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AI-Powered Content Curation​

The best way to discover, collect, & curate the most valuable & premium content using digital intelligence

Smart Curation Possibilties Fueled By Intelligent Technologies

Solutions that let you curate more authentic & purposeful content with peerless effectivity & efficiency

Easy Moderation & Management

Easy Moderation & Management

The moderation functionality for intelligent filtering of content based on different metrics along with automated profanity like format, source, etc. filters to maintain supreme content quality.

Easily manage thousands of posts with content moderation automation possibilties & minimum human effort.

Scalable UGC Hub Creation

Scalable UGC Hub Creation

Use our smart curation techniques to gather & curate user-generated content that is highly beneficial, trustworthy, authentic, and favorable for your brand & campaigns.

Build a hub of such content that you can leverage in current or future result-driven marketing & campaigns

Best Content From Digital Platforms

Use elements like hashtags, profiles, tags, channels, mentions, pages, and many more to discover best content around digital media platforms that is relevant to your brand, its campaigns, or industry. Maintain effectiveness & efficiency with curating the content that will perform for your campaigns

Social Media & Digital Platforms For Content Curation

Explore limitless content curation possibilites through integration & curation from popular digital platforms

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Spotlight Features For Personalized Content Experience

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the content creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience.

Easy UGC Rights Management

Easy UGC Rights Management

Get safety against users’ data privacy policies by getting content rights directly from the users and leverage UGC beyond the marketing ecosystem.

Engaging Customizations & Moderation

Engaging Themes & Customizations

A gallery of creative themes suitable for every occasion, whatsoever. So, customize your content feeds with attractive design patterns, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, and more.

Custom Or Sponsored Content

Custom Or Sponsored Content

Add Custom branded content, Sponsored content, offers, announcements, etc. to highlight special marketing content to your audiences along with your curated content.

Measure Performance With Analytics

Measure Performance With Analytics

Measure content performance with our in-built insightful analytics to understand user behaviour & sentiments. Make adjustments & modifications to future content curation process based on analytics.

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