How to Delete a Post in your Taggbox Widget?

Delete a Post

First, Login to your Taggbox Widget account. You will be redirected to your Widget Dashboard. Like This:

Taggbox Widget Dashboard

Follow the below steps to proceed:

Step 1

Now, on the left menu panel Click on My Widget. To open the list of widgets you’ve created.

Wall Name

Step 2

Click on Edit button of your Widget you want to delete feeds for.

Step 3

Click on the “Moderation” on the left-hand side panel of your screen.


Step 4

Now, identify the post you wish to delete (e.g. highlighted in the yellow box) and click on the 3 dots () highlighted in the pink box:

For example see the screenshot below:


Step 5

Now a list will appear as shown in the following picture:

Click the “Delete Post” button.

Delete Post

Step 6

A dialog box for confirmation will appear. Click “Yes, delete it!” to finally delete the post.

Delete Post Yes

Step 7

An acknowledgment dialog box will appear. Click “OK”.

Delete post acknowledgment

You have successfully deleted the post. The post will no longer be displayed on your social widget.

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