How to Embed Twitter Feed on WorkCast Virtual Event Platform?

Add a Twitter Feed On workcast virtual events

o add a Twitter feed on WorkCast Virtual Event Platform, you need to follow the given steps-

Step 1

First login to your Taggbox account. After Login, You will see the Dashboard.

On the Taggbox Display  Dashboard, click the “My Walls” in Sidebar options

Step 2

Provide a name to your Wall, and accordingly, a Unique URL of your Wall will be created automatically. You can also change it according to you.

Add Wall

To enable Profanity Filter, select Apply Profanity Filter. Then, click “Create Wall. “

Step 3

         1. Click Feeds (You will find it on the left-hand side of the page).

           2. Click Add Feed, to create a new feed.

Add Feed Display Wall

Step 4

In the popup that appears, select the source type “Twitter.”

Step 5

Choose one of the following to create twitter feed:

  • Hashtag(#): Enter your Hashtag in the box and collect all your Hashtag embedded feeds of Twitter.
  • Handle(@): Enter a Twitter user Handle to collect their posts.
  • Mention(@): Enter a Twitter user handle to collect the mentioned posts.
  • List: You can also collect feeds of the list as well; just enter the Twitter Handle or username and List Name.
  • Favorites: Enter the desired Twitter handle to collect their favorite posts.
  • Advanced: You can use the Advanced option to get feeds via a search query. Fill your query in the box and collect feeds.

To enable Moderation on the Connection, select “Manually approve posts before making them public.”

Select “Add Multiple Photos” to upload a series of photos.

“Exclude Retweets” avoids sharing retweets on the Twitter feed.

Then click the “Create Feed” button to complete adding.

Then provide the Login Credentials for Twitter and Sign In. (Login Credentials are required for most connections).

The Connection has been created, and within a few moments, posts will appear in the Moderation Panel of the page. Like this:

Display Wall editor

After creating connections, you can use the Personalize and Moderation Panel to set up your Twitter wall according to you (You can find them below the Feeds option).

Embed Twitter Feed on Workcast Virtual Events

To Embed a Twitter Feed on WorkCast virtual events platform, you need to follow the given steps-

Step 1

Click on the Display button at the bottom of the left column.

On top of this page you will see option with virtual event

Step 2

Next Window open with Embed code editor option

you can customize the embed code as per platform space for wall.

Step 3

Login to your workcast account

Step 4

NOw go to your Existing Virtual Event

Step 5

Choose the Section where you want to show our Twitter wall. The Template can be created with a social media feed built into either a Registration Channel page or an Auditorium. It can be a great way to get audience interactivity fed into your event.

Step 6

Now put the Taggbox embed code in that particular Section of the WorkCast virtual events platform.
Now you successfully embed Twitter Feed on WorkCast.

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