How To Manage UGC Rights?

Learn how to manage User-generated content rights with these simple steps.

Collect User-Generated Content

Step 1

First Login into yourTaggbox Account”. You will land to the Dashboard.

Step 2

Click on “Create Wall” option, a pop-up will appear, give a name to your wall and click on Create Wall.

create UGC Wall with Taggbox Rights Management

Step 3

When you click on Create Wall, a popup will appear with multiple social media platform options, Here we select Instagram as a source.

Note:- Instagram has been selected as an example for this blog. You can select any platform(s) of your choice.

pick a source to collect UGC

Step 4 

Select the Instagram connection type (hashtag(#), profile post(@), mentions and tagged). Give the other required details asked for and click on Create Feed.

  • Handles (@) – Collects Instagram feeds from business profile handle. Enter your Instagram user handle(username).
  • Mentions- Collects Instagram feeds where you have been mentioned.
  • Tagged- Collect Instagram feeds where you have been tagged.

Step 5

Provide the required credentials of your Instagram Account.

Now, you have successfully added your Instagram feeds. Soon it will appear on your social wall. You can use the Personalize & Moderation panel to set up your Instagram wall.

Steps To Send UGC Rights Request

Step 1

In UGC Wall, you will find all the relevant feeds on the screen. Each post have a UGC rights icon at the bottom of every post.

Click on the UGC rights icon given below each of your posts to raise a UGC request. 

UGC request management

Step 2

After clicking on the UGC icon a new pop-up will appear on your screen with the UGC rights request details. Then choose a request message from the templates, you can also customize the request message as per your choice.

Step 3

Upload a brand logo and Terms and Conditions agreement (if any), then click on the Generate Request button.

send request to UGC owner

Step 5

The link to your “UGC request message” has been copied to the clipboard or you can also copy the link by clicking on the copy button and click on “Finish” button below and then you will be redirected to the user’s original post.

Step 5

Paste your “UGC request message” link in the comments of the original post & post it.

comment ugc link

Step 6

The post’s owner can use the link to grant you access to use the post.

UGC request

Step 8

If your request gets approved by the owner it will show on the moderation panel in the dashboard. Refresh your moderation panel and check the status of the generated request. Now you can download and repurpose the approved UGC.

Approved user-generated content