How to Display Taggbox Social Wall on Rise Vision Digital Signage

To display Taggbox Social Wall on Rise Vision, you need to follow the given steps:-

Step 1

First Login or Signup to your Taggbox Display Account

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

After Login you will be land on the Taggbox Display Home

Step 3

Click on the Start Now

Step 4

Select the source from where you want to fetch the feed

Choose Feed Source

Step 5

Just take Instagram as a source to add the feed by Hashtag, Handle, Stories, Mentions, Tagged, Personal account & IGTV Videos.

Step 6

After filling the information, you will see the preview of social wall

Insta Feed

Step 7

Click on display button and you will get the following options & Choose Rise Vision

Choose Rise Vision

Step 8

A dialogue box explaining steps to display social wall on Rise Vision will appear. From the first step, copy the Embed Code/ URL to the clipboard.

Step 9

Now, Register or Login on Rise Vision or login to your existing account. or if you have already logged into the the Rise Vision then directly follow the Step 10.

Login to Rise Vision

Step 10

Now click on this link “” and you will see the Taggbox Display Social Wall Template Screen. Here you have to select the “HTML Embed” Option.

Enter this URL

Step 11

Now Replace the URL between “src=’ ‘  in iframe class section” with your Taggbox Display Social wall URL and click on publish button

Enter Code

Congratulation, you have successfully integrated Taggbox Social Wall on Rise Vision

If you have any issues you can contact us or mail us [email protected]