How to Change Language of Social Wall?

Taggbox Dashboard

After login, you will see your Dashboard like This:

Now click on your Wall Name and open it.

Wall Name

Choose Language

Now, Click More tab (You will find it on the left-hand side of the page) to Change Language of your Social Wall.


After clicking the More tab, you will see an Addons window. Scroll down and click on the Choose Language option.

*Note: “Choose Language” option applies only on Web Embed Themes.

Choose Language


Select Language

This feature enables you to select the desired language according to you.

Choosing the desired language helps you to connect with your Country specific audience and to show the social wall in your language to your website visitors.

Here you will see two options, one is Languages and the other one is Custom.

Select Language


Option 1: Languages

Click on the Languages tab and you will find multiple language options here. Choose any suitable language for your social wall and click Apply to publish it.

Languages Option


Can’t able to find your suitable language in the Language tab? Then don’t worry. You can use the Custom option.

Option 2: Custom

In this tab, you can use your own custom language for your social wall. Here you can set a custom language for Powered By, Show More, No More Posts, View On, Share and All.



If you want to see these options in some other language, for an example, Russian then fills all the details in the Russian language.

Russian Language


Now click on the Apply button to publish the changes.

How it looks

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No More Posts


No More Post

View On


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