How To Link Instagram To Facebook Business Page

In order to fetch Instagram feeds smoothly and successfully integrate with third-party tools like Taggbox and, you need to link your Instagram with the Facebook Page of your business. 

Instagram API requires you to connect your Instagram Business account with the Facebook Page of the same business on Facebook for easy integration, validation, and managing campaigns on both platforms effectively. 

If you want to integrate your Instagram account with Facebook Page, then follow these steps to easily link both business profiles together. 

Remember: You must have “admin” rights of the Facebook Page to link your Instagram business account. 

Steps To Link Instagram With Facebook Business Page

1. Log-in to your Facebook Page and go to Page Settings.

Link Instagram with Facebook

2. Select the Instagram option mentioned on the sidebar of the page (below Branded Content

Link Instagram with Facebook Page

3. Now connect your Instagram Business Account by logging in with the same business account.  

Login to Instagram

4. Hence, your Instagram account is linked to Facebook Business Page

Link Instagram with Facebook Business Page

P.S. – You have to follow the same steps for the old and new Facebook interface to link Instagram Account with Facebook Page. Only the difference is the location of the Setting option of the Facebook Page. You can easily find it on the page and follow similar steps to connect Instagram with Facebook Page.