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Files Everywhere, Folders Overflowing

Ever feel like you're on a wild goose chase just to find the content you need?

Tagbox, Your Content Management Maestro

Centralizing everything in one personalized dashboard. No more frantic searches – find, edit, and track all your operations with a single click!

Chasing Down Permissions

Feels like playing phone tag with a ghost – time-consuming and frustrating, right?

Tagbox, Your Rights Management Powerhouse

Letting you request permissions directly from the platform and track responses seamlessly. No more endless email hunts - just clear control and peace of mind.

Small Marketing Team?

We get it. Juggling content creation with limited resources can feel like walking a tightrope!

Tagbox, Your Automation Pal

Let AI categorize your content and automate workflows, freeing your team to focus on strategic planning. Experience streamlined efficiency and time for what matters most.

Struggling To Find Influencers?

Finding the right influencers and managing them…it's like herding cats, isn't it? Complex and sometimes chaotic!

Tagbox, Your Influencer Matchmaker

Connecting you with a vast database of relevant influencers eager to collaborate. No more complex searches – just targeted partnerships that spark success.

Distribution Is a Task

Got amazing content but struggling to get it seen across all the marketing channels? We've all been there – it's a constant puzzle!

Tagbox, Your Distribution Dynamo

Seamlessly integrating with your existing marketing stack. No more platform juggling – just effortless content distribution across every marketing touchpoint.

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  • Taggbox UGC Suite is like gold dust for my website!

    Not only has it boosted engagement levels, but it's also allowed me to showcase real customer experiences in an engaging and authentic way.

    Yajaira Sosa

    Gerente de Operaciones

    COZY Punta Cana, SRL

  • I highly recommend Taggbox to boost the brand's online presence.

    After utilizing Taggbox, my brand's engagement increased. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and utilize to its fullest potential.

    Christina H.

    Digital Marketing Specialist


  • One software with a lot of features.

    We've adopted the Taggbox UGC suite to display user-generated content related to our brand on digital signage. I'm impressed by its user-friendly dashboard.

    Jon Moser

    Digital Strategist

    Assemblies of God World Missions

  • Enhance Brand Engagement with Taggbox UGC Suite!

    Taggbox UGC Suite has revolutionized our marketing efforts, and the feature that stands out the most is its advanced UGC analytics.

    Erkki Muuga

    Senior Product Manager


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  • ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    Building Trust and Brand Image with User-Generated Content

    Real estate developer SouthStar Communities used Tagbox's social media widget to showcase user experiences on their website, fostering trust, increasing engagement, and strengthening their brand image.

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  • Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website

    Boosting Tourism with Authentic User-Generated Content

    Schiermonnikoog Island, Netherlands, leveraged Tagbox to display user-generated content on their website, attracting visitors, building trust, and increasing website traffic by 190%.

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