How to Display RSS Feeds on Various Digital Signage?


Even though times have changed and there are other various sources to get all the information at once on a common platform, there is a majority of people who still rely on RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to get daily updates.  RSS feeds are perfect to know about the latest news, podcasts, and other crucial information. 

To further spread out information and to keep the potential users of your brand updated with the latest news of your brand, using digital signage is the best bet. 

Being a highly interactive tool, digital signage is the perfect tool to spread the word to a large audience at once. Doing so would keep your customers well informed and they would never miss out on an update. 

All you require is a social media aggregation tool to collect all the RSS feeds and display them on digital signage. 

Taggbox Display is a brilliant social media aggregation tool that allows users to collect, curate, and embed the feeds on various marketing touchpoints including digital signages. 

The platform allows users to collect content from over 15+ social media platforms including RSS feeds. Taggbox display offers various features to further enhance the performance of the feeds. 

The customization features of the platform allow its users to enhance the look of the feeds by selecting from a wide range of templates, layouts, fonts, and much more. 

The advanced moderation panel allows the user to remove any unnecessary content from the feeds. 

The advanced analytics feature of the platform lets the users track the performance of the feeds. Users get detailed insights into total impressions, behavioral analysis of the users, and many other crucial details. 

The platform users can take assistance from the robust back support team of the platform if they encounter any issues while using the platform. 

Now that you are familiar with the Taggbox display and its features, follow the steps mentioned below to effortlessly display RSS feeds on digital signage. 

Step 1

First, log in to your Taggbox Display account

Login to Taggbox

Step 2

After login, you will reach to the Taggbox Display Dashboard. Here, click on ‘Start Now’, and on Next Screen, you will ask to choose a network to create a social wall.

choose start now

Step 3

In the popup that appears, select the RSS connection type from the top tabs and then fill out the required fields.

Choose Platform

Steps 4

Here, a “Create RSS feed” box will appear.

Fill up the details such as:

“Display name” and “Feed URL” as per your requirement.

choose RSS

To enable Moderation on the connection, select “Manually approve posts before making them public.”

Then click the “Create Feed” button to complete adding.

You can also use the Personalize and Moderation Panel to set up your RSS Feeds according to you (You can find them below the Feeds option).

Display RSS Feeds on any Digital Signage Platform

To display the RSS Feeds on any digital signage platform you need to follow the below steps:–

Step 1

Click on the Display button at the bottom of the left column on your wall editor.

RSS Feed

Step 2

Select your Platform (Eg: Mvix, Enplug, Screen Cloud, etc.)

Choose Platform

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Display on Screencloud

Step 1

Choose ScreenCloud as your digital signage option

choose screencloud

Step 2

A dialogue box explaining steps to display the social wall on Screen Cloud will appear. Here, copy the Embed Code/ URL to the clipboard.

Step 3

Now, login to your Screen Cloud account.

login to screen cloud

Step 4

Click on “Apps” and Search for Taggbox Display

Choose Taggbox

Step 5

Now you will get the app guide; click on the get option.

App info

Step 6

Now give a name to your wall, enter your social media wall (as per above), select the theme and number of posts. Click Save.

Enter Social Wall URL

Great! You have successfully integrated social wall on your Screen Cloud digital signage.

Display on Onsign

Step 1

Click on the display button and you will get the following options. Here you have to select

choose onsign

Step 2

Now, Register on OnSign or login to your existing account.

onsign login

Step 3

Go to the Content section on the upper left. Click on New and then select App.

onsign dashboard

Step 4

Search here for social networks and click on the Social Networks Tab. Then choose the Taggbox Display App Option.

Step 5

Paste your Taggbox wall link into the URL field. Then select the ‘Preview’ button in the lower-right corner. Everything looking good? Hit the Save button.

save & preview taggbox social wall

Display on Rise Vision

Step 1

Click on the Display button, and you will get the following options & Choose Rise Vision.

Choose Rise Vision

Step 2

A dialogue box explaining steps to display a social wall on Rise Vision will appear. From the first step, copy the Embed Code/ URL to the clipboard.

Step 3

Now, Register or log in on Rise Vision or Login to your existing account. Or, if you have already logged into the Rise Vision, then directly follow Step 4.

Login to Rise Vision

Step 4

Now click on this link, “,” and you will see the Taggbox Display Social Wall Template Screen. Here you have to select the “HTML Embed” Option.

Enter this URL

Step 5

Now Replace the URL between “src=’ ‘ in the iframe class section” with your Taggbox Display Social wall URL and click on publish button.

Enter Code

Congratulation, you have successfully integrated Taggbox Display Social Wall on Rise Vision

Display on OptiSigns

Step 1

Click on the display button and choose OptiSigns as your option 

Choose Optisign

Step 2

Now Register or login to your existing Optisigns Account 

Step 3

Go to Files/Assets, Click on “App” and search for the Taggbox Display App

Step 4

Click on the Taggbox Display app & Enter the required information

Name: Enter your unique social wall name 

URL: Copy the social wall url from taggbox display account & paste it in the URL bar 

Update Interval: Manage the frequency of updating of your social wall

Preview: Check the preview of your social wall

Save: If everything looks fine then click Save

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the Taggbox Display social wall on OptiSigns Digital Signage.

Display on Enplug

Step 1

To display on Enplug, select Enplug as your digital signage option.

choose enplug

Step 2

Now, login to your Enplug account.

login to enplug

Step 3

Next, click on the Apps dropdown.

Apps in Enplug

Step 4

Select the Webpage App.

Select WebPage Enplug

Step 5

Now, click on Add Website.

Select Enplug

Step 6

In the URL Field, paste the copied Embed URL.

Past URL in Enplug

Great! You have successfully integrated social wall on your Enplug digital signage.

Display on NoviSign

Step 1

Select Novisign as your digital signage option.

choose novisign

Step 2

Now, login to

login novisign

Step 3

Next, click on the Compose button.

Select Compose in NoviSign

Step 4

Select Template.

Select Template

Step 5

Now, drag and drop widgets: Webpage.

Step 6

In the Webpage Field, paste the copied Embed URL.

Novisign Webpage

Great! You have successfully integrated a social wall on your Novisign digital signage.


Pretty simple, wasn’t it?

RSS feeds are still being highly leveraged by a large number of people. Further displaying them on digital signage and placing them strategically will keep your customers updated and they would never miss out on an update from your brand. 

Get going and display RSS feeds on digital signage using Taggbox Display!