Customised Social Wall For

Capture your audience's attention seamlessly by showcasing a real-time updated social wall on multiple marketing touchpoints.

Showcase Social Wall On Multiple Marketing Touchpoints

Effortless curate, design, & insert social walls into your virtual & hybrid events to offer interactive & unique experiences to event attendees.

Social Wall For Virtual & Hybrid Events

The Taggbox Social Wall for virtual & Hybrid Events allows brands to collect content like images, videos, text posts, etc. from over 15+ social platforms into a wall and easily integrate into virtual & hybrid event streamings. It helps improve real-time interaction, audience engagement, and delightful digital event experience.

Social Wall For Website

Build User engagement and trust by embedding social media widget on website . Increase purchase and amplify your social commerce efforts by using our embed features to showcase the best content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more on your websites. Nonetheless, showcase your Hashtag campaigns too on your websites.

Display Social Wall On Any Screen

Whether itโ€™s a Jumbotron, Projector screens, TV screens or Mobile Phone, Our social media wall for events is perfect to display on all screen types because of our responsive layouts. Hence, you can display the aggregated content of your trending feeds and hashtags using any given display theme of your choice through any screen.

Shoppable Social Wall For Ecommerce

Shoppable Social Wall For Ecommerce

Turn your social media content & UGC into a shoppable social wall by tagging products and publish it on your eCommerce site or online store. Shoppable social walls help in increasing sales, building social proof, inspire customers, and deliver unique shopping experiences.

Activate Social Wall Easily

A UGC platform with seamless and quick process that turns social UGC into powerful User-generated content campaigns.


Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential social content from more than 15 media networks without any hassle.

Collect UGC

Exhibit premium content to the audience by enabling advanced filtering & moderation options to make your social wall worth a while.

curate user-generated content

Enhance your social wall with endless customization options like themes, styles, and designs to offer vibrancy and visual appeal.

get ugc rights

Publish the social wall on multiple marketing touchpoints: webpages, digital displays, email campaigns, or social ads, and track its performance with detailed analytics.

user generated content platform

Grow your brand with social media wall solutions

Start Engaging Your Audience Right Now With Amazing Social Walls

Stand-out Features

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative audience experience

Multiple Themes
Compelling Options to Customise

Turn your social media walls attention grabbing with high-end themes and options to customize like colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc., by Taggbox Display and create an impression that lasts.

Automatic Moderation
Automated Process of Moderation

Moderation helps you eliminate the content that isn't appropriate for your social wall; manually or by an automated process. The best part- it can be operated from anywhere, any control device, as everything is in the cloud.

Design and Customize
Private Posts

Reach out to your audience where they are beyond social media with private posts feature. Inspire users' content on the social wall directly through QR code or an URL and maximise engagement for your private events.

Remote Control
Mix content easily with 'Studio'

Enhance user engagement by maximizing creativity with studio. Mix a variety of content together(apps, PDFs, GIFs, images and videos), monitor and organise screen play, change layouts and display limitlessly.

Profanity Filter
Prfonity Filter to Stay Relevant

By using the Profanity filter, you can automatically block any sort of inappropriate content. As the feature uses your preset word database and discards any content which isn't fit to showcase.

Insightful Analytics

Manage, publish and analyse the performance of your social wall through our Analytics feature. You can use it to generate reports and improve users' engagement.

Explore What Global Brands Are Able To Derive Using Taggbox Display

Have a look at some of our client success stories to know how social media display wall helped these brands achieve their goals

  • Increased Engagement & Social Media Interactions At Etihad Arena
    Live Event

    UFC 267's Organizers Ethihad Arena Enhanced Visitor Engagement With Taggbox Display Social Wall

    Etihad Arena recently hosted the UFC 267 on October 30th, 2021, and incorporated the social media wall by Taggbox Display. UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Competition is an American mixed martial arts company that organizes fighting events featuring international high-level fighters

    Learn More
  • SMW Dubai
    Digital Media Live Event

    2x More Reach & Engagement For SMW Dubai

    Social Media Week, a leading global conference & industry news platform for marketing & technology installed Taggbox social wall to encourage the event audience & millions of social users to engage with their 1st ever event in theMiddle east. The results of social wall were amazing with 2x more reach, 1.5x more mentions, 2x Higher audience engagement with #SMWIDubai trending at 1st place in UAE.

    Learn More

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