How to add CTA (Call to action) button on Posts?

Call To Action

Call to action is a feature of Taggbox, where you can add a CTA button on any post. You can add any link on that CTA button. It is useful to increase e-commerce sales. Through this feature, you can add your products or related link on posts.

How to add CTA

Follow below steps to Add CTA

Step 1. Log on to your Taggbox account and navigate to your wall editor.

Step 2. Click on Moderation (You will find it on the left-hand side of the page) –

Select Moderation

Step 3. Now, identify the post on which you wish to add a CTA button

select post

Step 4. Click on More icon:

Click More

Step 5. Click on Edit CTA.

Click Edit Call To Action

A box will appear on your screen where you can fill CTA details like Button Text, Text Color, Button Color, and Url.


Step 6. Once you are done with filling up the CTA details, turn the Status “on”.

Turn On CTA

Step 7. Click on “+Edit CTA”.

Done, you have successfully added CTA button on the post and it will look like this:

Buy Now CTA

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