How To Display A Social Wall On Screen Cloud Digital Signage?

Display Social Wall On Screen Cloud Digital Signage

To display a Social Wall on Screen Cloud Digital Signage, you need to follow the given steps-

Step 1

Go to Taggbox Social Wall Dashboard and Select your Wall.

Step 2

Click on the Display button in the bottom of the left column. In the left bottom side, you will notice an Integrate with DIGITAL SIGNAGE option. Click on it.

Step 3

Select Screen Cloud as your digital signage option.

Step 4

A dialogue box explaining steps to display social wall on Screen Cloud digital signage will appear. From the last step, copy the Embed Code/ URL to clipboard.

Step 5

Now, open your Screen Cloud account.

Step 6

Navigate to the playlist. Create a new one or edit an existing playlist.

Step 7

Click on Add Website.

Step 8

Now, in the Website Address field, paste the copied URL.

Great! You have successfully integrated social wall on your Screen Cloud digital signage. 

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