1. Do Your Hashtag Research Properly

The art of hashtagging doesn’t come that easy. It is much more than just adding a pound sign(#) in front of the words you like. In order to use hashtags effectively and efficiently, you need to do proper research. 

Instagram hashtag campaign

Many online tools in the market can help you do that or you could just start searching. Just enter your hashtag idea in the search bar on Instagram and see what comes in the dropdown menu. You could also check out what your competitors are doing and start your research in that direction.

2. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Excess of something can sometimes be detrimental. So is the case with Hashtags. Going overboard with hashtags might seem tempting to your immature marketing mind but being fussy about hashtag usage might actually benefit your Instagram marketing strategy overall. 

hashtag campaign

In fact, reports indicate that the optimal use of hashtags must be limited to 11 hashtags per post. Although Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post but complete your research thoroughly and use only the most relevant ones.

3. Observe The Instagram Influencers Of Your Industry

Learn from the best. There is nothing wrong in observing and spying the course of action of the best ones in your field, your competitors basically.

In fact, everyone follows and wants to see what the top players of your industry are doing. Learn from them and beat them in their own game. 

hashtag marketing strategy

Studying the Instagram hashtag marketing strategy of the influencers of your industry helps you direct your actions in the right direction that brought them positive user engagement and avoid the mistakes they did.

You even get an idea of the best performing hashtags of your industry which you can use for your own campaign.

4. Embed Your Instagram Hashtag Feed On Your Website

This is one of the smartest tricks in the array of these Instagram hashtag campaigning tips. How great it would be if you could bring the buzz of your Hashtag Campaigns to your website! Well, you can actually do that.

All you need to do is aggregate all your Hashtag Campaign feeds to a social hub and display that social hub on your website. 

hashtag marketing strategy

Embedding Instagram Feeds on your website help you drive potential engagement from your website traffic to your hashtag campaign thereby enhancing its overall ROI.

It is a great idea as it helps you integrate multiple platforms with your Hashtag campaign and spread a good word about it to the audience outside of your target niche. It also helps to provide a great social proof to your website visitors.

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5. Keep Your Hashtag Consistent

It is important that you complete your research on hashtags before using them for your campaign. Using the most relevant hashtags is crucially important.

Make sure your hashtag has a meaning especially in relevance to your industry or brand. It shouldn’t be any jumble of alphabets that don’t connect with your campaign moto or brand overall.

hashtag campaign ideas

Also, maintain your consistency while you finalize your hashtag for your campaign. If your campaign is an annual one of the same character, then uniformity must be maintained.

Also, avoid using overly popular hashtags otherwise your content will get lost in the sea of other similarly hashtagged social media posts.

6. Organize Giveaway Contests

Whose doesn’t love to win free stuff? Users actively participate in Instagram hashtag campaigns in return of gifts and free giveaways.

In fact, if you just offer your users to feature them on your Instagram profile (given your brand is a good one!). In return, you get loads of user-generated content for your brand that you can use for your brand marketing.

It is a great way to build a buzz around your brand and engage users with your brand activities. These giveaway contests are easy to conduct and Instagram-oriented.

Just give the guidelines loud and clear about the kind of content entries you expect from your audience and do specify the Instagram hashtag to be used while submitting the entries.

7. Build A Community Around Your Hashtags

Instagram Hashtag Campaigns are a great way to initiate a sense of belonging among your users towards your brand. This initiates the process of building a dedicated community for your brand.

This helps to ensure long-term loyalty and user engagement with your brand. 

Hashtags are a great way to connect with your audience. Keeping a track of the trending hashtags in your industry helps you to discover new and potential partners and include them into your target niche, maybe end up converting them into long-term customers for your brand!

Aggregate Engaging UGC For Your Instagram Hashtag Campaigns

This section becomes very important given the recent Instagram Hashtag API Search changes. Now you can generate only those hashtagged posts which are published online over a period of 24 hours. This presents a challenge for brands lurking over Instagram for the sole purpose of generating fresh user-generated content using Instagram hashtags.

These new changes have limited the brands to trail a maximum of 30 hashtags per user within 7 days. This restricts you from monitoring hashtags in bulk.

Also, information like username, followers count, and others are hidden in the search result. Further, you cannot comment directly on a hashtagged post through a system anymore.

So, how do you monitor hashtags to generate UGC for your campaign then? In order to aggregate engaging UGC For Your Instagram Campaigns, you could always use third-party tools to simplify your task.

A Social Media Aggregator and Embedding Tool, one like Taggbox, is a great way to aggregate your Hashtagged UGC posts from Instagram (and other social media platforms too!).

An Instagram aggregator like Taggbox safely aggregates your Hashtagged Posts from Instagram at one platform, i.e., the Wall Editor. Once aggregated, you can customize, moderate, analyze, and do much more with these aggregated Instagram Hashtagged posts.

You can even embed these Instagram Hashtag Posts on your website to impact your website traffic positively with user-generated content presented as social proof. This aggregated Instagram Hashtag Content can further be used by the brands for various purposes in the future.

Most Popular Instagram Hashtag Campaigns

Multiple brands have employed Instagram Hashtag Campaigns for promoting their brand and engulfing user activity on their Instagram profile. There’s a lot you can learn from each example mentioned below. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Nike Uses Iconic Slogan As Hashtag- #justdoit

Nike is a smart player in the market and it proves it again when it initiated its Instagram Hashtag Campaign with an all-time motivational mantra #justdoit. It also appears on its t-shirts, bags, other products, and billboards all over the world.

nike hashtag campaign

As a statement, it helps the brand to create a brand image that conveys it as competitive, vigorous, direct, powerful, and inspirational. The campaign resulted in inspiring people which helped them grab 15,857,590 posts over Instagram. 

2. Warner Bros Relaunches Mortal Kombat 11 With #MKKOLLECTIVE

Warner Bros relaunched its much loved online game Mortal Kombat 11 in one of the most unique ways helping it create a huge buzz among the game lovers and participate in its relaunch. 

hashtag marketing campaigns

It created a digital hub for its fans and lovers to build a community by sharing their original and innovative content related to Mortal Kombat franchise over multiple social media platforms like Instagram using the hashtag #MKKOLLECTIVE.

People enthusiastically contributed to the game’s official website by submitting artistic UGC entries related to the game and in return got featured on the embedded social wall on the website.

3. Coca Cola Spreads Kindness Over Social Media With #RefreshTheFeed

On its way of becoming the most optimistic brand of all, Coca Cola launched an Instagram Hashtag Campaign with the #RefreshTheFeed with the mission to embark kindness and spread optimism. 

hashtag marketing campaigns

In that direction, the brand refreshed its entire Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles and encouraged the users to submit their creative and optimistic content entries in order to spread positivity over social media platforms. This initiative helped the brand to establish itself as a brand rooted in optimism, upliftment, and connection with the users.


Instagram Hashtags are a great tool to connect with people, build a community, spread brand awareness, and generate user-generated content on the platform. 

Although the difference between using efficiently and over-using hashtags must be understood. It is very crucial as it is a deciding factor in building or breaking your hashtag campaign.

Therefore, as a brand looking forward to market itself on Instagram must keep clear of their Instagram Hashtag Campaign strategy and plan things accordingly. 

Don’t shy away from embedding the user-generated Instagram hashtag feeds on your website and see for yourself the amazing results in terms of your website performance.

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