How to Add Instagram Feed?

Create an Account

Please follow the given steps to add an Instagram feed in your Taggbox account.

1. Adding Content From Instagram

Step. 1

Create a Taggbox account and Log In to your Taggbox account, you will see the dashboard

Step. 2

Click on the “+Create Wall” option, a pop-up will appear

Step. 3

Enter the name & create a URL of your Instagram feed and click on the “Create Wall” button

Step. 4

After a few seconds, a pop-up will appear, choose “Instagram” as the source of content

Step. 5

A pop-up will appear with the following choices to fetch content from Instagram

  • Hashtag (#): To fetch content related to hashtags, Enter the Instagram Hashtag.
  • Handle(@): To fetch Instagram feed from an account, click on Handles & the click on Create feed
  • Mentions: Get feeds from where your handle has been mentioned, click on mentions & then Create Feed
  • Tagged: Get feeds from where your handle has been Tagged, click on Tagged & then Create Feed

Step. 6

Now click on Create Feed from the pop-up and enter the necessary login details to complete the content fetching process. 

Excellent work, now the Connection has been created and within a few moments, Instagram posts will appear in the Wall editor.

2. Publishing The Content

Step. 7

From your wall editor, click on the “Display” button at the bottom left

Step. 8

A pop-will appear with the following display options:

  • Embed In Website
  • Display On Screen
  • Digital Signage
  • API options

Choose the channel (platform) where you want to publish your Instagram feed and complete the remaining steps. 

That’s it. You made it.

If you have any questions regarding creating or adding connections please Contact us or write to us at [email protected]