How To Embed Slack On Google Site?

Want to bring more clarity to your workspace? Want something that can provide seamless conversations and have a dedicated space for teams to share ideas, make decisions and move work forward? Everything to bring more clarity in your daily work activities. Well, Slack is your go-to channel.

Want to know how you can embed Slack on Google Site to bring your work functioning into order for your employees? 

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for you.

To embed Slack Channel on your Google site, you need to follow the following given steps-

Add a Slack Channel

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Step 1

First, create your Taggbox Widget account or Log in to your existing account

Taggbox Widget Sign Up Dashboard

You’ll be redirected to Taggbox Widget Dashboard:

Create Widget by Taggbox

Step 2

Click on the “Add Social Feeds” option to start adding SLACK feeds to your widget. 

Taggbox add social feeds on websites

Tip: You can also add multiple feeds from multiple sources like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc all in one widget.

Step 3

On the new Dialog Box “Pick a source” select SLACK as your source of aggregating feeds:

Embed Slack Feed Widget

Step 4

A new pop-up “Create Slack Feed” will appear:

Here, Click on the “Connect Slack” button and process the authentication to start the process of Connecting Slack to your Widget.

Connect Slack Feed

Step 5

After authentication you’ll see a drop-down menu with all the Slack Channels you’ve created:

Select the valid Channel to aggregate feeds from that channel:

Create Slack Feed

Step 6

Finally, click the “Create Feed” button to start the processing of aggregating SLACK feeds according to your channel selection.

Great, the Connection will be created now and within a few moments posts will appear in the SLACK Widget Editor. 

You can now embed Slack feed on the Google site.  

Generate Slack Channel Embed Code for Google Site

To embed slack on your Google Site you need to follow below steps.

Step 1

Click the “PUBLISH” button on the bottom-left of the screen, You can also see the PREVIEW of how your feeds gonna look on different devices.

Slack Feed widget for Google Sites

Step 2

On the dialog box of “Choose Your Platform,” select the “OTHER” Logo to generate embed code for Google Sites.

Embed SLACK feed On Google Sites

Step 3

A new Dialog Box will appear “OTHER”:

Enter the width and height into the input box according to your requirement;

Customize Slack feed wall

Step 4

Click GET CODE and COPY the generated code; you can also share the code on your email ID by clicking the SHARE button.

Get Embed Slack Feed Code

After generating the embed code for Google Site follow the below steps for embedding:

Embed Slack To Google site

Follow these step to Embed slack channel from Taggbox Widget Editor to Google site.

Step 1

Log in to your Google Site Account.

Step 2

On the right side select The page where you want to Embed your Slack widget. (Let’s suppose we can choose the Contact page.)

Add Slack Feeds on Google site

Step 3

On your dashboard, Select the INSERT tab and then select  <> Embed Option.

Insert Slack feed on google site

Step 4

Embed from the web pop-up appeared form select EMBED CODE, paste the embed code and click on NEXT.

Embed Slack Feed on Google Sites

The widget will now be displayed as as a preview on Embed fetched from the web pop-up form.

Embed Slack feed code on Google site

Step 5

Click on INSERT button to Integrate the Slack Widget on your Google Site editor dashboard

Your Slack widget will now be displayed as a preview on your Google Site editor dashboard

Display Slack Widget on Google site

Google Site editor dashboard Where you can resize the Slack widget and also moving it to a different area on your web page. 

Display Slack feed on Google site

Step 6

Click to the Publish button on the right side of the dashboard.

Publish Slack feed

The slack widget will now be displayed as follows on your Google site.

Integrate Embed Slack feed on Google site

Great! You have successfully embedded Slack on your Google Site.

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