How to Embed Social Wall in EventMobi Virtual Event Platform

Learn How to Embed Social Wall in EventMobi Virtual Event Platform

Follow this step-by-step guide to embed a social wall in the EventMobi Virtual Event Platform. 

Step 1

Register for a Taggbox Display account to create a social wall

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

After registering for the account, you will reach the Taggbox Display Dashboard

Taggbox Display Dashboard

Step 3

Here, click on the ‘Start Now’

Click on Start Now

Step 4

A box with ‘Choose Your Source Network’ will appear. Choose the source network from where you want to fetch the feed.

Choose Source Network to add feed

Step 5

Let’s take Instagram as a source to create the social feed. Here you will find multiple options to create a feed, i.e., Hashtag(#), Handle(@), Stories, Mentions, Tagged, IGTV Videos, Personal Account.

Embed Instagram Posts Using Different Methods

Note: You can add multiple social media feeds to your social wall by clicking on the ‘Add Feed’ from the left side navigation.

Step 6

Next, you will see the preview of your social wall.

Preview of social wall

Step 7

Check the preview of your social wall and use the ‘Personalize’ feature to give your social wall a different or attractive look. 

  • Themes: Taggbox Display provides 12+ high-end themes for social walls, and some of them are specially designed for virtual events.
Taggbox Display Themes
  • Customization: This feature allows you to change the background of your social wall, card style, fonts, theme settings, and many more.
Social Wall Customization

Step 8

Glad to see your social wall! Now click on the ‘Display’ button from the left bottom corner and copy the wall url.

display social wall in virtual event

Step 9

Now login to your EventMobi account.

Step 10

Here, visit the ‘Sections’ area of the event app in the Experience Manager.

Step 11

Then select ‘Add Section’ and choose the ‘Link’ option.

Step 12

Paste the copied social wall url in the ‘Link’ section.

Step 13

Dont forget to enable the ‘Embed Website in Event App’ checkbox.

And voila, you have successfully embedded the Taggbox Display social wall in the EventMobi Virtual Event Platform.

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