How to Display A Social Wall on Embed Digital Signage

Display Taggbox Display Social Wall on Embed Digital Signage

Looking to integrate a social wall on Embed digital signage, then this blog is for you. Read this complete guide to display social wall on Embed Digital Signage. 

Step 1

Register or login to your existing Taggbox Display Account

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

After this, you will reach the Taggbox Display dashboard

Step 3

Here, click on the ‘Start Now’

Step 4

Now ‘Choose Source Network’ to fetch the social feed

Choose Feed Source

Step 5

Let’s take Instagram as a source to create the social feed. Here you will find multiple options to create a feed, i.e., Hashtag(#), Handle(@), Stories, Mentions, Tagged, IGTV Videos, Personal Account.

Instagram feed

Step 6

Check the box ‘Manually approve posts before making them public to enable moderation for your social wall. From the moderation panel, you can choose what content you want to showcase on your digital screen, also you can remove unappealing posts.

taggbox display moderation

Step 7

After creating a feed you will see the preview of your social wall.

Taggbox Display Social Wall

You can also customize your social wall by using the ‘Personalize’ feature of Taggbox Display. 

Step 8

Now click on the ‘Display’ button and copy your social wall URL

display on digital signage

Step 9

Now login to your Embed digital signage account

Step 10

Here, click on ‘Global Playlists’ from the left sidebar

Step 11

Add a new playlist or edit your existing playlist.

Step 12

Here, click on the ‘Edit Playlist Items’ and select the ‘Widget’ option from the header menu 

Step 13

Insert the ‘Website’ widget to your playlist.

Step 14

Now edit the widget, paste the copied social wall URL and update all other information required.

And that’s it. You have successfully added the Taggbox Display social wall to the Embed digital signage.

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